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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CM Punk, Nov 23, 2014.

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    Post your ratings down below.
  2. I'll say that the first half was pretty slow, but the second half picked up. I'll give it a 7.5/10.
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  3. Man, I gotta give the show a solid 8.5/10
    That's not to say every match on the card was good, because only a few of them were. (Tag Title Match, Ambrose vs Wyatt, and Team Cena vs. Team Authority)
    But good god, when the matches were good, they were great.
    Tag match was a solid B+, fun to watch, kept me entertained and excited.
    Same for Ambrose vs Wyatt, the ending was very satisfying.
    Now for the main event,
    One of the best matches I've seen in years. I loved every second of it, and the last 20 minutes were an emotional roller-coaster. Easily an A+. Hell, if there was a notch or two higher, then this match would be up there.
    Everything else was bathroom break worthy. (Excluding promos)
  4. Main Event - 9.5/10

    Full Show - 8/10 The only good matches for me were Tag Team Championship and Main Event.
  5. everything 10/10
  6. i rate this a 9.8/10
  7. I'll give it a 8/10.

    The main event was the only thing that was worth seeing in the PPV but damn, that surely was amazing. Haven't marked out this hard in a while. Sting coming out and delivering the Scorpion Death Drop to Triple H was the icing on the cake for me.
  8. The biggest shocker of the night for me had to be Big Show turning heel.
    I never saw it coming. I had no idea he had it in him.
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  9. 8/10

    Same as Indy, I haven't marked out this hard since Ziggler won the title last year. In case anyone hasn't watched and is looking forward to watching, skip till the end. That's all that is needed.
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  10. 10/10 from me all day, Sandow has his first WWE championship! Sting debuted with a bang! The Authority Lost! Cena got knocked the fugg out by Big Show! It was all gravy IMO, nice lez out session from Brie and AJ Lee.
  11. I am giving it a 9/10. For the most part, the matches were not that spectacular and the pacing was really slow. However, it was nice seeing Miz and Mizdow win the belts and after languishing in WWE Hell for so long, it's been nice seeing them do something with Damien anyway. I didn't really expect Nicki Bella to crush AJ like she did.

    Negatives would be the addition of the Rose and Rabbit match. That whole thing is boring and has no place on a PPV. The Divas elimination match was an absolute waste. I know I sound like a broken record, but they can shore up their women's division pretty easily and instead it just stinks more and more. It's like my sister said to me "I'm glad they retired the WWE Women's Championship in favor of the Diva's Championship because these girls don't deserve to hold the same belt held by Fabulous Moolah, Sherri Martel, Trish Stratus and Lita."

    I was surprised that the Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose match was completely forgettable. My impression had been that it would have been the best match on the card.

    The main event match was excellent even before Sting showed up. Big Show taking Henry out was wonderful. There was a wonderful back and forth and it was nice seeing Rusev get pushed around a little. But the best part of the match was after Big Show turned that Dolph Ziggler, the most underappreciated talent on the roster, single handed took down three Authority members.... I say single handed simply because before the interference, he had it.

    Sting showing up was the best moment in wrestling since the Rock showed up to beat up Rusev. I am sure I'll be watching it over and over. I've been watching wrestling for 30 years and I wasn't sure anything could get me pumped up like that did.... I literally sat on the edge of my chair watching. It was easily a 20/10 moment. It far outweighed the negatives and is why this gets a high rating.

    Also, HHH and Steph sold the loss better than anything I have seen in years. Steph's tantrum was excellent and this match was a fitting end to the Authority storyline....assuming it is ended, which it may not be.
  12. [​IMG] /10

    Something else happened? This seems to be the only thing that I remember.
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  13. 7.8/10 there was to much water
  14. Giving this a 10/10, but more for what it meant than anything else.

    For so long, WWE has left me feeling pessimistic about quite a few shows. Plenty of PPV's I haven't looked forward to, many shows I simply didn't watch or just turned on single matches, some I watched just to be in the LD, and just hoped for the best. Usually, my low expectations were met in those instances (but my moments of either optimism or extreme pessimism were met very favorably)

    So the show starts with an Authority promo to lull the crowd to sleep before it even starts, a tag match that I barely paid attention to, a Divas tag, and a backstage segment with Rose and the Bunny fighting with action figures... yeah, I turned the show off. Hell, Emma actually pinned someone on PPV, is it really gonna get better than that for me? And every time I thought that in the past, I wound up not regretting it after reading what happened later...

    ..and yeah, this time I finally did regret it. It's a shame I didn't keep the show on to see the main event that had me on the edge of my seat just reading it. This had another boring Cena win written all over it, and WWE decided to give us an exciting match full of twists and turns and interesting protections and DOLPH FUCKING ZIGGLER and... damn. 3 on 1 and the dude's just skinning the cat and legitimately overcoming the odds, man. Shit was electric.

    It's about time he got his due. Now, WWE, you can't go back to jobbing him out after this.

    But congrats to WWE for keeping something in the back of my mind for the future. If you can save this show, maybe anything can happen in the WWE.
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  15. Gonna check main event today because of STENG, but my question is - was Ambrose/Wyatt any good or was it another D-level movie~esque failed acting attempt?
  16. In my opinion it was surprisingly forgettable. It was the match I thought had the most promise, but it really didn't go anywhere. The entire point of it was to point towards their encounter at TLC. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad match, it just wasn't what I expected it to be.
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  17. I'll give this an 8/10.

    The tag match was pretty good.. nice to see Mizdow with a belt..

    The Divas matches were forgettable but the Divas title match had purpose... enjoy your vacation AJ!

    Ambrose/Wyatt was good but just didn't do quite enough to make it memorable... the upcoming TLC match should be much, much better.

    The main event... awesome action, nice twists throughout, and then the moment most of us knew was coming but that didn't even matter it still was insanely awesome... Sting hitting HHH with the Scorpion Death Drop was the most memorable part of the show by far.
  18. an 8 of ten.

    Good tag title match, despite being weak there is a surprising depth to the tag department. And everyone has some form of character which is a plus.

    Weak divas matches but the title one had direction which was good. As had the post match shenanigans in the survivor one

    Enjoyable quick romp with rose/bunny and Slatergator, showcasing the undercard.

    Real good main event. Dolph was made tonight. Glass ceiling shattered
  19. 6/10. Most of the show was comically bad imo. Don't get the bunny thing. The divas are incapable of putting on a match. Ambrose vs Wyatr underwhelmed me. I guess they found a reason for swaggee vs cesaeo pulled out of your ass last Monday. Big Show joins Steph again, shocker. Lol STING!!! Who gives a shit bout some 60 yr old? No WWE CHAMPIONSHIP match...... Just lame

    Lone bright spot: How ziggler was booked
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  20. Seems to me a lot of people.

    You are completely correct. It seems like there isn't even a WWE Champion as Lesnar has not even shown his face since he won the belt. As they are trying t push the network based on the strength of the PPVs, this is a horrible mistake not having a title match at one of the big 4.

    That really was the best part of the show. They really have been so hard on Ziggler and it was wonderful having him in the position to take out the Authority team 1 on 3. I loved it.
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