WrestleMania Rate the WMXXX final card

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Mar 26, 2014.

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  1. It looks like they're sticking with the usual Mania formula of having 4 'main-event' matches and 4 undercard matches:
    I give it a 5/10, an average WrestleMania. Probably better than WM29, which had 2 rematches as it's big draws. I'd have liked to see The Shield used better for sure.
  2. Complete waste of The Shield, I hope they get a gimmick match at least to do something that feels more special than a normal PPV. Their match with the Wyatts absolutely should have been at WM.

    Bryan/HHH and Lesnar/Taker(even though I'm bleh over pretty much any feud for the streak now) bring me up to 5/10 as well probably.
  3. 7/10

    Show Spoiler

    Shield vs the Big Red Old Age Outlaws: Remember, the Shield had the Match of the Year in 2012 with Kane, Bryan, and Ryback. This is a little tougher of a task, but this could be a sleeper match on the card. The "what a waste of one of the Shields' last matches" complaint still holds true.

    Sticking a bunch of good workers (and Ryback) in the ring to cause some chaos should be tremendous fun if they let it be that way. Without the Shield in there I wonder just how fun it'll be. Why are the Brotherhood not in here instead of Los Itdoesntmatterdores? That's a question we'll still be asking several years down the line.

    Divas' clusterfuck is just that, with rules explained by Mike Tenay. 5 minutes of stuff happening and everyone pisses. Hope Tamina wins but assume it's gonna be a Total Diva since the only thing the division's good for is plugging that show, right?

    Jobber Battle Royal: This has to be made retroactively interesting if there's a storyline involving the trophy, or it's just a waste of time. Should have kept Swagger in there to add to his trophy collection.

    Cena vs Wyatt: Most hyped for a match I've been in a long time. Thanks to the 4th hour it won't be shafted for time. The match will rule and the story is wonderful. There's no reason for Bray Wyatt to not win this clean. If they're really wanting to "usher in a new era" then they can't be protecting Cena - or any top guy - so much.

    Lesnar vs Undertaker has 21 years of build and a thousand Bork asskickings behind it, we all know exactly what's gonna happen, it'll be the same Undertaker match we've seen since 25 and we're all going to love it.

    Daniel Bryan vs Triple H: This really has to be an awesome storytelling match. We can't expect good action, just lots of Triple H stomping and being boring before hopefully a "Bryan outsmarted the COO" finish. The story is about Bryan's ascent to the title so this is just a roadblock.

    Bryan vs Orton vs Bo Dallas On Steroids: IF BATISTA WINS THIS MATCH WE WILL COMPLAIN ON THE INTERNET. Match should be solid, but not a WM main-event caliber match since we've seen Bryan vs Orton (which this essentially is) countless times before. It's all about the storytellling
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  4. @Snowman Rhodes bros have backstage heat on them I'm sure.
  5. Orton (c) vs. Batista vs. ???- Most likely Bryan getting there, but for some reason, I fail to see the existing chance of Bryan winning the title. Admittedly, if he wins, it would be something wonderfully special. But do I 100% believe he will walk out of Mania title around his waist? Not too sure. The match itself won't be anything special, but like I said below, it's gonna be a fun watch.

    Bryan vs. Triple H- Second match I'm the most hyped for, even more than the main event if Bryan gets there. This whole story has been great, from the promos, to the beatdowns, to everthing and it all comes down to this match. Not gonna be MOTY worthy (I could be wrong though), but it's definitely going to be an extremely fun match to watch.

    Lesnar vs. Undertaker- This build to this match has still been "meh" to me, and that's what I should kinda expect from two part-timers, but I did really expect the build to be a tad more special, but it doesn't really have me invested at this point. Will it still be a fucking awesome match? Hell yeah.

    Cena vs. Wyatt- Number 1 match I'm the most hyped for. The whole aura of this feud and it's build has got me absolutely STOKED to see this match, especially on the grand stage that is Wrestlemaniaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Bookies have Wyatt the favorite to walk away with the victory, and I pray to god that that is the case.

    The Shield vs. The Authority- Disappointed to say the least. We could have had Shield 3-way, Rhodes vs. Goldust or Cesaro vs. Swagger, any of those would have made me remarkably happy, but none of these matches are happening. All teams are badass, but I really wanted to see a split-up happen. Such a shame we get to see The Shield wasted in this match. NAO will not be able to keep up with The Shield's tempo in this match, and althought Kane has gone all Pimp Daddy lately, I doubt he could do so too. I'm going into this with low expectations, but hopefully this match surprises me.

    Andre the Giant Battle Royal- Jobber, jobber, jobber, jobber.....jobber? Basically sums up this Battle Royal. Would be cool to see someone from NXT in it (preferably Zayn pls), but ultimately I see Rusev winning the "trophy", and we'll watch him carry that during a whole year. I'm so happy! Yay!

    The Usos (c) vs. Real Americans vs. Rybaxel vs. Los Matadores- I'm happy with this.....I guess. Kinda randomly thrown together, but I'm hoping to see some cool spots in this.

    14 Divas Championship Invitational- Apparently it works like this: All girls are in the ring. And whoever gets the pin on whoever wins the title. Kinda like a battle royal, just with pinfall. Jeez, gonna be some clusterfuck that is. Expected this to be sorta like the Cruiserweight Invitational at WMXX, but I guess not.

    Overall, am I happy with this card? I guess so. Could it be better? Definitely.

    BTW, what's going on the pre-show I wonder? NXT match?
  6. It certainly seems like it. Optimists' point of view is that there's some reason those two really want the trophy (did Dusty and Andre have some history?) and one of them wins and starts the breakup. Then again, Cody's career path has mirrored Wade's in which his only real push was on the Smackdown Vince wasn't writing. Maybe Vince just isn't high on him?
  7. He was getting lots of TV time on RAW, in particular, last autumn. That storyline where he was fired was getting him over and he cut some good promos. Winning the titles seemed like a good thing, but we all expected Goldust to put him over and leave. Actually WM30 could really do with another singles match as there's only 3, so that was a missed opportunity. Cody should be in a position to win this year's MITB briefcase, but he's miles away from it. He has one of the best movesets in WWE and, obviously with a big push and a lot of work, he could have been a candidate to replace Cena as face of the company in a few years.

    Seems like a waste that we had the Rhodes brothers, the Real Americans, and The Shield all teasing a split and a WrestleMania match, but none of them will happen
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  8. I give it a 6.5/10. Seems like a horrible idea to not defend the IC title. Would've liked Big E vs Ziggler with Dolph coming out on top.
  9. Am not sure if Cody can be a TOP guy, but he's still so young and anyone with a clue should set him up to be one of the top guys in the company down the road. When he's on his game he's great on the mic, likable, charismatic, fantastic in the ring.... Just don't think Vince shares the same sentiment based on his booking.

    Yeah it seemed like that was the plan all along, that's why they had the tag title run (that really only got over because of the mini-Authority angle) and why they teased the breakup at the Royal Rumble. But for some reason or another they didn't pull the trigger. Only Vince knows why that is, maybe there's a larger plan (lol) or maybe there is backstage heat, maybe they just don't want to get rid of all their tag teams. Idk, this is a shitty reply since there isn't much to say.

    As for none of the teams breaking up, I'm happy with that (outside of the lack of singles WM matches you mentioned). With the way WWE has been booking the tag team division lately, Cesaro's probably better off staying there than transitioning over to singles' where he could easily get lost in the shuffle. As long as the Brotherhood get repushed keeping them together will be great, and none of us can complain about the Shield staying together (especially if it keeps a US Title Triple Threat from happening).
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  10. 6/10 max. If the battle royal goes DZ's way, it will go up. The tag match should be Usos vs RA, but i expect the others are just there to be there. 3/4ths of the top 4 matches are great. DB vs HHH will be good (at least) Bork vs Taker will be great, and I expect Cena vs Wyatt to be amazing, with Cena giving up a spot like when Ryback ran him through the wall last year. The Shield are being wasted, but the RR will be great. Oh, and no one gives one single fuck about the divas match. Have all those stars, but keep the match under 8 minutes, thanks.
  11. 8.5/10 Bryan better walk out with the straps
  12. Lesnar/Taker and Cena/Wyatt should both be cool. I would love to get hyped for HHH's match but I can't knowing the little vanilla midget scumbag is going to sadly be the focal point of the PPV.
  13. People actually think Ziggler has a chance in the battle royal? It will be someone with a big man, giant gimmick. Big Show, Henry, Rusev, etc.
  14. Ziggler as the ultimate underdog pulling it off would be huge. Imagine the pop if he somehow eliminated Big SHow to win?

    Not saying it will happen or I think there is even much of a chance, but WWE does seem to be easing up on DZ a bit. If they want to push him in 2014 it would be smart to let him win it. None of the guys you mentioned need it. Rusev is an idea, but again, it would mean a lot more for Ziggler.
  15. Take into account Big Show and Henry haven't had a proper WrestleMania moment in their long careers so it would be a reward for them. Plus, it. Plus, you've got the size comparisons with Andre himself.

    They're fucking stupid if Rusev doesn't win or is in the final two.
  16. Are we really going to pretend Show or Henry winning this shit fest is going to go down as a meaningful Mania moment?
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  17. Won't mean shit for fans but it'll be nice for them. Rusev is ideal and hasn't even been added to the match yet.
  18. It turned out pretty well, I guess. The main matches will be pretty fun. And I'm starting to think Miz will win the Battle Royal, by the way.
  19. Out of the 8 matches scheduled, I'm okay with 5/8 of them. so I would say like a 6.5/10 I have it rated at right now.
    7.5/10 If HHH joins the championship match and 7.0/10 if DB joins the match.
  20. That's why they had Big Show complete his Grand Slam by dick-spearing Cody at 28. He's had his moment.
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