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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Shadow, Dec 15, 2013.

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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about 2013's TLC in this thread.

    I'll add my own ratings in thoughts after I have time to properly watch the show.
  2. Didn't get to see the entire show because of my freaking computer, but for what I saw: 7/10

    Punk vs Shield was good, interested to see what happens tomorrow due to Reigns' spear
  3. Somewhere in the 5-6 out of 10 range. A few good matches but nothing amazing really.
  4. 5.5 / 10 nothing was that good or bad.
  5. 7-10...

    The main event was awesome, enjoyed some of the spots in the match. The tag team elimination match was also an entertaining match. Daniel Bryan vs The Wyatts was good as well. The rest was, meh. Mega filler.
  6. I'd probably give it a 6/10. Punk/Shield was terrific, as was Bryan/Wyatts. TLC match was above average considering it was two guys whose strengths do not include ladder matches and it didn't have some kind of overworked screwy finish. The 4-way elimination tag was really pretty good, just not spectacular. The Divas match was entertaining. It was just a good PPV, nothing out-of-this-world. With all of the hyping they did that Vinnie was in the building, I expected him to have more of an impact than walking out and shaking hands with Orton after the match was over, but...whatcha gonna do?

  7. 4/10. Not because it was a below average show (it wasn't), but because it just didn't feel that special besides the main event. (Expect a thread on that.)
  8. A fair 6 rating for me. Bryan vs, Wyatt's being my fave. Really expected Real Americans to win......
  9. 3/10 the rest of the show was just random filler matches to build up to the main event which got 50 minutes... And was a complete letdown and anticlimactic finish.
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  10. Underwhelming trash out of ten

    I'll say 2. Felt like nothing had any build or reason except the two handicap matches + ME. I succesfully predicted the outcome to both handicap matches despite not watching Raw in months. I fell asleep during the main event. just shitty
  11. 5/10 Nothing too fancy. Liked the 8-man tag team match and Punk vs. Shield. Big E. was also sweet. Didn't care much about the divas or the Wyatts.
  12. 3/10, big e vs sandow was alright...the tag match was great until the RA got ko'd and Wyatt was great.

    Punks match was horrible. I knew he would win, but nothing about the match was good, the divas match was better ffs. I swear punk could come out and spend 10 mins talking about his BM's, have the match start, immediately "kicking" his opposition in the head b4 elbow drop ftw, and his marks would still call it amazing. im talking to you...rain, wk, and gn
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  13. waco called Punk/Shield 'terrific' lol

    I'm surprised you aren't in my review thread shitting on it because nobody is reading my giant wall of text
  14. I read it :upset:
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  15. i read it. i passed out after natty lost, saw your thread and gave it a read. you saved me a lot of many bad matches.

    I'd reply but you it would have been simple. NO GIFS!?
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  16. yea idk why. I just didn't feel like it
  17. I lived through it. Speaks volumes to my resilience
  18. I promise you reading through that post in a few minutes was a lot more enjoyable than sitting through TLC. I sat through TLC for you
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  19. thank you - or as seabs would say -[​IMG]
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