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Jacob Fox

Foxiest Fox In Fox Land
Rate 2018 Survivor Series and leave comments to let us know what you thought of the show!

Raw vs Smackdown

Women's Survivor Series Match: Raw Mickie James, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Tamina vs Smackdown Naomi, Carmella, Sonya Deville, Asuka and Mandy Rose

Raw won and Nia Jax was the sole survivor

Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins vs United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura

Rollins won by pin fall

Raw Tag Champions the Authors of Pain vs Smackdown Tag Champions The Bar

The Authors of Pain won by pin fall

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Champion Buddy Murphy vs Mustafa Ali

Murphy retained by pin fall

Men's Survivor Series Elimination Match: Raw Braun Strowman, Bobby Lashley, Finn Balor, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler vs Smackdown Shane McMahon, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe and Miz

Raw won with Strowman, Lashley and McIntyre as survivors, last eliminating Shane.

Raw vs Smackdown Women's Match: Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair

Rousey won by DQ

Raw World Champion vs Smackdown World Champion: Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan

Lesnar won by pin fall

Jacob Fox

Foxiest Fox In Fox Land
I will give it a 7 based strongly on Flair vs Rousey match and the Lesnar vs Bryan match. Both were enjoyable and I was happy the men's match picked up and wasn't just a squash match.


Chillin' with the snowmies.
The IIconics
From what it looks like... good job WWE.

1/10 shitshow rating. They didn't come out of this show burying themselves. Quite the contrary. Poor Kalisto, though


The Game
I have seen people say they thought the Rollins/Nak match was bad, but I thought it was good. Not amazing or anything, but still a good match. I think people were overhyping this match going in (same like AJ/Nak at Mania), so when we got given a 3/5 star match instead of a 6/5 star match, people viewed it as a 0/6 match.

What did you think of it? For me it was the third best match of the night after Ronda/Charlotte and Brock/Bryan


what would Conan do?
  • I saw that people were mad over Nia winning, which is amazing. She has nuclear heat on her right now and it worked wonders here
  • I despise these cheesy Raw/Smackdown shirts. We fucking know who's on which side, you don't have to make it this obvious. Nakamura looked hideous out there with his full on blue body suit (!with the shirt on top of it!) and Rollins is in incredible shape, yet keeps the shirt on for every Survivor Series.. I know that's insane! Do it for a draft or smth but this one of their biggest PPVs of the year, yet they made it look like another corny ass Bragging Rights PPV. Next year we can also bring back the half red, half blue ring ropes, that'll be fun
  • Ronda vs Charlotte was really good, it took a while until the crowd was invested but it only went up from there. I guess Charlotte's a heel now? Did they just look at what happened with Becky and thought "oh we want that for Charlotte too" lol? And also, can someone tell me why people are booing Ronda now? She's been an absolute professional since coming here. She treats the business with respect and puts on good matches on top of that, even though she's still in her rookie year. You know, the same people who complain about 50/50 booking are probably the same ones who boo someone like Ronda for, what I assume, is being made to look strong and win every time. I hope her match with Nia's gonna fix that tho because nobody carries more heat that Nia rn
  • Bryan vs Brock was a pure acting performance. We all knew Bryan was a great wrestler but here he showed his skill for telling a story through facial expressions and match structure. It wasn't as good as Brock/AJ but I still liked it a lot. It's interesting to look at this match because Bryan has been thinking about wrestling Brock for the past 4 years now, and even pitched the heel turn himself. So what we saw last night was 100% Bryan's vision which is a cool way of looking at it
Survivor Series was fine, I enjoyed it. Besides maybe AOP vs the Bar, every match was at least good and the results made sense.. even if it leaves Smackdown with, in kayfabe, the worst roster ever. I'm feeling a 7/10
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The Showoff
Rising Star
Daniel Brayn vs Brock Lesnar was the only fun part. Men's team seemed like a good match until Raw basically won every match since pre show doesn't count


The Game
8 out of 10.

Charlotte and Rhonda stole the show.

DB and Brock was much better then I thought it’d be. Fantastic.

These 2 matches alone, especially Rhonda and Charlotte, made this an 8 out of 10. I think with the undetermined evenly matched finish, we will see a rematch at mania beteeen these 2 in the main event. Otherwise, a triple threat with Becky.

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