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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's PPV in this thread.
  2. 4/10 for me. I've seen tons of positive reviews in the LD though which confuses me. One good match, one decent match with a horribly predictable outcome, and the rest was pure filler.
  3. 7/10 for me.

    Rhodes/Rybaxel - About what I expected. Would've liked to see the pop on a perfect plex, crowd wanted Axel.

    Swagger/Big E was a lot better than expected. Some good spots, I thought it was a good way to open the show.

    Usos/NAO - Decent match, could've been better.

    Titus/Young was okay. Definitely could've been a lot better, the crowd wanted to shit on it apparently.

    Shield/Wyatts - MOTY. Rollins really shined, dat German super plex spot >. Reigns looked like a beast, and the Wyatts were great. Harper's boot to Ambrose was insane.

    AJ/Cameron - Piss break

    ADR/Batista was better than I thought it would be I guess.

    Chamber - Great match, loved seeing Wyatts come in, Cristian's frog splash was dope. Cesaro was great, and Bryan vs HHH being set up it seems like. Orton won, which is a downer.
  4. 5/10

    An 8/10 show with a -3/10 ending.
  5. Decent PPV considering. The PPV between the Rumble and Mania always seems like "low Sunday" to me.

    Wyatts/Shield match was terrific. Solid work, great ending. Reigns and Wyatt looked like monsters and gave a glimpse of what the future holds. Rollins was a force to be reckoned with and got the "going through the table" spot we all knew someone would get. I just wondered where Ambrose was at the end.

    The EC match itself was very good. It was overbooked, but it's tough not to overbook that type of gimmick match. The Wyatt invasion of the Chamber was basically expected (the debate was whether or not they would be physically involved), but it was a good way to get Kane to ringside to interfere in the final outcome. The only problem I really had with the match was that the crowd was so into Bryan that, in the aftermath of the match, they just looked numb. I'd be concerned if I was backstage.

    Batista/ADR was what we thought it would be. If anything, I give them a higher rating for this match because ADR was allowed to get in some decent offense. In fact, his offense was all the offense in the match prior to Batista "hulking up" and hitting his "Five Moves of Doom" (actually, I think he's only got three) and pinning Del Rio for the win.

    Swagger/Langston was actually pretty entertaining. It gave both guys a chance to look strong and show off what they could do. I saw this match get crapped on in a few places and I don't know why. If you expected Flair/Sting, you were going to be disappointed.

    NAO/Usos was good. It could have been better, but still a decent match for what they were given time for.

    Young/Titus - I honestly don't remember that match. I think that was when I was having internet issues.

    Rybaxel/Rhodes was pretty decent for pre-show. I loved seeing the Axe out there. I give it points for nostalgia.

    The Divas match was pretty random. I would have rather seen AJ win clean, but....whatever.

    All-in-all, 6/10.

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  6. Iono wasn't all impressed except for Shield/Wyatts and pretty much the first part of the EC.
    I'd give the show like a 6/10, they could've use less filler matches :emoji_slight_frown:
  7. 6/10.... If not for The Wyatts vs The Shield it would have been a 3.... too much predictability.
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  8. If they had been unpredictable, it would have been an 8 or 9.

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  9. Agreed!
  10. 2.5/10 for me

    fuck you vince Monthly scenario failed
  11. 4/10 Wyatts and Shield match sounded like it was the only thing worth watching and of course the ending with Randy and Bryan was predictable and it sucked. When you don't get to see the PPV the fastest place to find things out is on Twitter. People will tell you what happens as it happens
  12. 4/10: It was too predictable for me the only good match on the card was the wyatts vs the shield. Its really sad how WWE dosent try to surprise us now wrestlemanias Main event is going to be boring as hell.
  13. 6/10, pretty average PPV and even my local pub did not show it! (they have shown the last 5 WWE PPV's) so I took that in to consideration before watching.

    - Big E vs. Swagger: Your average IC title defence. The entertaining spots were Big E's athletic moves as expected.

    - NAO vs. Uso's - Tag Titles: This match was a predictable defence also. I pretty much made some food during this match as it was so predictable who would win. The only reason for this match IMO is to build moment going in to Wrestlemania, here is where I expect the Uso brothers to take the tag titles from the NAO in some gimmick match maybe for their first Tag-team Championship.

    - Titus Vs. Young: Made a green tea at the start of this bout, frankly couldn't give a shit about it, predicting no significance in terms of momentum going in to Wrestlemania. Frankly this match could have occurred on any of your average Smackdown showings on Friday evenings.

    - Divas Title Match: A random match but also severely boring. The winner was predictable. Pretty sure this leads to AJ Lee Vs. Tamina at Wrestlemania, calling a Snuka win.

    - The Wyatt Family Vs. The Shield: This was my favourite encounter of the night and was far better than I expected, The build-up promo before the match was very well produced and got me very excited for the contest before it began, this for me was the best 6-man tag match I have seen in a long time. It was fairly predictable that the Wyatt's would win on the basis of Bray Wyatt's push and The Shield's potential break-up heading in to 'Mania'. I was pleased with how they used Reigns in this match despite the pinfall loss, it demonstrated his powerhouse abilities.

    - Batista Vs. Del Rio: LOL at Del Rio getting pop's over Batista. This was a very average contest that I wanted Del Rio to win by the end! The reality is that this was a glorified squash match leadin in to the main event of WM 30.

    Main Event - Elimination Chamber: Overall I feel like this was a pretty good chamber. It was widely presumed that Orton would retain inside the structure and he did so in predictable fashion. For a moment after Bryan kicked out of the 1st RKO I got a little excited that there may be an upset but Kane's interference confirmed the inevitable. I hope to god we do not see Bryan Vs. Kane < poor and predictable WM 30 contest, HHH better step in to change this assumed pile of turd. I think many of us predicted the Wyatt's attack on Cena going in to WM 30, calling a Wyatt win here.

    Overall a very very average WWE PPV. Could have done with the extra three hours TBH

  14. I will give it a 7/10
  15. 7/10, Wyatts vs The Shield was Awwesome, All the Other matches were decent and the EC Chamber matches was good, if we don't count the ending. The Divas match and Batista vs ADR was utter shit, But It was a good laugh seeing ADR being cheered at.
  16. I'll give it a 7/10 as well you had some good matches.

    Swagger vs big e: was good contest that the crowd was into and had some good false finishes

    Oneil vs young: nothing special the crowd didnt care but titus is getting the push be intresting to see where that goes

    Nao vs Uso: (Oh you were not aware) This match was fun some good speed both teams very charismatic with a good experince over youth ending

    Adr/Batista: the beginning swerve was nice because everyone knew batista was going to win. decent match some good false finishes.

    wyatts vs shield: I said it before and i'll say it again shield don't put on a bad match, the package they showed before the match made seem like the shield were going to break up I didn't think so this match perfectly showcased both teams and really gave a chance for rollins to shine considering people think that rollinsis going to be a Justin Gabreil or kofi kingston this match was a war and i love the unity between the shield awesome match

    EC:Some great spots i was expecting more wrestling then brawling and spots but whatever. going in to this match i thought which was it going to be wyatts or kane and someone had to lose clean be cena or bryan but they used both bs interfernces

    additional notes: Where was lesnar? Bad news Barrett through out the night was cool. and Wyatts Vs Shield MOTYC?
  17. 7.7 out of 10 from me.

    Strong PPV showing, especially compared to previous ones. Great storyline progression throughout the card combined with good/real good/great matches all the way through with two obvious exceptions (ADR/Batista and divas). Only downside is Batista main eventing mania.

    But you already knew that :adr:
  18. I give it 6/10, and the Wyatt/Shield match 10/10.That match alone was the only reason I paid 30 dollars for the pay per view.I saw something from every man in it,Luke Harper could be anything and played his role perfectly.Rowan, Ambrose, Rollins all played their roles, Rollins is going to be money but anyone who watched him as Tyler Black knew that.Reigns showed more again, but I feel Bray Wyatt is going to be something huge.I am a huge mark for him, the character and how well he plays it but this morning I saw a few things that scream SUPERSTAR.At the start of the match after the initial brawl when he spilled out of the ring his primal scream in front of the crowd was a well played move, it frightened the lady front row.His facial expressions whwn Reigns powered out of the Sister Abigail were money, also when he hit the move to win the match he flashed a facial expression that sold his character so well he's a genius with that character and a great worker to.I only hope Cena doesn't cut some childish promo and undo it in some way but I'm looking forward to that Mania match.As for the rest of the card what I thought would happen, happened I can see where its building to, but also loved seeing Batista get booed out of the building.All he had when he arrived way back when was his look, thats faded with age and he's useless.
  19. a bunch of shit I don't care about and Wyatts/Shield. I don't really care to attach a number to it.
  20. Hated it. Was predictable from start to finish really. One good match which was The Shield vs The Wyatts. The ME was average nothing really stood out except maybe Christian off the pod. Not even arsed Bryan didn't win as my care cup was so underfilled with it all being as everyone knew it would be. I thought we might get new Tag Champs as a surprise but nope nothing.
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