Rate the Feud: The Miz Vs Antonio Cesaro

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheoneandonlyDC, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Question is simple, what do you all think of the feud so far?

    I've really been enjoying it. Both men have had their chance to show their stuff and they have produced some awesome matches. Their best 2 IMO being at Elimination Chamber and Smackdown this week. It's also been helping the prestige of the US Title as well. I see this feud ending at Wrestlemania or Extreme Rules. No idea who will come out with the gold. I'd rather Miz come out on top. Miz could be a great upper mid carder with the occasional jump to Main Event status when needed. Cesaro can move up to the main event, but with Miz filming his movie in April I see him putting over Cesaro at Wrestlemania so he can go off to film his movie.

    When do you think this feud will end? Who will end with the gold, The Miz or Antonio Cesaro?
  2. It's been a pretty decent feud. Caesro's best promo yet was the one where he dissed Ric Flair (when he was a guest on Miz TV) and said that his four fingers didn't stand for the Four Horsemen but for his four ex-wives. I also liked Caesro shoving Miz into the post and their two out of three falls match last night on Smackdown.

    Put it down as one of the rare things Miz has been involved in that I've actually enjoyed. Can't tell who will walk out of the feud as US Champion. Hopefully Caesro, as it's been his first major feud over the belt and it would strengthen him as a credible champ not losing, you know, his first big feud over the belt.
  3. Yeah I see what you mean but I think Cesaro should lose the title to The Miz so he can move into the Main Event. A feud with Daniel Bryan, Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk would be awesome. I think Miz would be better suited in the main event level as well but I think no matter what Miz does, he will always seem relevant so I think Miz could stay as an upper mid carder to help bring back some more prestige to the US Championship.
  4. It's way too early for Caesro to be main eventing. He only is just starting to pick up a lot of momentum, no reason to risk burning it out by pushing him to the moon too fast. I think a longer stint in the position he's in is the safe way to go.
  5. Normally I'd agree but he's already 35, he only probably has 3-5 good years left in him which sucks because he has just started. WWE messed up by waiting so long to sign him.

    Ignore this comment. I just re looked up my information and realized I was wrong. My bad and now I feel stupid. Aha.
  6. He really needed work before he was ready to sign for them, at earliest 2010 and then he'd have been in the system for a year or two before being on the main roster. He's a late bloomer.
  7. Yeah, I'm going over his bio at the moment so I don't say tge wrong thing on my last comment. It's hard to believe he's only been wrestling for a little over 5 years. He's so good.
  8. He had a great trainer tbf (Chris Hero - Kassius Ohno in NXT, I'd advise you check him out, ideally as Hero)
  9. Yeah, I've seen Kassius on NXT. He's good. They were the Kings of Wrestling right?
  10. Yes sir.
  11. Yeah, they're good.
  12. I do/did like his feud . Thought we were getting this two till WM but with their last match in SD miz has lost credibility 6/10
  13. I've enjoyed it, and thought Miz and Cesaro have made eachother look great in the process

    Show Spoiler
    I know i know, besides that one botch on the pre-show
  14. I don't really like the Miz so i'm not fully invested, however Cesaro has impressed me alot and I can't wait to see him to feud with better talent.
  15. I think the feud is great. The both work well together and have nice matches. I understand they're totally milking this feud and it maybe starting to get a bit stale or boring. But, overall I'm enjoying it.
  16. Cesaro is simply amazing and should be in the running for the World Heavyweight Championship. I would have given him one of those jetpack pushes they usually give for those less talented individuals. He is what's making the feud right now, which in my opinion should have ended already, but I guess they're having Miz lose so that he can get the big win at mania. Miz as a face isn't all that great and I think there would be many others who could have a great US feud against Cesaro. Miz doesn't exactly exemplify being an American, it just doesn't fit right.

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    This is how I imagine WWE booked this feud. Marine Murrica Mania...those all start with the letter M! Book it!
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  17. Waste of time for Cesaro IMO. As much as I don't like him, he'd be better off feuding and beating Sheamus, to elevate him into the ME scene.
  18. This.

    Sheamus needs to starting putting people over, and Cesaro is the perfect guy.
  19. I'm liking it. People normally complain about feuds being too short, this one is a long feud over the previously forgotten US title, so it's great.
  20. It wasn't as great as I expected it to be, but it wasn't that bad either, it was a good feud imo.
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