Rate the Hogan return.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 25, 2014.

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  1. Did you enjoy it? Did it make you mark out?

    I actually went into it with pretty high hopes as he's just a host and he shouldn't hog too many segments, but the promo he cut was literally the definition of boring. I compare it to when Rocky returned and cut an insane promo, but maybe I shouldn't... I'm a known Hogan hater so I'm in no way going to be perceived as not bias, so go ahead and give me some of your opinions on his return.
  2. Having the same case here. ; - ; Hogan didn't appeal to me... Maybe because I'm a PG era kid? Maybe because he was just definitely boring and everyone else was just washed over with nostalgia? I dunno.

    I didn't like Rocky's Coming back promo too... Loved Cena's response on his promo, though. Ate it up like a fangirl.
  3. He didn't get the pop I was hoping he would (odd given that Michael Cole was talking about how "thunderous" the place was when most were sitting on their hands during his entrance) but meh. His promo was pretty basic but at least it was short and sweet. Hopefully they don't go and make him the Raw General Manager as rumored.
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  4. Something to pray on my prayer meeting this week... God no please.
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  5. I loved it. The promo sucked, especially when he botched 'WWE Network' with 'Universe' - i did lol at his correction though... the universe created the network :dawg:

    But I marked like a bitch just seeing him back. After the promo though I was like "huh, oh well, segway to Cole to talk about the network!" - but glad we didn't see him anymore on the show (unless their was a backstage skit which I missed?) because his promo was awful.
  6. I marked out for sure for the entrance more than anything.. the promo was not great by any means and he botched a line or two in it.
    I didn't watch but I thought I heard someone mention they did do an interview with Hogan on that backstage pass for the WWEN.
  7. Ah, didn't watch that either. Glorified Backstage Pass from their YT channel.
  8. It went as expected. A small segment to sell the Network and WrestleMania. Can't wait to see him interacting with other superstars in the coming weeks and booking matches for the show.
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  9. Wasn't as good as it could have been. He was obviously told to talk up the WWEN and not stray off topic. If he was given free reign I think it would have turned out better. Still marked though.....brother.
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  10. Fumbled his words quite a bit Jack Brother Dude WWEuniverse that likes the wwe network that is the universe but the network

    I'm like what....
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  11. don't care about the promo because his entrance and the booming "Hogan" chants made me mark my tits off. Not sure what show Lockard watched, but Hogan definitely had that place eating from the palm of his hands during the entrance. It was loud as fuck

    the botches just made it all the more hilarious and awesome jack
  12. It was entertaining. It's always good to see Hogan back (in fact, I was still a little high off of the fact that Flair was there, too...just made my night and I wished they could have had the two interact) and, as long as he has no real-life creative control and doesn't get in the ring and wrestle, I'm pretty cool with whatever they do with him.

  13. It wasn't given the pop it could've been because WWE didn't hide his return very well. When media all over the place is talking about Hogan coming back days before he comes to Raw, it kind of spoils that "surprise" return.

    WWE should've kept it quiet. Sure, there could've been rumors floating around, but there's always rumors. Then, at the start of Raw, it dead quiet for like 30 seconds, fans look around wondering wth is happening, and then bam! Hogan's music hits with a big American flag dropping from the ceiling....would've been bigger.
  14. We must have been watching shows indeed because all I heard was an average reaction for his entrance. I also noticed that probably 70-80% of the crowd at least weren't really chanting his name or showing any great enthusiasm. There were plenty of Hogan signs and there was a small Hogan chant that got started once he stepped in the ring but that's about it. Maybe part of is me being so used to the Daniel Bryan chants these past couple of years that anything else in comparison just seems mild.
  15. lol I just watched it. Your description is highly inaccurate. I suggest you watch it again:

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    From a business perspective it was great, having the 3rd biggest star in wrestling history pushing the Network was probably for the best.

    But as a fan who wouldn't be swayed one way or the other, it was pretty pointless to me. Isn't that the best case scenario? At least he wasn't all over the show. But if Hogan can't get through 2 sentences without fucking something up then I may... actually... **covers face in shame and talks really fast* look forward to his promos. *vomits*

  17. His return took 7 minutes. Even the biggest Hogan hater can't really complain about it wasting time on a 3 hour show.
  18. You're right, just a vintage Snow terrible use of words, gonna edit that
  19. If you guys watched Backstage Pass....... Instead of Brother, he said Jack... as in Jack Swagger! The man that did the big boot and the Leg Drop at EC. I'm pretty sure if Cesaro vs. Swagger happens. After the match, Hogan is gonna come out and congratulate Cesaro. Swagger is gonna get up. Hogan is gonna hit him with the big boot and the leg drop.
  20. The fact that people complained about Batista's return but liked Hogan's so much better is just weird. All he did was promote the WWE network. Sure, the crowd was more into it, but the promo was bad. So anticlimatic.
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