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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Shadow, May 29, 2014.

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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about NXT's Takeover in this thread.

    Takeover recap:
    - Adam Rose defeated Camacho
    - The Asencion defeated El Local & Kalisto
    - Tyler Breeze defeated Sami Zayn
    - Rusev squashed Mojo
    - Charlotte defeated Natalya
    - Adrian Neville defeated Tyson Kidd
  2. 7.5/10 (Was the first time I've glanced at NXT since Arrival btw)
  3. Prince of Pretty dat Dankness :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
    Just caught it on a rough replay of it, I want to see a more HQ video but I guess that will pop up later.
    Definitely a solid "special" though, missed Mojo's squashing by Rusev but no big deal :emoji_slight_smile:

    I'll give it a 7.5/10 as well.
  4. Fucking awesome / 10
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  5. Great out of ten.
    Better overall show than Arrival.
    Fun opener with Rose/Camacho. Camacho got to shine which leaves me with hopes that they'll continue doing something with him.
    Nice tag match even if the Ascension was a bit too dominant.
    Mojo getting wrecked.
    Breeze vs Zayn was great. Both guys shined like stars.
    Best divas match of the entire decade. Paige v Emma can go into the mists.
    Good main event showing.
  6. Finally was able to watch legit footage of the Breeze/Zayn and Rose/Camacho matches like I wanted to, man oh man what a match between Breeze and Zayn I'm so happy for Breeze as well as Zayn, even though Sami lost he's got nothing to fret about he'll be a main roster player here shortly, I think this was more to help put over Breeze in the NXT which I think did just that last night.

    Like I said a few days back Camacho just needs to get a different look, his in ring work looked good last night and I'm glad they didn't just have Adam win with ease.
  7. :4/10:
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  8. 6/10

    It was good.

    I only watched The Asencion, Zayn and Neville's matches, skipped the rest.

    Breeze vs Zayn was damn good.
  9. 8/10.

    Then I watched the "Fallout" show and it became 9/10.

    Overall, terrific show.

    Rose won, which fit, but Camacho looked like a legitimate threat throughout. What can I say? Camacho is my favorite Samoan masquerading as a Latino in the WWE.

    The Ascension retained. I'm starting to wonder how they get the titles off of these guys to promote them to the main roster.

    Breeze/Zayn was the match of the night. Breeze winning was not a big shock as I figure Zayn will be promoted to the main roster soon and him being the No. 1 Contender to Neville doesn't really make sense. Zayn really put Breeze over. They had some straight-up awesome spots in the match.

    Rusev/Mojo was completely predictable. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as it continues to push the invincibility of Rusev. I almost expected Big E to come out after the match and chase Rusev off of a fallen Mojo.

    Charlotte/Natalya was a solid bout. It was superior to the Divas matches we get on WWE television and PPV's. It wasn't as good as Paige/Emma at Arrival, but it was damn good.

    Neville/Kidd was pretty good. It was entertaining and the end was expected, but Kidd left just enough doubt throughout the match to make you think he was going to win.

    If you haven't seen the Fallout episode from Takeover, it actually pushed some of the NXT storylines. There was a neat segment between Nattie and Charlotte that teases they may face off again. We got to see Zayn and Rose interact and Zayn danced with the Rosebuds (which was cringey and funny at the same time); also Zayn was still selling damage from the Breeze match (including a bit of a shiner under his eye), which is remarkable in the current product. There was an interesting interaction between Tyson Kidd and Paul Heyman (with Natalya involved also) that was full of teasing a Tyson heel turn (and possible alliance with Heyman?). Finally, very short face-off between Breeze and Neville. Overall, they did some good stuff with the Fallout show.

  10. 7/10

    I didn't enjoy it as much as ArRival (Maybe it's more to do with me being tired, idk) but I did really enjoy it.
    Zayn Vs Breeze was brilliant, both guys did incredibly well. Chrlotte Vs Natalya was really high quality and overall, solid. I expected more from Kidd Vs Neville, in all honesty. The match was good, but I felt a little underwhelmed.
  11. I only caught the main event (Soli's link thankfully skipped the pre-show midget deal) but it was an amazing match. I'm in on that business for sure.
  12. You sure this isn't the rating for Payback? Don't remember any midgets at Takeover
  13. the link soli put up had takeover playing instead of the payback preshow, so i watched Kidd vs Neville instead of the midget match. So many huge spots.
  14. Charlotte vs Natalya ****
    Zayn vs Breeze ***3/4
    Neville vs Kidd ***1/2

    Great show. 7/10
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