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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Harley Quinn, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. The rules of this game are as simple as saying, YES YES YES
    Just give a rating out of 1-10 for the persons avatar and signature.
    Poster 1: *starts this thread*
    Poster 2: I 10/10 for your avatar 10/10 for your signature, Now go die.

  2. I 10/10 for your avatar 10/10 for your signature, Now go die.
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  3. 6/10 avatar, 8/10 sig. :otunga:
  4. Avatar - 7/10 - Like Kurt, hate the cartoon.

    Sig - 4/10 - Image is funny but begging it for likes drops it.

    FU Jose

    Avatar - 10/10
    Sig - Boobs /10
  5. Av- 9/10. Aries is awesome but you should go with something when he is wearing the pink vest to match your colors
    Sig- 7/10. Would be 10 but I fell to #2 in your fave 5 somehow
  6. Ava 10/10 Dolph = boss
    Sig 9/10 Diaz is baws
    Sig 7/10 dont really know who that is :emoji_slight_frown:
    Was too late, thats meant for Dolph
  8. av- 10. I love Snejder and the Gold glow around it plays perfectly with the legends colors
    sig- 8/10. she's hot but you lose points for buying into the Vince propaganda

    edit: dammit

    Av- 5/10. I hate the Yes garbage
    Sig- 6/10. Not a big fan of 'won't remove until' sigs but You seem to be a DZ fan so you get some points.

    And those are the Diaz bros in my sig (MMA fighters) Nate on top doing the taunting and Nick on bottom with his wicked 'chuck skills.
  9. Ah i see, dont know how too add pictures on my sig so put that :emoji_slight_frown:
  10. 1.) Find image
    2.) Copy URl
    3.) Go to your sig
    4.) Click the image button
    5.) Past URL into box
    6.) Click Save sig
    7.) Profit
  11. :boss1: thanks, i will do it tommorrow <3
  12. 10/10 avatar
    10/10 sig

    cuz i'd feel bad not liking it O.O
  13. Rate me.
  14. Thought you were asking me to rape you for a second there.. i am disappoint.

    10/10 avatar .. dont know who it is but its epic ;o .. love how theyre looking away from the camera like theyre thinking 'whatever.. im too cool to acknowledge your existence'

    10/10 signature for slater. still think he's saying 'i wont be able to breastfeed with a cock' . also the quote is :true:
  15. :boss1:

    You can rape me too if you want. hit me up on Skype :emoji_wink:!
  16. Neymar 10/10 baws
    Slater 9/10 funny guy
  17. Avatar LOLSneijder 5/10. :terry:

    Sig Melanie 9/10. :laugh:
  18. 10/10- Aries with his popcorn and wine was hilarious
    9/10- I mark every time they pan to that angle before a Roode match
  19. Avatar : Awesome wrestler with awesome mustache. ;D OVER 9000/10.

    Signature : EPIC NINJA SKILLZ 9.1/10.
  20. Av- 7.5/10
    Sig- 9.5/10

    I really thought they should have done a Regal/Funky feud after that. It was great interaction
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