Rate the NoC build.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Snowman, Sep 11, 2013.

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  1. Have seen people think this show looks amazing, and people who aren't looking forward to it at all. Lots of polarizing/varying opinions on this one.

    What do you guys think about the build and the card? So far we have Bryan vs Orton, Punk vs Heyman/Axel, Del Rio vs Van Dam, the Tag Team Turmoil match, and the Divas' 4 way announced. Chances are we'll get Ziggler/Ambrose too, and one more random match thrown in there.

    Give the card a solid C+ and the build... B-, better long term. What do you all think?
  2. According to the wiki page, there are only 5 main card matches confirmed.

    -Diva's title match. I like how they're involving the Total Diva's stuff and AJ's pipebomb was good.
    -Shield v Tag-team turmoil winners. Just SMH at this bullcrap.
    -Punk v Axel + Heyman. Been pretty boring besides from Punk's attack on that doctor. The involvement of Axel has killed this feud.
    -WHC title match. Been poorly built like most of ADR's reign. Don't give a fuck about RVD + RR.
    -WWE title match. Well, it's mostly been HHH making Big Show cry...? Very little focus on the actual match.

    One of the weakest builds for a PPV in a while. 4/10.
  3. It's been good. As you said it's better in the long term but it hasn't been bad, they just have been focusing on longer term stories. Orton/DB will be a good match obv, but I don't expect any big plot point in the story to take place there. Punk vs Heyman/Axel is either the blowoff or a way to debut a new Heyman guy, either is fine by me. ADR vs RVD will be good even though both are pretty boring (and way to make the challenger look strong on the go-home show WWE) but I'm a bit curious about the outcome. Tag Turmoil I'm hoping PTP win, it'd be great to see them getting a title shot, Divas match at least has a decent story behind it so nice. Ziggler/Ambrose would be an awesome match as well so I'd say it's a good card.
  4. One more thing:

    Daniel Bryan: "You're just a pretty boy who's face looks good on posters, while I'm a real wrestler who's trained my whole life for this!" -Face
    AJ Lee: "You're all just a cast of a stupid reality show while I'm a real wrestler who wants to save the division!" -Heel
  5. To be honest a poor build-up. The WWE Championship match is just bull shit as Big Show cry's everytime, Daniel Bryan gets RKO'd, Daniel Bryan get's triple-power-bombed, Daniel Bryan gets treated wrong. Same thing over and over again though Edge there was pretty giving it a slight, only slight heads up.

    Then the rival between Ricardo Rodriguez, Rob Van Dam verses Alberto Del Rio has been nothing special to be honest except that Alberto Del Rio deceived his best friend and private announcer. And that Rob Van Dam will be World Champion. What a boring line-up.

    Then when it comes to Divas or pointing out 'Total Divas' nah, I'm not interested since the feud between Kaitlyn and AJ Lee finished. Kaitlyn rocked the show as Divas Champion and now comes the hell yeah witch, A-J LEE!

    Now let's get to the personal matter how we all know that CM Punk wants to get his creepy, hands on his ex-best buddy, his former love. The build-up was not that interesting seen as now till WrestleMania 30 we'll see CM Punk trying to get his bare hands on the guy named Heyman. What was interesting though where CM Punk gave a check-up to the doctor.

    Blaaa, don't want to type anymore!
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  6. A solid C+

    The WWE Championships focus seems to be more on Big Show
    Who the fuck cares about RVD/Ricardo
    Dolph is facing random superstars
    Divas just might have the best build
    CM Punk's build is just boring to me.
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  7. Pretty much this, I have a feeling they're just gonna "swerve" us and turn Big Show anyways.
  8. Started strong but then fizzled hard. Nothing on this PPV interests me frankly.
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