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  1. WWE World Championship

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  2. WWE Universe Championship

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  3. Raw Women's Championship

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  4. SmackDown Women's Championship

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  5. Raw Tag Championship

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  6. SmackDown Tag Championship

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  7. Intercontinental Championship

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  8. United States Championship

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  1. I thought this would be a good thread to have you all voice your opinions on the current belts WWE has to offer. (not including NXT)
    Vote for the one you like the most and share your thoughts and opinions of the rest.
    *New belts featured below, SPOILER ALERT*

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

  2. Not a fan of giant logos as belts, but I can take what I'm given.

    I think the WWE title looks more traditional, but the Universal title looks classy. So I'll take the WWE title over that.
    The women's titles are the same as above, but the red swoosh doesn't go well with the bright red background. I'll take the SmackDown women's title.
    The tag titles are ugly as fuck on RAW's side. Taking SmackDown because of the unique strap, and rare silver color.
    Intercontinental title is very traditional, but United States is more colorful and a more unique design. But I'll take the Intercontinental title.

    All in all SmackDown>RAW
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  3. IC Title
    SD Women's title
    Raw Women's title
    SD Tag titles
    WWE World title
    U.S Title

    Raw Tag titles

    Hardcore title

    Diva's title

    WWE Universal title
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  4. :styles:

    EDIT: Took me a second to understand what you meant LOL

    IC >>>
  5. They all suck aside from the IC belt.
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  6. This.
  7. My favorite was the WWE world title but they ruined it by making 4 versions of it
  8. IC Title
    WWE World Championship (I like tbh)
    United States Championship
    Both Women's Titles
    SD Tag Team Titles
    Your *shakes hips like New Day* W...W...E...World...Tag...Team...Championships!
    Universal TItle
  9. The Intercontinental Championship is the best looking belt
  10. The IC title, whenever it has looked as it does now, has always been the best looking WWE belt in my opinion. When they changed it for a few years, it was a bit of a travesty and it was wonderful that they brought the older version back.

    The tag belts are ugly as hell. I dunno. Belts should be Gold. Having bronze or copper belts are just sort of insulting to the belts. I mean, being tag team champions is such a secondary honor to begin with, they should at least have nice looking belt. They really should go back to these:


    All of the others are just uniform to the WWE WHC belt so it is sad the individuality has been lost... well except for the US belt.
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  11. WWE World Championship > WWE Universal Championship
    Smackdown Women's Championship > Raw Women's Championship
    Smackdown Tag-Team Championship > Raw Tag-Team Championship
    Intercontinental Championship > US Championship

    Smackdown wins in every belt. I.C. Title the best of all of them.
  12. Absolutely despise the belts at the moment. I know they're going for the whole UFC thing but it doesn't even make any sense in kayfabe which is still the most important thing about wrestling as a whole. The whole fucking point of this brand split was to have two DIFFERENT shows for two different types of audiences so that they could better draw for these respective shows, one for more pure wrestling fans and one for sports entertainent fans and this is emphasized by having Bryan in control of SmarkDown (Pure wrestling beast and lover) and Foley in control of RAW (Crowd working and promo expert)

    You're telling me in kayfabe that Shane/Bryan and Stephanie/Foley when given total power are the exact same people with the exact same ideas despite the fact that you've put emphasis on the fact that they're different (especially Shane with his whole "the product right now sucks" speeches and character going in WM 32 and how about if he was allowed control, things would be changed). This would be like if the lannisters in Game of Thrones completely abandoned all their traditions and took up the Stark Banner with a slightly different colour as soon as they went to war.

    They're different characters in control of different shows, how fucking difficult is it for a global company like WWE to commission a few fucking different looking belts when it's important to both the prestige of the company, the belts, the wrestlers and entertainment of the fans?

  13. To many belts. I have recently returned and have no idea what several of them are. You only need 4 of them.

    World Heavyweight
    IC belt
    Tag Team
    Womens (if applicable).

    More belts just means the lower ranked ones no one dares about. Eg the WCW TV title. Its better for storylines as well, IC title 1 year is a nice build up to the heavyweight belt.
  14. Nah man, they need titles for Smackdown too, what's the point of tag teams and women if they ain't got a title to fight for. And you also need 2 mid-card titles(now there will be a third one too-Cruiserweight title).If you have women on one brand and tag-teams on the other, that can work too.
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  15. Agreed. The brand split is pretty meaningless unless they are truly treated as two different brands with their own rosters, own championships.
  16. Honestly, the changing of the colors and that is it... Well, that seems like it is the cheap way out. I wish they would have done something differently. The ugliest one to me is that universe belt :ohgod:
    Like they put no effort into it and the red background behind the main plate is nauseating.
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