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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. Simple. Rate it out of 10.

    Solid 8/10 for me.

    Pro's: Amazing crowd, best I've seen in ages. Kane/Orton was great, Rhodes won, Daniel Bryan chants all over the place, Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus was probably MOTN, Punk v Jericho match was amazing, Brock Lesnar vs Cena was amazing. An ending which leaves many questions (although many mad users) and potential future story-lines.

    Con's: Big Show losing like he did, then burying Rhodes again. Sheamus not tapping out to YES lock, but instead passing out (so annoying, typical of those two), Miz being on a pre-show.
  2. Rate the EC PPV

    9/10 for me.

    It was a really good PPV aside from the ending. I don't know if Big Show buried Rhodes considering that he walked out of there in his feet after being thrown into 2 tables!

    Every match was worth it. Way better than WM 28.
  3. Rate the EC PPV

    Solid 8/10 for me, too.

    Pro's: The Miz got to cut a segment on the pre-show, the crowd was amazing, Kane vs Orton was a great opener for tonight, Daniel Bryan was relevant, Ryback was featured tonight, CM Punk's match was great even-though I thought their feud was pretty dry, Layla returning was awesome, Cena vs Lesnar was also a great match.

    Con's: The Miz was on a pre-show, Sheamus passed out instead of tapping, Big Show attacking Cody Rhodes at the end of the match, No tag titles featured on the show, poor ending to Cena's match and Ziggler jobbing to funk man.
  4. Rate the EC PPV


    If it wasn't for a few irritating things about it, it could have easily been 10.

    Randy Orton vs Kane was a decent enough match, got the crowd going. Ryder ended up looking like a total fanny though.

    Rhodes/Show was I the only one that marked the fuck out for Cody retaining the IC title? The ending though was totally unnecessary and I'm glad Chicago booed him out the arena.

    Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus - Already made a thread, but moty for me. Unbelievable storytelling and an example of why you give Bryan decent match time, he can produce matches like that. Credit to Sheamus as well who - as much as I dislike him - did a great job also.

    Chris Jericho vs CM Punk - Was great besides the ending. It was another great match between two fantastic performers, but if Punk had to go out winner then he should of done it via Walls of Jericho.

    Layla vs Bellas - Enjoyed the return and it was a nice swerve, they set it up as if it was definately Kharma so it was quite cool to see her come out. DAT ASS

    Brock vs Cena - So perfect until the end. Brock just destroying Cena completely, though, at least Cena showed signs of character progression and he didn't win clean. Brock hit the F5 and there was a 7 count practically before Cena kicked out. The blood was cool, they should've left Cena to bleed, the towelling of it just ruined it. Would've been cool if he FU'd the doctor or something.

    Anyway, interested in where they are going with Lesnar. HHH will surely have something to do with him come MOnday Night. Should be good.

    One more thing - MIchael Cole - whether you like him or not, was unbelievable tonight. He captured the excitement so well in all the matches and basically had to do it solo, with King and Booker as co-commentators.

    Great PPV though, probably be the best we'll see all year.
  5. Rate the EC PPV

    Sorry, just thought I'd point out that it should be 'Rate the ER PPV' not 'Rate the EC PPV' not trying to be funny or anything, just helping you out to identify a little error.
  6. Rate the EC PPV

    Elimination chamber? It's been a while, but I think I gave it a 4 or 5
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  7. RE: Rate the EC PPV

    Crayo means Extreme Rules, he made an error. You need some sleep Crayo. :pity:
  8. Rate the EC PPV

    In that case I'll give it a 7/10

    Awesome match between Sheamus/Bryan
    Pretty good match between Punk/Jericho
    Great match with a piss poor ending in the main event
    Layla came back

    Good stuff
  9. RE: Rate the EC PPV

    Haha lol.
  10. Rate the EC PPV

    I have to give this a really extreme grade due to the range of emotions I felt during the show. This was the best PPV since Money in the Bank, there were plenty of good matches, both with great ring-work, great storytelling, drama, everything you could want in the match. Mark-out moments like Layla's return, the heart Punk showed in his match, Dolph actually giving Brodus a run for his money... other than the bullcrap with Big Show this was everything we could have wanted.

    Then the ME finish happened and reminded me why I've been so pissed off about the sport I once loved. This felt like being in a relationship with a spiteful bitch on the edge of divorce. WWE seduced me and seduced me and right as I thought they could rekindle that spark, they ripped my heart out. Ridiculous.

    4/10 for that alone. Not due to the wrestlers and the matches themselves, Punk, Jericho, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, and so many others deserve better than to be overshadowed by this. If you guys are right and this is something besides "CENA WINS AGAIN LOL" and actually something interesting, 8.5/10. But I think that's giving Creative way too much credit. See you guys in the TNA section and whenever there's an NXT/Superstars thread, I'm tired of ranting about this.
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  11. Rate the EC PPV

    You're right, I need some sleep. Editing -.-
  12. Rate the EC PPV


    An epic PPV. Really enjoyed the matches.

    Orton vs Kane was good, just the typical corny stuff with the whole 'Falls Count Anywhere' concept. They go all through the arena, and the final pin gets done in the damn ring. An RKO on the stage would have been epic, followed by the final pin.

    Just a shame for the creative to have Show losing like this, just stupid. They could have put the table a little bit further from the ring, Show on the apron, and Rhodes with a Disaster Kick following by Big Show falling through the table.

    Sheamus vs Bryan was a pretty well played match. Good battles.

    Liked Punk vs Y2J, the gear, the intense feud being fully played out during the match, really nice.
    For me, this match needed blood. It was a intense and personal rivalry so a chair or cane shot to bust someone open was a good idea imo.
    Too bad Punk won again, they really need a superstar to finally beat him. It starts to get boring imo.

    I'm pretty upset now the Bella's will be gone, cool thing to see Layla back, though.

    Brock vs Cena was epic. Loved the whole thing. The blood, the fury, the emotion, fantastic. Too bad there are all these Cena haters about this match. The man lives for the WWE, man. Deal with it, he is the face.
  13. 8 out of 10 for me. Most of the matches were great ones but two odd finishes (main event and IC title match.) Left me having to lower it.

    Best bouts of the night were Bryan v Sheamus and Cena v Lesnar. If that match doesn't show that Bryan belongs in the main event nothing will.
  14. 9-10 for me.

    Having ryback on it was unnecessary.
    Why give jobbers a PPV match when you could have had the tag belts defended!

    Punk/ Jericho. Match of the year part 1
    Bryan/ shamus a close second because I could call some of the spots before they happened.

    I understood the logic on cena's win.

    Orton and Kane put on a great match as did dolph. (the fans chanting for Ziggler the whole match was epic!

    Layla almost killing a Bella with that sick looking neck breaker!!!!!! Woo hoo! Good match for her!

    Ic match. I'm ok with the ending! Gives Rhodes more comedy fodder for the fued!

    Very good PPV that I stayed up way too late to watch.

    It legit looked like Cena has an arm injury.

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