Rate this corporate story out of 10.

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  1. Post why as well. By corporate story I obviously mean heel HHH, Vince, Stephanie, and Orton, having complete control over RAW with Bryan being the chasing babyface.
  2. It's a good old fashioned Summer chasing story line. You have the perfect guy as the underdog face and the smuggest man on the planet as the heel authority figure :pity2: 8/10. It's not a 10 yet because the match at NOC will be huge in the terms of how the story progresses.
  3. I would give it a 7/10, it is a good story but it pretty much identical to the austin vs mc mahon one just with hhh in vinces role and the sheild taking big boss mans role.
    I very much apreciated the spraying of the car that was awesome.
  4. Biggest difference is that Austin was considered a bad ass who could kick anyone's ass. Bryan, on the other hand, is considered by the heels to be weak and small. So it's an underdog story line and a anti establishment story line all in one.
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  5. Do you think when cena comes back him and bryan are going to form an alliance to beat the corporation sort of like austin and rocks which results in one of them turning heel and joining the corporation?
  6. In today's WWE I doubt they'd run an angle for a full 6 months. I think it'll be more like Mankind/Rock where they'll trade it back a forth a couple of times before a big blow off match.
  7. 6/10 i'll bump it to 8/10 if it ends up not being predictable. I'm entertained though for sure, and I can't judge the future but i'll guess 7-8/10 final product.
  8. Have a feeling this will play out all the way till mania and that's when you will have a Mcmahon vs HHH match (each pick a superstar) Winner of that gets the company.

    I'm pretty sure Vince will end up being face while HHH will remain heel. Someone in the family needs to align in 2 or 3 months with the faces, otherwise you will see what happened the past two weeks every Raw. How long will they not be allowed to fight back? Eventually it will be answered by a mcmahon, and my money is on vince.
  9. Haven't checked out last night's ep just yet, but comparing it to the last 2+ years of WWE programming it is top of the line stuff, no dobt.

    8, maybe even 8.5. Safe to say nothing has been this good since the build up to MITB 2011?
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    8/10. Love the way they're focusing on the little things, like the entire roster being afraid to speak up. Nice touches like that the company usually skips over, and this angle's resonating more than most. Especially with Miz being afraid to talk :haha:

    Doing it for Bryan is great, and thrilled Ziggler's going to be part of this too. But if the storyline's about people getting held down by corporate WWE because they're too small or whatever, why would you include Miz and the fucking Big Show?

    EDIT: 9/10 because I'm so amused at them walking the kayfabe line.
  11. I still need to watch last night's Raw when I can (probably tomorrow), but I always liked this type of storyline so I'll say 6/10 for now.

    I guess its a good thing I started watching again within the last 6 months. :russo:
  12. 8/10. I LOVED the way like, HHH and Orton could control the whole locker room yesterday and all that. My rating will go up to a 10 once Daniel starts rebelling and doing some shit to HHH and the McMahons or something. That'd be great.
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