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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. Weekly thing now.

    RAW EC match was the best quality of the night with a really, really crap ending. Completely disappointed with Jericho's involvement. His seemingly refreshing gimmick is now ruined for me. It opened the show for some reason.

    Divas match was better than normal, but still, a divas match.

    SD EC match may of well been renamed to "Big Show match". He dominated it, one cool spot and that's it. Khali was eliminated in minutes, match was so bad until Bryan and Rhodes took over and Show was out. Santino eliminating 2 stars and lasting to the end was, well, shocking.

    Segment after with Nat farting with a lepricon in the room was lame. In comes a random Swagger vs Justin Gabriel match. Swagger wins. Bore.

    Cena vs Kane, Cena overcomes hate and is the exact same guy. Proved one thing, this was just some filler feud. I highly doubt we'll see a heel turn ever from Cena.

    Rating: 2/10
  2. Dog shit/10

    Raw EC: Ziggler being booked like a complete pussy, doing nothing but take bumps for everyone in the match killed me inside. Miz randomly being booked like a badass was a joke. Jericho's kayfabe injury was another joke. The final conflict between Miz/Punk was underwhelming to say the least. The ending was anticlimactic. I was ready to shit on this match even more before I saw the rest of the night, which in turn made this match look great in comparison. No surprise that Kofi was the highlight of the match with his two spots the cross body onto Punk & Miz along with the DDT on Dolph

    Santino being Rocky- pointless BS filler

    Cena Promos- same old shit

    Mr Excitement promo- awesome. ADR, Christian, and Henry?? They all cut solid promos talking shit on Teddy Long. I enjoyed this segment a lot

    Divas title- sadly the second best match of the night. I expected they'd be given more time to work than the usual divas match, and they did, but they could have done more with it. Beth wins, and she was looking hot. I'm fine with this. Beth/Kharma feud, please start tomorrow night

    SD EC- Worst EC match ever. I don't even care to dig in on this shit

    Ambulance match- Same as the SD EC. I could go on a rant about how lame the match was, how corny the booking was, ect, but it just sucked and I don't care enough to do so
  3. 6/10 because it was better than any other PPV's lately.
  4. 5/10.

    Still don't understand why there's spoilers, it's live. It's a grievance I have.
  5. Mainly because UK viewers have school/work tomorrow and the PPV ends at 4am.
  6. @[Dolph'sZiggler] You gotta be kidding that SD! E.C. Match was better than the Raw one AND the best match of the night!
  7. I realize you think anything Cody is involved in is the shit, so I'll just agree to disagree

  8. Lol I know you think that and yes most stuff that happened was stupid but I was viewing it without criticizing it and from a fan's point of view and it was a hella lot better than the raw e.c.

  9. How? No way man. SD EC match was all about Big Show, a guy no one likes to see wrestling. 2 loud chants of "Boring"

    RAW EC match was great until the ending.
  10. "RAW match was great until the ending.."

    Crayo is mad that Y2J failed.
  11. Fact is this PPV was completely filler. No excuse for this type of shit when the build to WM is supposed to be the best time of year to be a fan watching WWE
  12. I continue to question why I support such a bad product.
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  13. We have blind hope that it may improve someday.. and while they give us a glimmer of hope here or there, the fact is it more than likely won't improve any time soon. They throw fans like 'us' a bone every now and again with the ries of Punk and things of that nature, but the fact is this product is geared towards children nowadays
  14. Yeah I loved it because of the excitement with santino and various spots. I mean the raw ec only had like 3 or 4 awesome things happened. I'm just disappointed about the stupid writing about y2j getting knocked out. I really wanted to see more of y2j because his in ring ability is beautiful


    Totally agree with this. Nothing spectacular or interesting happened on the "big" main event with John cena. Lazy booking I'm telling you guys
  15. PPV built towards Wrestlemania a bit.
    Sheamus attacking Bryan
    Cena Vs. Rock Promo's
    Beth Phoenix - No Challenge *Kharma Time"
    Jericho wrongfully getting eliminated

    5.5 or 6/10

    Kane Vs. Cena ending the EC PPV was dumb, filler match with Swagger useless.
    Good spots in both Chamber matches and Divas match was more than expected.

    Also Cena had to win or else he would look weak going into a match with The Rock.
  16. Raw EC *** (Great match with lame, but necessary ending)

    Divas N/A (piss break at it's finest)

    Ambulance Match *1/4 (Awkward and illogical)

    Swagger vs. Gaybriel *1/2 (lulz)

    SmackDown EC *1/2 (bad match, Daniel Bryan saved this from being a DUD)

    Plus, you got all those fucking commercials (on a PPV!), horse shit video packages, etc. I say, bad PPV.
  17. I don't care about the result, I care that CM Punk is now John Cena and (if kayfabe) Jericho's exit makes him look ridiculously weak.

  18. This is my problem with Punk, they've made him look too strong. Look at his booking since he won the belt, he got handcuffed to the ring post and still beat two former world champions, had Ziggler pinned several times and still won after the authority figure stacked the deck and finally he out lasts 5 others to win the EC after taking multiple finishers. I get babyfaces have to be strong but at least make him beatable. That's why people love Randy so much still, he can be beaten.
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  19. They should've just kept him heel and the majority of fans would still love him.

  20. No need, it's not him being a face I care about, it's him going from the CM Punk that faced Vince/HHH too a skinny John Cena.
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