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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Prince Bálor, Jun 20, 2014.

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  1. So, I saw this idea of a thread on another forum, and I thought, why not bring it here? Pretty simple premise, rate the last album that you listened to, Studio or Live albums, and give a brief description or something about it. I'll start.


    Alter Bridge - Fortress 10/10

    One word: Perfection

    FYI, this is the band that did Edge's theme 'Metalingus' aka 'On This Day.'
    This is the album I've been listening to ever since it came out (back in late September of 2013) and I am still in love with it. Loved it after the first listen.
    Listening to 'Fortress' has been a dreamy experience ever since it came out. I swear I'd dreamed and always wanted to hear stuff on this record; like melodies, lyrics, solos, etc... What an epic journey.

    'Cry Of Achilles': All of AB's album openers are awesome. This one is an exception, it's beyond awesome, it's epic! That classical guitar intro Myles does is just haunting... And then goes like FUCKING BOOM, just bursts right into the heavy guitar part! Those riffs are mean. Plus, incredible rhythm section, Brian's bass thunders and Flip's chops are off the hook! I love it. What a beautiful tune. It's perfect top-to-bottom.

    'Addicted To Pain': The lead single, hmm... It still kicks ass. I never skip it, it's got such power, it's so brutal, yet catchy and OMG, that solo is just blistering. I'm addicted to this song.

    'Bleed It Dry': What a catchy, headbanging tune. One of my favorites from the new album. It just reeks of brutality. I nearly shit myself when I heard the intro. I love AB's heavy stuff and this one just might be one of the best ever. I love the contrast between its brutality and the softer side that follows the bridge. Mark's guitar solo is eargasmic, very David Gilmour-like.

    'Lover': The strumming of the intro resembles 'Burn It Down' a bit, caught my attention right away. This song strikes me every time I hear it, 'cause I can relate to it, it's got such powerful lyrics. I love The Mayfield Four vibe this song gives and the [AB] aggression it has right after the chorus... And that third verse, wow, so dark! I love it and it's cool it tells a story that everything can disintegrate, eventually. The boys have killed it with this one. It's awesome.

    'The Uninvited': OMG, that 'Ah ah' intro is so awesome, I love it and then just goes like heavy, in your face. One of my favorites from 'Fortress'. Love, I just looove AB's heavy stuff. Pre-choruses of this song are just mind-blowing, I love the way Myles sings them, especially 'Stone. Faced. Liahh.' Mark's backing vocals are impressing, the dude soars when 'For the blood' line comes and then Myles takes over and it kicks so much ass. The bridge is so intense, it takes the song on a whole different level. I headbang to this tune every time I hear it.

    'Peace Is Broken': Brutal riffing in this one. I love how its a total opposite of 'Rise Today'. The chorus is so catchy, it's a great sing-along, same thing goes for the bridge, and the outro solo is awesome. I love its 'Make It Right' groove and meaningful lyrics.

    'Calm The Fire': Epic. Insurmountable. This song just soars! I can't describe it the right way and I can't describe how I feel about this song. It's face-melting and mind-blowing at the same time. That acoustic intro with Myles' angelic voice over it, always gives me goosebumps... And once again, the pre-choruses are badass, especially the one that goes like 'When I close my eyes, I dream that we are colorblind...' - I love it so much. The chorus is anthemic, one of the best on this record. Perfect tune.

    'Waters Rising': FUCKING BOOM, man! I guess that's the official description of this song. The sweet-as-honey intro that follows Mark's vocals is awesome and then the brutality of the pre-chorus is off the hook! I love how both Myles and Mark's vocals soar through the pre-chorus and the song overall. The bridge just gives me chills, I love Myles' creepy vocals and the way he sings 'Water is rising, coming to wash it all away', the bridge that melts into the solo is badass. 'Waters Rising' is so fucking powerful!

    'Farther Than The Sun': Classic AB. Catchy and heavy. This is my least 'best' song from the album, it's perfectly imperfect... Mainly because of its lyrical subject matter, 'A place where I belong' thing is kinda getting monotonous for me. Yes, it's anthemic and the solo is brutal!

    'Cry A River': Power and intensity. That's what it is. Myles' lyrics melt perfectly into it. One of my favorite songs on the record, both musically and lyrically. This song soars all the way through!

    'All Ends Well': After all of the brutal stuff, it's great to hear a ballad. Something laid-back that you can relax to. This is one of my favorite AB ballads and it's the only AB ballad that actually ends well.

    'Fortress': The title track. An opus of badassness. 7 minutes and 36 seconds of an epic journey. It's so complex, I love it, it's one of my favorites from the album. Perfect closer. What utter perfection! What a musical journey!

    Overall: This is the album I've always wanted AB to make. That's why it's so perfect to me. It's awesome that they thought outside of the box and tried new things. It's been a dreamy experience listening to this album.
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  2. Sorry, mate. I ain't all that crazy about rap, I've listened to some Eminem and Macklemore and that's about it.
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    Last album? Native by One Republic, I liked it (I like most of their songs) 8/10.


    The song I liked the most is Counting Stars but If I Lose Myself is also pretty damn good :emoji_slight_smile:

    Track list
    Feel Again
    If I Lose Myself
    What You Wanted
    Counting Stars
    I Lived
    Light It Up
    Can't Stop
    Au Revoir
    Burning Bridges
    Something I Need
    Don't Look Down
    Something's Gotta Give
    Life In Color
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  4. Royalty by Childish Gambino
    You see, I'm not typically a rap fan, only on rare occasions will a rap artist or rap album satisfy me. Royalty (Just about) went into the exception box. I like Gambino in general, does good work, acting (As Donald Glover) and rapping that is. Don't honestly think rap fanatics will be that into it though, wasn't anything to intense for the rap genre, it served as a nice bridge for the rap casuals to jump on aboard (Hi Slim Shady + Macklemore).

    7/10 - Pretty high from me for a Rap Album
  5. Agreed. That's pretty much how I'd rate it.
  6. Bought Led Zeppelin II remastered last night. 10/10
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  7. [​IMG]

    "The Hunting Party" by LINKIN PARK
    *This just came out!*

    Track Listing
    1.Keys to the Kingdom
    2.All For Nothing (feat.Page Hamilton)
    3.Guilty All The Same (feat. Rakim)
    4.The Summoning
    7.Until It's Gone
    8.Rebellion (feat. Daron Malakian)
    9.Mark The Graves
    10.Drawbar (feat. Tom Morello)
    11.Final Masquerade
    12.A Line In The Sand

    First off before any material off this was released, I thought LP was just gonna stick to electronic bits and all that, which was okay with me because "LIVING THINGS" is a pretty decent album. But then when they did that "RECHARGED" remix album with the dance genre song "A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES", I thought this was like the end for them in hardcore music. Then in May I hear on my local rock station about "The Hunting Party", I just thought... "please, heavy?" Then they play the track "Guilty All The Same"... my jaw dropped, holy shit... then I hear the other singles and that listening session on iTunes radio and next thing you know i'm pre-ordering my copy! My favorite song would have to be "All For Nothing", Page Hamilton had some neat vocals and a nice rap from Shinoda was in that track too."and if I do what you demand...." just brilliant...get this album guys.
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  8. Been a fan of theirs since day one, definitely on my list :emoji_slight_smile: glad to hear its not too techy though, not that I would mind.
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    Linkin Park - The Hunting Party 9/10

    Welcome back, good ol' LP! It's been a while.

    This album is immense! I am so glad they decided to go back to their roots... It's nice to hear 'em playing their instruments once again! In all honesty, I've given up on them that maybe one day they'd stop with the redundant electronic stuff and dayumn, they did it! Plus, there are some really cool guitar stuff/solos (OMG!), melodies and lyrics that I always wanted to hear from them, as well! I really enjoyed listening to this album!

    Highlights of the album? Every single song, except for 'The Summoning' and 'Drawbar' which are fillers.
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  10. more like Stinkin' Park :pipebomb: !
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  11. Paranoid by Black Sabbath, will review it later
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  12. [​IMG]

    Big Wreck - Ghosts 8.5/10

    These guys never cease to amaze me with their albums and songwriting. This one certainly lived up to the hype. They're one of the most underrated bands out there. There's like a song or two that I didn't really get into on this album, but the rest is cool.

    I urge everyone to listen to this album, you won't be let down if you're into progressive/alternative and rock music, in general.

    Highlights of the album: 'A Place To Call Home', 'I Digress', 'Ghosts', 'Friends', 'My Life'
  13. [​IMG]

    Seether - Isolate & Medicate 8/10

    Much better than the previous album.

    'See You At The Bottom': Brutal all the way through, especially the bridge. Feels like a good old Seether. One of the best tunes on the CD.

    'Same Damn Life': Love the punk-ish vibe this song has.

    'Words As Weapons': Probably my favorite song on the album. Awesome music, awesome lyrics... Everything's awesome about this song.

    'My Disaster': Another heavy tune with good songwriting and sincere, in your face lyrics.

    'Crash': I quite like this song... It's a laid back, poppy tune and pretty enjoyable. Kinda resembles the songwriting they approached on their last album 'Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray', sounds kinda like a mixture of 'Tonight' and 'Here And Now'

    'Suffer It All': BOOM! BEAST MODE! The album picks up the pace after 'Crash', with another brutal, in-your face track! This kinda reminds me of Staind, which ain't a bad thing.

    'Watch Me Drown': I don't know how I feel about this song. It's not that bad, but it's not that good either. The verses are good (lyrically) and the music's decent and all, but I think they should've tried harder with the chorus, it's corny.

    'Nobody Praying For Me': My first impression after hearing the verses... Hmm, this would be a perfect song for Bray Wyatt! Damn good tune!

    'Keep The Dogs At Bay': Has some pretty good intro riffs, the rest is meh.

    'Save Today': Perfect ballad.

    *Bonus Tracks*

    'Turn Around': Good verses, cheesy chorus.

    'Burn The World': Decent song. It's got decent verses, but cheesy and repetitive chorus.

    'Goodbye Tonight': Second best bonus track, should've been on the album. It's such a good groove.

    'Weak': Such a good song, it's the best bonus track out of 4. Should've definitely found its place on the album.
  14. [​IMG]

    Strange Highways by Dio.

    This album is legit as fuck. It starts off heavy for the first two songs, it's nice. Then the self titled song comes on, Strange Highways. It starts off soft, and then hits you with guitar work that just surpasses the last two songs. So heavy and just badass. It continues this kind of moment into Hollywood Black. Hollywood Black is pretty legit as shit in it's guitar work compared to the first two songs, much more intense in my opinion, but doesn't pass Strange Highways. Evilution starts off with a scream, probally shocked by meeting Dio. Evilution is a slow paced heavy song, guitar work is good but not anything that stands out like the past two songs aside from the song intro just due to a guitar slide. The song does stand out since it uses audio from somewhere else(not sure where) before the guitar solo, which is a badass solo I will say.

    Pain starts off with Dio, I mean what else is perfect? The guitar work on this song is pretty dope, but a filler song in my opinion. One foot in the grave comes off the same, which these two songs aren't bad, they were fun to enjoy but compared to others they don't match up. Give her the Gun has a soft intro, definitely sticks out and is pretty damn good. Starting out slow, then hitting it hard, but not going to fast before returning back to soft and repeating. If anybody shines on this track, it's Dio of course. One of the songs that should be listened to along with Strange Highways and Hollywood Black. Blood From a Stone returns to the heaviness, which does it well with that fast paced intro. The guitar shins on this track. Here's to You starts off with a multi vocals of "HERE'S TO YOU!!" Then goes onto a faced past song. Sounds more of a border of hard rock here, which does make the song stick out. I like it. Bring down the Rain closes the album, not bad. The guitar work on here is pretty good as well.

    This is a heavy album, obviously not the heaviest, but if your familiar with Holy Diver and Heaven and Hell, this album surpasses them in terms of being heavy. The vocals and guitar work stick out on this album, such awesomeness. The drum work and bass guitar work isn't bad either, in fact it's great, but doesn't stuck out like the two mentioned.

    9/10 for this album. It's an intense album, with great songs. If some of the songs were just a tad different, then I would boost that up to a 10/10. Just gonna post the three songs that I enjoyed the most personally.

    Strange Highways
    Show Spoiler

    Give her the Gun
    Show Spoiler

    Hollywood Black
    Show Spoiler
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  15. [​IMG]

    Ed Sheeran - 'X' 9/10

    Almost perfect! I love this guy, so young and so talented.
  16. [​IMG]

    Starset - Transmissions 9.5/10

    Almost perfect. This is their debut album and listening to it made me realize how mature they are with their songwriting... and they mean serious business, these guys wanna make it big time!

    Go listen to this album if you're into alternative rock. You won't be disappointed. Every single song is a journey. To me, 'Point Of No Return' is kinda meh, it's my least favorite on the album!

    Highlights of the album: My Demons, Carnivore, Dark On Me, Telescope, It Has Begun, Down With The Fallen, Halo...
  17. [​IMG]

    Fozzy - Do You Wanna Start A War 4/10

    Meh. The last album 'Sin & Bones' was much better.
    However, there are songs on this album which I really liked. 'Lights Go Out', 'Died With You' and 'One Crazed Anarchist'. Everything else is pretty forgettable.
  18. [​IMG]

    Rise Against - The Black Market 5/10

    It's good, definitely. But still a little downfall from their last record. 'Endgame' was such a great record... The guys said that 'There's not a song for everyone on this album' and they were right, but 'The Black Market' is definitely listenable... But still forgettable at some bits.

    Highlights of the album: I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore, Methadone, People Live Here, Bridges, Awake Too Long
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  19. [​IMG]

    Theory Of A Deadman - SaVages 7/10

    It's pretty darn good, at some bits and pretty meh at some bits, as well. Howard Benson does indeed like to put auto-tune on some stuff, when it's not really necessary... *cough* Creed's 'Full Circle' *cough* - On this album, he auto-tuned the fuck out of Tyler's voice on some tunes. 'Savages' sounds heavier than their previous album, think it sounds more like the first one, kinda edgy and heavy.

    Highlights of the album: 'The One', 'Savages', 'Angel', 'Livin' My Life Like A Country Song', 'World War Me', 'Misery Of Mankind', 'Blow'
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