Royal Rumble Rate The 2014 Royal Rumble

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  1. Post your thoughts and ratings about tonight's show in this thread.:downer:
  2. Dude. You said you weren't going to make a thread. liar

  3. Bray vs Bryan was MOTYC already, and Lesnar anally raping Big Show was decent. Orton / Cena fucking sucked and the Rumble itself - aside from Reigns - was awful without Bryan. I'm making this rating out of rage and will probably change it, but I'll give it a 4. The whole crowd and every single WWE fan wanted Bryan in that Rumble; nobody gives a fuck about Batista.
  4. Gonna go with a 3 personally. First hour was pretty much perfect, crowd was incredible, and tonight was huge for Wyatt and Reigns. But aside from that: worst Rumble I can remember, terrible result and a genuine worst match of the year contender.
  5. Marked for NAO, DB/Wyatt, Reigns, and Nash. Everything else was really subpar.

  6. Agree with every word
    Will give it a 4 because I was entertained during the rumble until it became clear batista was winning
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  7. 4/10
    Soo many problems with this Royal Rumble I don't even know where to begin..
  8. First 2 matches? 10.
    Last 2? 0. No jokes literally zero and before someone calls me out on "oh its just cause bryan didn't win like flippin" NO. Its because the hard working guys like Bryan, Rhodes, Ziggler, Ambrose etc are thrown to the side for that prick Batista who fucked off for 4 years and hasn't had a MOTYC in his life.
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  9. 7/10

    Good ppv but the finish of the RR match sucked ass.
  10. Bray vs Bryan : 10/10 :gusta:
    Rhodes vs NAO : 7/10 :happy:
    Show vs Lesner : 9/10 :yes:
    Orton vs Cena : 4/10 :gtfo:
    RR : 7/10 :obama:

    Over all...
    8/10 :woo1:
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  11. Very good PPV, but it will be crapped on and called terrible because of one stupid result.

    6.5/10. Bryan should have won, not Batista.

    Hell, Roman or Sheamus should have won over Dave.

    Especially Roman.
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  12. 7/10. Most the matches were solid like Bryan/Wyatt, Brock/Show I liked, and Rumble was fun as hell for the most part. I liked it.
  13. About a 6/10, great start up till Orton/Cena, rumble was a bit meh, ending sucked balls
  14. 5 because I enjoyed the banter in the LD as well as NAO and Reigns getting his push
  15. 7/10

    Why? Well quit judging it by the one shitty part which was the ending. Rhodes vs NAO? Great opener, everyone marked. Bray vs Bryan = MOTN, MOTYC. Brock vs Show was pretty good. Now, while Orton vs Cena was awful, the crowd made it amazing. Then the RR match. Kevin Nash returns, Rollins lasts a long ass time, Ziggler gets a pop, Kane/Punk continues, and Reigns fucking dominates. The only bad thing was no Bryan and Batista winning.
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  16. 8/10

    would have been a 9 if Reigns won
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  17. Gay.
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  19. It's not being crapped on because of one result, it's because the last two hours were massively underwhelming bar Reigns and Wyatt. Hell, I thought they couldn't outdo Big Show coming out @ #30 in the 2012 in terms of disappointment, then REY MYSTERIO IS NUMBER 30?!?!
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