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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by C.M. Shaddix, Nov 22, 2015.

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Survivor Series on scale of 1-10?

Poll closed Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. [​IMG]
    Below are the results for the Survivor Series PPV:​

    Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    Neville, Bubba Ray, Devon, Titus O’Neil and Goldust defeated The Miz, Bo Dallas, Stardust, Konnor and Viktor

    Survivor Series

    WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Match:
    Roman Reigns defeated Alberto Del Rio

    WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Match:
    Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens

    Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match:
    Ryback, Sin Cara, Kalisto, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso defeated Big E, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, Sheamus and King Barrett

    WWE Divas Title Match:
    Charlotte retained against Paige

    Tyler Breeze defeated Dolph Ziggler

    Kane and The Undertaker defeated Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt

    WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Finals:
    Roman Reigns defeated Dean Ambrose

    Sheamus cashes-in and beats Roman for the WWEWHC

    Detailed results: PWania

    WWE: "Sheamus rulez, Reigns droolz"
    Us: "Fuck You"

    You know the drill (If you put 10/10 you're high as fuck right now)

    I'm giving a 4/10, I can't believe it was worse than I thought, was expected a 6/10 for what I expected, and they fucked it up even more.
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  2. WWE?

    We off that.

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  3. same 4/10. The semi final matches were quality but then the rest just fell off hard. The 5 on 5 and divas match were brutal. BOD vs Wyatt was felt too short and very anti climatic , same with the main event. The cash in was fun, but Sheamus isn't main event material by any means.
  4. I'm just sitting here waiting to see the comments. Wow, and to think I was actually hopeful for this show, too.

    Hey, remember when the Authority ended this time last year?
  5. i only remember the pain
  6. Gayest PPV of the year.
  7. Only reason I gave a 6 was because Tyler Breeze didn't job
  8. It's a shameful thing, lobster head.

    I miss Nikki, and Cena, and Seth, and even Orton. And now I'm going to miss Cesaro.

    Owens/Ambrose was good, and so was Tyler winning. Those are my only takeaways. I'll rate it a 2/10 because I only listed 2 good things.
  9. Reset the poll to make the results public btw.
  10. I gave it a 5.

    I liked:

    Roman Reigns vs ADR was a very good match. Even though I knew that Reigns was going to win, it was still an interesting match with a couple of weird near falls in it.

    Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose was the best match of the night. The guys put on a great show and again, even though you know Ambrose was going to win, it was enjoyable.

    Sheamus cash in. Yeah, I am not the biggest fan of him but I was soooooooo pissed off by the anti climactic ending to the main event that I was happy it didn't end that way. I would have been fine with Reigns as the champion but I really thought he should have turned heel. Everything was pointing to a heel turn by one of the two guys and then you got a clean and completely anti climactic ending to a major tournament.

    I didn't like:

    The traditional Survivor Series matches. Both blew harder than... oh wait, I shouldn't say that or I might get in trouble :smirk2:

    Charlotte vs Paige. This was just an awkward brawl between two women who could have put on a much better match. I know Paige has her fans, but she has always been boring to me and she has run her course in the the Diva's Division main event picture. She was carrying the division for too long and has been overexposed. I am tired of seeing her get title shot after title shot. Sasha Banks needs to be in the title matches because she really is the best Diva on the roster and can have a good match with any Diva.

    BOD vs the Wyatt Family. Typical tag team fare. There was really not a single good moment in this.

    Tyler Breeze vs Ziggler.... routine match and did nothing for me.

    Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns. Although the match itself was decent, the ending seemed so forced and awkward. The match was over too quick and it was just blah.... it was irritating.

    Roman Reigns looking like he was actually crying... his eyes got all red and puffy...what was going on there?
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  11. The show was abysmal. 2/10

    - Reigns vs ADR was a good show opener.

    - Ambrose vs KO was very good and MOTN.

    - The New Day's pre-match promo and Xavier's hair were hilarious.

    - Traditional 5-on-5 SS elimination matches with zero build and hype, sucked.

    - Charlotte vs Paige was a DUD. You'd think Charlotte would go on to rip Paige's head off after that RAW segment from last week, but nah, screw that. Let's politely wait for the bell.

    - Breeze vs DZ was... As "Rainmaker" @Jacob Fox said, routine match and did nothing for me.

    - The Brothers of Destruction vs Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper was bleh.

    - Reigns vs Ambrose was such an anti-climatic main event. The tournament finals went 10 minutes? You're so lame, WWE. The match had no real drama, no back-and-forth, it was just... Anti-climatic. And out of all possible outcomes, WWE books the lamest one, Sheamus cashing-in SUCCESSFULLY on Reigns.

    My feelings about that post-match segment...

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  12. The main event was 10 minutes?! Oh fuck that this ppv is now a 2/10
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  13. It's a good thing you haven't watched the show yet.
  14. By the way I only gave it a 2/10 for actually putting in the effort to show up to the arena, last night.
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  15. Wasn't talking about that.

    I was talking about the minimal effort put into showing up.
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  16. Oh, I see.

    Ahh crap, that post of mine is gone. Thanks, shitty internet. #Don'tHitYourKeyboardAndMouseWhenYourInternetIsBeingABitch

    Also, LOL at 9/10 rating. I hope edge's trolling.
  17. Perhaps the most boooooooooooooooring PPV in a while as well as predictable to the very end, including Sheamus cashing in so giving it the 2/10 that I did is pretty fair. Sorry WWE but...get your shit together already.
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  18. Ya I base ratings for show analysis lol
  19. This was a totally gimp ppv. Outside of Ambrose vs Owens and the Undertaker spectacle there wasn't much to watch on this show.

    What scares me the most is the almost complete lack of reaction to Roman winning, that's worse than getting booed. At least getting booed means you get a reaction. This was just sad. They've booked him into being a complete geek.
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