Rate the Lockdown Go-Home Show (3/7)

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  1. Gogogogogo.

    I'll give it a 5 and edit later... well, +1 for the "You Can't Wrestle" chant so 6/10

    Hard one to grade.
  2. Considering I haven't watched the first half an hour of iMPACT, this is a temporary rating.


    - Taz you fucksuck
    - D-Lo Brown is the VP of Aces and Eights :meh:
    - Sting loses. :woo1:
    - Gail pinned Velvet :yes:
    - Ending segment was alright
  3. I'm going to go with a 6.5.

    Why? Because I can. :park: :testify:
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  4. SEX - Scottish pronunciation for "six".
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  5. This is seliously how we pronounce it.

    I found this Impact to be really dull in all honesty, I thought Morgan was gonna be added to the ME but then they just keep it as some cock-sucking fest between Bully and Hardy - there better be a Bully turn at the end of this.

    Marked for Anderson going over Storm, but that's about it really, the rest was pretty meh. WTF @ D'Lo Brown!?


    P.S Quote of the night goes to Wes Briscoe:

    "My Dad and my Uncle were one of the greatest wrestlers ever"

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  6. That's how we spell six over here.
  7. That was so horribly awful and wrong, but then again I suppose that goes without saying where Wes is concerned.
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  8. :NOTSURE: if Wes is a product of inbreeding or just has brain damage.
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  9. Being from the south, I am quite familiar with inbreeding and recognize it when I see it. Wes is definitely inbred. Remember, he even said last night that his uncle and dad are the same person. :phew:
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  10. 7/10 - enjoyed it quite a lot bar Hogan nonsense in the end and some small details. But overall, very good stuff.
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