Rate the 3rd Annual WWEF Fantasy League Thread- The Draft

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Red Rain, Aug 1, 2014.

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  1. Let's rate this thread. You can base it on the commentary taking place, the jabbing or the fact it's gotten so much activity. Honestly, if you can't find anything good about it then you should stop drinking the Haterade. I give this 10/10. Some picks seem unusual to me since I don't watch the sport anymore, but that's because I don't watch the sport anymore.
    My perspective says any running back with 1,000 or more carries is a liability. They can still be productive but the body can't beat time.
    A Tight End is only as good as his Quarterback, as they are generally not the best after the catch. A Tight End needs the ball on the money, whereas the Wide Receiver can go and get it.
    Wide Receivers are great bets, even at an older age. Depending on the playbook, their production value goes up a ton.

    I guess overall thoughts and big picture takes would go here. A tip of the hat to all the competitors.
  2. Any thread with me, D'Z, GN, and Rain in it is 10/10.
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  3. I wasn't apart of it but DAMN! that thing was activity hog for the site. 10/10.
  4. The anticipation actually adds to the stimulation.
    Waiting for X usually results in jabbing, and if in good fun is awesome as f***.
  5. It's still going, bro.
  6. So...
  7. Adrian Peterson despite the freak that he is, concerns me. His numbers will be great, but I wonder if the Vikings (in the back of their minds) are considering lowering his carries.

    Arian Foster really concerns me being drafted so high. He is a bit long in the tooth, but they lack an elite QB. He should get a lot of carries, which may or may not be good.

    Julio Jones has injury concerns but he has an elite QB. Ryan isn't a big arm but he's accurate and smart. He will put the ball in positions so as not to get him to banged up.

    I liked the Tight Ends picked thus far. Each one has an upper echelon QB at the helm to put the ball on the money.
  8. Fixed =)
  9. I give it a 9

    one for each hour @Snowman has been on the clock
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  10. I gave it a 10/10, but not because Senhor, GN, D'Z, Rain and you were in it.
    You will notice I left no options for anything less than 5/10.
    That basically means if you did troll and even to give it a 4, you're clearly garbage and drinking too much old spice.
    There are members of this site who would do that, so I called them out first ahead of time.
  11. 10/10. I was skeptical at first but the comradery we've developed the past few days reminds me of wwef in its glory days. Excited for the season with you all. <3
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  12. Gave a what rating because I was not included lol.
  13. I would've put you in but then there'd have to be a 20/10 rating which was not an option.
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  14. Such a great recovery.
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  15. :phew:
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  16. Now you guys are pandering and changing the rules.
    Stop being BFF's, you guys are beginning to sound like the stupid girls everyone secretly hates.
    The content is great, its fantastic, but isn't because you clones are so cute together. Be better.

    The banter is great, the drama sustains and the climaxes meet expectations. Stop making this a vag fest.

    (This isn't a shot at Grammar, she's keeping the tide moving.)
  17. Jealousy doesn't suit you sir. Danny and I have had a forum bromance for a long time. If I wanna lick his ass or vice versa it'll happen.
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  18. Gross
  19. Is it? :ksi:

    @Danielson thoughts?
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  20. Yes'm
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