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  1. I've not watched TNA for a while now. I simply got bored of the product. It didn't feel like the product I once was really into. I've been reading this section quite a bit recently and the negativity seems high. It does outside of this section as well (Skype for example), and I'm wondering what your current rating of the general TNA product is. Like you do after TNA shows/PPV's, post your rating out of 10 and a brief summary of why you have that rating.
  2. TFA out of buildness on year time
  3. 7/10

    Good things are Magnus is the top dog right now, tag champs The Bromans and their own DJ Zema Ion are a riot to watch and listen to, then we have Bobby Roode defeating Kurt freakin' Angle 3 times in a row (how fantastic is that?), then new young stars movement in already mentioned Magnus, plus EC3, Gunner, Samuel Shaw and Rockstar Spud. And how can I forget the heel douchebag Chris Sabin? Major plus is nearly all the dead weights are gone: Hogans, Bischoff, Pritchard, Chavo, MMA fighters,, stables in Aces & 8s and MEM. The old concepts that made TNA special are back too (Feast or Fired and similar). Big plus is some former stars returning, like Madison Rayne, and Shark Boy here and there. Now that Jarrett is back in major control, things are really seeming to go in right track, again.

    Bad things.... Joseph Park is boring, product still lacks some character consistency, and Dixie is still on TV a whole lot. And ofc the marketing department. And the TV Title. And PPVs in 2013 weren't even close in quality of 2012. Hopefully 2014 brings better days for TNA PPVs.

    There, you're welcome.
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