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  1. Dixie has been the authority figure of this show since Hogan left, and it's safe to say she's been a rather polarizing figure of sorts in TNA. But of her many faults, there's surely some positives we can point out too...

    -Many people got over just by standing up to her, like Samoa Joe just ripping her for letting AJ go made him seem like a hero
    -Really got MVP and the Wolves over
    -Most of her segments had a point, and it never felt like she was just pleasing her own ego
    -Got Ethan and Spud to be two of wrestling's better characters
    -Her interactions with Roode were money
    -The show was good with her on it, and now it's even better without her

    Of course, there's the negatives too, like "authority figure angle", "overshadowing Magnus", and "having Dixie Carter on TV".

    Still, I'd give it a good 6/10 because it did a lot of good for TNA. What do you guys think?

    (Hey! @Testify get in here and be positive while you can before this thread goes down faster than Kelly Kelly during a weekend in Paris!)
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  2. I thought it was a lot better than people gave credit to. She got some nice, cheap heat, and I think her heel actions played out nicely. 6.5/10
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  3. 0 because when she pops up I either skip the segment or wonder to myself why I'm not skipping the segment.

    I feel like any 'positives' established by her boring, attention whoring run as a heel authority figure could have been done just the same without her stupid ass.
  4. I thought it was awesome for the first couple of months, but as Lockdown was approaching, it got pretty bad. I'm glad she won't be on TV anymore.

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  5. 7/10, she did get very annoying at times when the segments didn't include MVP and I'm not sure if this is her fault, but having 10 guys run in for all of Magnus' matches just made him look like a bitch.
  6. This is what I hear when Dixie speaks.
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