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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Sep 30, 2012.

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  1. Absolutely terrible. Coming off a really awesome week last week and it was just so bad this week.

    I wonder why :sheamussmileythatwewillneveradd:.
  2. The fact that I can't even remember one thing that happened sums it up.
  3. I read the spoilers and they seemed so bad I didn't even watch it.
  4. i thought it was alright. not as good as last week but it wasn't bad.
  5. Only watched first 30 seconds and everything just became slow...
    As in Big Slow.
  6. :haha:
  7. I didn't give you permission to laugh. :bury:
  8. I don't need your permission. You have no jurisdiction here.
  9. a 3 out of ten. 4 max. Beth vs Natalya was amazing and Rhodes and Sandow had a good match with the Usos that advanced the tag team tournament storyline but other than that nothing out of worth happened just Sheamus fagging about like he owns the place. Oh and Orton being written off on injury.
  10. :urm:
  11. We had a Sheamus smiley, but it was deleted.
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