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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. I am such a fan of this feud so far. I thought both promos last night were extraordinary, and I know people will hate on Cena's "same old shit" but I thought his promo was great too. The build has been great as it has so many factors.

    You have Bryan's underdog factor, but is on a hot streak, so the match is unpredictable. You have his look not being what WWE wants, so he's almost in a feud with Cena AND the company. It mixes in wonderfully with the McMahon feud. You have Orton as a factor because of his briefcase and now his involvement in the actual feud (RKO'ing Cena, letting them get beaten up by Shield). You have Cena against a fan favourite which doesn't happen often (face vs face seems rare now'adays).

    It's being given tons of time as you expect in a Cena feud, but most of it is benefiting Bryan. You can tell WWE is really trying to push this guy to the top, as they did with CM Punk. That doesn't mean I think he's winning, I just think WWE want him in the same league as the Cena's, Orton's, and CM Punk's of WWE. I dunno, I'm just pleasantly surprised with how well they're booking this atm.

    I rate it a solid 9 but expect people to think I'm being too kind. It's not a 10 for me because the one thing I'd change is Bryan actually showing he's a fantastic wrestler by putting Vince McMahon in the YES lock, as it looks pretty crappy when this old guy is shitting on you so much. But yeah, anyway, what do you think?
  2. Best feud of the year.
  3. The feud has been different from the past Cena feuds and by his promo, Cena comes off slightly, only slightly heelish. The thing I am enjoying is how much they are putting emphasis on WWE's style of wrestling vs indy wrestling. The corporate segment, imo was a setback, it was obvious Bryan wouldn't shave his beard, seeing as they had recently released a t-shirt on it, so in a business perspective, that would be a bad move as they are making money on facial hair. But the Vince comment made last week sparked my interest, as they are putting some legitimacy in the scripts now, as we know Vince likes big strong superstars who have that look, the Lesnar's, Batista's, Cena's HHH's. That is the only thing I like about the corporate thing they are doing. My rating has to be 7
  4. 4 or 5. Some of the Bryan stuff has been good but that's about it. I feel the build overall for SS has been pure shit.
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  5. The build up so far is fufilling but at the same time not as fufilling. I think that match should be the one I want to look forward to the most but for some reason I look forward to Lesnar/Punk more than that match. I think WWE has put in some great effort with this feud with the McMahons/Orton cashing in/the beard shaving segment. There is definitely effort in that storyline and I think what really kills it for me is the one thing that makes this feud unique. I feel that there is no animosity between Cena and Bryan. I feel that the feuds' subplots have overshadowed the main plot of the feud which is essentially Cena vs Bryan.

    The storyline is still good, but I feel that for me personally, and I'm sure there are others that feel the same way that people are more interested in seeing if Orton will cash in or what kind of effect the McMahons have on the match. The feud essentially has zero to no parts that get Cena and Bryan against each other aside from the recent promos that were pretty underwhelming next to the other things involved in the feud. Hell they even through Shield in last week, which now brings a 3rd subplot into the mix. I think that this storyline needs Cena & Bryan to really go at it with one another because no one wants to see to half-hearted enemies go at it.
  6. I think it's been great. Obviously not the best, but it's been good. Similarities have been showing between the two, like both Daniel Bryan and Cena being fan favorites, having some common enemies like the Shield, and are strong workers in each of their matches. It's also showing how different they are too, like Cena being the corporate guy with the corporate look and Daniel not, Daniel being on HHH's side and Cena's on Vince's, and even their promos. A face vs face feud is pretty cool to see, and WWE has been running it great, it's even better that they put Orton here and there on the feud. I'll say 7.5.
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  7. It feels more of a build up for Bryan than it does really Cena. They seem to be focusing mostly on why Bryan can't be champion. If Bryan ends up winning clean, by submission, it'll be great.
  8. I like D-Bry and Cena even... But I feel they are still missing something. I am going with 7/10.
  9. Up until last night it was a 5, now id say 7? The promos were good, and im excited to see how this works out, they really have built up DB as well as you can, to me it means his time will be up.
  10. 8/10.

    The promos Monday 8/5 were out of this world. The only thing that would complete it would be to bring in their relationships with the Bellas. I have a feeling that comes into the feud on the go-home show. I also have a feeling that something happens that leaves Cena standing tall over Bryan by the end of the show, letting Cena look heelish, as the audience has made him the heel of the feud with their support of DBD.

    I know, a lot of people are going to say that they won't paint Cena as a heel, but you have to remember that, for a large chunk of the "universe", Cena is already a heel, even though unacknowledged by the company. Bryan, on the other hand, has been hugely put over by a majority of the fans.

    Yes, I actually think Bryan will win the Title at Summer Slam, and that RKO will come out and cash in on Bryan after Cena has a meltdown and takes him out. The WWE Title will be at the center of the Orton-Bryan feud. But it's gotta come off of Cena first.

  11. 7/10 for sure. Cena and Bryan both had great promos Monday. I like the whole McMahon interference thing actually. I'm 50/50 split on who will win at SS so that's always good.
  12. It has been great. Putting it together with the McMahon thing has made it even better, the corporate makeover, their promos, DB calling himself a wrestler, all of that is awesome. The Bellas have been kept out of it and I don't really see DB not beating McMahon up right now as a problem as I believe he's eventually going to do so, so yeah I'm loving it.
  13. I think it's been fantastic. The fact that literally anything could happen in that match with interference from the McMahon family, the Bellas or Orton really sets it aside as one of Cena's best feuds in a long while. Whilst he is putting Bryan over with the aid of the McMahons, people are also once again interested in a John Cena feud, even if they don't look at it like that.

    Clever business all round with the addition of something genuinely enjoyable for the fans.
  14. After seeing Bryan's promo on Raw, thought at first that I had 3 big complaints about it. That the angle is so out-of-kayfabe that casuals will be confused (how does shaving your beard help you win a match, exactly?) that it makes no sense in this same out-of-kayfabe context for Vince not to want Cena as champ, and it sets up the McMahons interfering in the title match. (Please don't.)

    As a fan, I'm loving every second of this. Vince playing an IWC caricature of himself and everyone bringing it up is just hilarious, like when Triple H was raging backstage about him being such a senile old man... somewhere knew Crayo loved that. And them playing up Bryan being a lifelong "wrestler" as opposed to Cena is just great. The angle's designed for the IWC and it's working great so far. There isn't that much pessimism about this feud, everyone's just so excited... and if you can keep the IWC from bitching, congrats WWE. You have lightning in a bottle, now don't you dare let it out again.

    They really need to build up to Bryan attacking Vince, at best it's a signature moment in his career. At worst it's a phenomenal hook for the go-home show.

    Cena's promo may have been even better, because while they're talking about Daniel Bryan not having "the look" and being a "great wrestler" and Vince losing his "creative mind", something new viewers probably don't know what is going on, Cena's there to keep them interested. It came across heelish to me and it was supposed to because he IS a heel to us. Casuals can love both guys while we root extra-hard for Bryan, and they'll stay interested clearing up complaint #1 listed above.

    Also, heard someone bring up that he watches the show with his 8-year-old niece, who's a huge Cena fan, and asked if she wanted Cena to win at Summerslam. She said "Yes, but would be fine with Bryan winning it too". Hell yeah.

    Can't give this any less than an 8, but due to the lack of Bellas I'll say 9.
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  15. I think it's too early to rate it now if I'm going to be honest. This angle is something that I feel will make more sense and have a bigger impact in the long run than anything.

    Think about it: 4 weeks of McMahon trying to convert Bryan to a corporate pet, Bryan either gives in or denies, wins the title or doesn't win the title and that's it? Nah. This angle is going to continue as it's too big to just put away after a few weeks. Cena/Bryan is something the people want and are interested in. Whether Bryan wins at SS or Cena does is not going to matter too much. I think this is going to revolve more around Bryan than anything, hence why I've reluctant to calling to a feud and rather call it an angle. Of course, Bryan and Cena are in a feud most definitely, but I'm just saying that in the end it's going to be more about Bryan than Cena or anyone (I thought I'd never say that).

    Punk once said that people who bashes a storyline when it just started should rather just sit back and actually wait 'till it's over, then express how they feel about it. I think this should be the case here too because, as I said, I still don't think this build-up is over. The match at SS? Most probably just another step toward the big ending in my opinion. If this really is it, I gotta say it would be a major disappointment as they have sooo much they can do with this still. Cena/Bryan probably is the feud with the most potential. So yeah, I would rate it somewhat low but I'm sticking to my guns and I'll be patient.
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  16. This. I do dig the Best/Beast angle, but that's about it, i dont love face vs face honestly, but i know what happen if they force bryan down our throats as heel.
  17. The two Lesnar appearances have been fresh but other than that it is just mediocre promos from Punk or Axel filler. Not to say I'm not hyped for that match, I defo am.
  18. the bork run in monday was dope. I am just saying it's the best build ATM because Rhodes/Sandow really hasnt gotten to full form yet.
  19. Idk this BIg e/AJ?DZ#Kaitlin build is off the chain yo
  20. if youre going to quote my every post, why dont you give me a pity like or 10.
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