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  1. Rate the Battleground PPV.. it's good points.. it's bad points.. and any other thoughts you may have about it.
  2. I'm going with 4/10

    The Usos vs The Wyatts was match of the night and the majority of the people watching were disappointed with the outcome of that match.. that just tells you how bad this PPV was.

    There were a couple good spots in the IC Battle Royal as well.

    Everything else was meh.
  3. 90% garbage/10

    Harper and Rowan should have won- great match though.

    Rollins vs Ambrose getting cut. Well done for cutting what would have been an awesome match.

    Divas match had some really sloppy spots. But by the standards of a usual Divas match it was good.

    Jericho vs Wyatt was good. Hopefully Jericho will be at SS and Wyatt can beat him then.

    The IC battle royale had a few good spots but was instantly ruined when The Miz won.

    Main event was utter garbage. Wasn't worth watching.
  4. +
    Opening match
    Ambrose/Rollins segments
    Slater eliminating Cesaro
    Miz winning
    Main event
    No Ambrose vs Rollins
    Diva's match
    Rest of the PPV

  5. I say this coming.

    Ambrose v Rollins is a MOTY candidate and Battleground isn't a top tier event to host it. SummerSlam will be the main stage.
  6. The show felt like the SmackDown before Mania. For those who know what I'm talking about know that it's, That/10.
  7. I'd love to go back into a time machine to... say.... 2010? Would that be a good year? Anyway, it's like we've been spoiled with good wrestling. Granted the wrestling quality on Raw and Smackdown isn't nearly what it used to be - no Bryan, no Punk, no Shield, no long Cesaro matches - you can still create a pretty good show full of PPV-quality action just off the last few weeks of TV (especially with TNA's X-Division being back).

    So... Every match really delivered close to or better than what I expected (except AJ and Paige, but that's really to be expected on the main roster) yet nobody really seems to be happy with the show. The Usos and the Wyatts went out there and had a tremendous match. The roster is really busting their asses out there as they always do, and hell even the main event was a pretty good match that far exceeded the lowest expectations.

    Hell, there were 3 things I really marked out for on this show. The first was the Miz winning the IC title, because he sucks so he can have fun jobbing to the Kofi Kingstons of the world, there was Lana's promo valiantly spitting in the face of the news and going all in with it and showing WWE still has the balls to get heat, and the other was the Ambrose and Rollins stuff that was really exciting. That really felt different.

    The one thing really holding back this show was something it just couldn't overcome: It shouldn't have existed. The only reason Battleground aired was because they have to have a PPV every month. They do a really nice job getting us invested in this AJ vs Paige angle and wondering what their motivations actually are, then... nothing. Swagger gets counted out to set up a rematch with Rusev, Jericho gets his "I'm back" win over the falling star of Bray Wyatt, Rollins and Ambrose just brawl... 4 MATCHES on this show were merely setup for Summerslam rematches. And what had to be one of the least anticipated main events in WWE History had the fans wondering all these things... Is this the night the Conqueror comes back? Will Rollins cash i-bahahahahahaha. Cena wins lol, fade to black.

    I don't want to talk about "business", but as a network subscriber from the outside looking in, I'm looking at all these lackluster efforts, and seeing the possibility of ordering the Network to see Lesnar/Cena having a 6-month commitment of largely phoned-in PPV offerings attached to it? I'll pass, and this could be a big problem for them.

    Pretty impossible to grade overall, just because I don't want to bash a night of good wrestling too much. The talent earned their paychecks tonight.
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  8. Didn't watch but I can safely say; Miz/10

  9. That bad! :blackshock:
  10. +Sandow making it decently far into the Battle Royale was awesome especially in his tourist ass outfit almost eliminating Dolph Ziggler was pretty good.
    +Usos/Luke & Eric was pretty solid
    +/- Jericho winning *minus for it being a comeback win*
    +Ambrose/Rollins Segments

    -2 for all the other bullshit.
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  11. I'm going with :4/10:

    I agree with @Snowman - well wrestled matches - bad story line progression
  12. Loved the USOS v Wyatts match, MOTN for me, Jericho and Bray had the opportunity to create a classic but it just didn't happen. Kinda annoyed we didn't get to see Rollins v Ambrose but I am loving their feud and Ambrose is such an awesome babyface to Rollins' arrogant heel that it just works so damn well, hopefully their matches match (see what I did there) their segments because they are awesome.

    And yeah @Snowman hit the nail on the head, it was a placeholder PPV and I expect most of the card to stay for Summerslam (stips may change) except for the Brock vs Cena for the title, speaking of the title i thought the match was much better than I thought it would be but can't say I am surprised that Cena won, I mean has he ever been a 1 month champ?

    Excited for Raw to see Brock hopefully return and destroy Cena bwahahahaha
  13. Chris Jobicho beat Bray on a PPV? LMFAO
  14. I know. He loses to Fandinko at WM, but beats Bray Wyatt at Battleground. WTF.

    Ziggler had the IC title stolen from him by Miz BTW D'Z. Thought you'd like that.
  15. It was better than the last two PPVs, MITB and Payback.

    Hollywood Miz as champ is way more entertaining than Cesaro, Ziggler, etc, and it looks like they're heading towards a unification match at SummerSlam with Sheamus.

    Don't see why we couldn't have Ambrose/Rollins tonight, unless one of them is injured. Then just have the Summerslam match for the briefcase.
  16. Good. Midcard belts are cancer
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  17. 5/10... I didn't watch, but it sounded pretty bad in a few parts, NO TITLE CHANGES, as usual, just the fuckin miz winning another IC belt.
  18. Well, let's see. The opener was quite good, hopefully the end of this feud, they saved the best for last there indeed. Fun match. Rollins/Ambrose, am I the only one kinda upset about this? I mean, it seems like every week it's Ambrose coming out of the crowd to beat Seth up and they have to be separated. Idk, that didn't make me mad but it did bother me when I got angry about other stuff. Then we had the Divas, maybe they were holding back due to a SS rematch but they did kick out of the Paige Turner and stuff so I'm not really sure, I'll just be optimistic here and assume we're getting a better one later. Rusev vs Swagger was fine. Wyatt/Jericho wasn't that good of a match, and Jericho pinned Wyatt. Chris Jericho. 2014. Pinning BRAY. WYATT. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (not better way to explain my feelings), turned the stream off. Then I came back since there was only the BR left and I don't watch Cena matches anyway, so I watched it, Cesaro's done now, it was fun to see Ziggler get to the end and throw Sheamus out, and it would be alright to see Dolph/Miz in a real feud for the title. Will it happen? Well, no. Miz is fine as a champ though, not good, fine. Then I didn't watch the main event. As Rain said, four matches were just setting up rematches so we had a countout, a forfeit, the 43-year-old pinning the newest midcarder for life and... well, the finish for the Divas was fine. But yeah
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  19. 2/10, pissed off I streamed the shit for free tbh. Pass on this dogshit.
  20. Here's your "I couldn't believe the pop Ziggler got in that match, they oughta do something with him!!!!!!!!!" post for the month of July, 2014.

    Then the Miz ran out and I've never heard a crowd go from 60 to 0 so fast.
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