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What would you rate TLC 2015

Poll closed Dec 27, 2015.
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  1. #1 C.M. Shaddix, Dec 13, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 13, 2015
    Below are the results for the TLC 2015 PPV:

    Sasha Banks defeated Becky Lynch via submission.


    Triple Threat Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles:
    The New Day retained against The Lucha Dragons, and The Usos.

    Rusev defeated Ryback via pass out.

    Chairs Match for the WWE United States Title:
    Alberto Del Rio retained against Jack Swagger via pinfall.

    Tag Team Tables Elimination Match:
    Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan defeated Bubba Ray Dudley, Devon Dudley, Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno.

    WWE Intercontinental Title Match:
    Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens via pinfall to become Intercontinental Champion!

    WWE Divas Title Match:
    Charlotte retained against Paige via pinfall.

    TLC Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title:
    Sheamus retained against Roman Reigns.

    Roman Reigns attacked Triple H to end the show.

    In-depth Results: PWMania

    ~Shadow was here

    Step on it guys


    ^^ Yeah, despite the shitty build up which drew most of the fans off, it did have some good stuff going. My prediction was a 2/10. About the fans though, people say the fans are assholes, but anyone who goes to these events are hardcore WWE fans who have watched for years. Either that or our society is now just a ton of assholes who get easily bored in this world.
  2. in the rush of being first, eh?
  3. Yeah I like getting money for these threads lol
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  4. 6/10
    Ambrose vs. Owens was underwhelming
    Paige vs. Charlotte was stupid
    Rusev vs. Ryback was pretty bad

    Everything else was ok. Tag team match was MOTN.
  5. :pity1:
    do it properly.
  6. Vote above and give your thoughts below.
  7. Lemme add my touch right quick.

    I give the show a 7/10, though. The tag match, Ambrose getting gold, and the main event being the biggest takeaways.
  8. Ambrose vs. Owens was super underwhelming. The divas and Rusev/Ryback made the show drop a few points.

    Tag team ladder match was the MOTN.
  9. 6/10 from what I read. Didn't watch it though. They better show improvement going into the new year or I will continue to complain and still watch the crappy ppvs...
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  10. I gave it a 6. It was a much better PPV than Survivor Series was but it still had a lot of flaws.

    I liked:

    The opening tag match which as easily the best match of the night.

    Ambrose vs Owens which was the second best match of the night

    The Wyatts vs the ECW's wasn't BAD but neither was it good.

    The main event as a decent match and had some really decent spots, plus it as pretty grueling in areas, but it wasn't too thrilling.

    Reigns's little tirade at the end. Although it doesn't really count as a heel turn, I think it might be a step in that direction. With Ambrose winning the IC title, I am sure that Reigns will eventually have some sort of altercation with him and that will cement the turn that should have happened last month.

    I didn't like:

    Ryback vs Rusev was dull as hell.

    ADR vs Swagger was boring.

    Charlotte vs Paige. I don't like Paige at all and I don't like Charlotte's Nature Girl act which was worse in this match than it was before. Why WWE just won't let the women wrestle without the constant added stupidity is beyond e.
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  11. Updated, night.
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  12. #12 Kingfish, Dec 13, 2015
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2015
    7.5, had fun watching it and liked the booking for the most part. Lowkey MOTY candidate in that tag team ladder match. Kalisto didn't fuck around with that top of the ladder spot.
  13. get ready for da book

    New Day vs. The Usos vs. Lucha Dragons - In short, the match was outstanding. They gave it their all, and pulled out all the stops. The stars were The Lucha Dragons. Sin Cara doing those splashes on those ladders, looked sick, and the monkey flip into a splash was amazing. The Selida del Sol from the top of the ladder, through a ladder was the craziest thing I've seen in a ladder match, in recent memory. Xavier Woods' commentary was on point, and was a highlight in-of-it's self. The trombone finish was kind of weak. I like New Day, but I would've rather had The Lucha Dragons get the W on this one. Lucha Dragons should've kept the title until WrestleMania losing it to Usos or Cesaro & Kidd (unlikely but w/e) - 9/10

    Rusev vs. Ryback - Pretty stupid match. I mean the action was alright, and far better than what I expected from these two. But it was just a rehash of their two other RAW matches. The finish is so 2014, that it made me sick. I thought the days of passing out due to "pain" was over? Ryback and Rusev should've had a slug fest. Busted noses, mouths. This, that and the other thing. Let a double KO determine a draw. Carry the feud to Royal Rumble, where, they brawl into the crowd ending via no contest. At Fastlane they have yet another slugfest that ends with no clear winner. They could do a sick bump, like a spear off the stage or something to build up to a Steel Cage at WrestleMania. Have Ryback win, and get a push towards a mid-card title. I would be fine with these two going at it, like that. - 3/10

    Jack Swagger vs. Alberto del Rio - The match was pretty vicious and it was a good showing on both guy's part. The chair shots were pretty nasty looking, and the double stop onto the chairs was kind of underwhelming/really good. I was expecting more from the match, but the finish looked too good to be a false finish. I would've liked a longer match with Swagger coming out on top. Having him carry the title until Fastlane and have Alberto get it back for a feud with Cena. It would've been more satisfying, and would've given Swagger and Alberto something to do in the mean time. I guess, you gotta keep dat south of the border meat nice and fresh for Cena. 6/10

    Wyatt Family vs. Team ECW - Pretty underwhelming. How can you have Rhyno's return to PPV, and not have him gore the shit out of someone? He didn't gore someone on RAW, and he didn't gore someone tonight. Either they're building up to a crazy gore sometime down the line or they're seriously have no idea what the gore is anymore. Anyways, the match it's self was average. Rowan was the only one eliminated, on Wyatt's side. The eliminations on ECW's side were pretty excessive, and they could've spaced them out more. The fire tease was stupid. Either do it or don't. Was expecting more craziness. 5/10

    Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens - Speaking of underwhelming. The match ran for like 5:15. A lame ass hurricanrana ended the match. The only good part was Ambrose is now the king of the mid-card with both U.S and Intercontinental titles to his record. If they had given this a gimmick, like a ladders match. It would've made more sense. Have them do a mini-version of Ambrose's WM Ladder match performance and shred it up. Hell, knock in some Owens from Final Battle against Zayn and really drag the match into Michaels vs. Razor territory in-terms of relevancy. They fucked up. The pre-match promo from Owens was sadistic, so there's some accommodation. 5/10

    Paige vs. Charlotte - :wtf:

    Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus - Talk about a dead crowd. The crowd was chanting for Cena and shit. It was more of we don't care attitude rather than a shit on this match/lolhijack attitude that crowds like to have nowadays. The match was average, they both had equal control of the match, but the LoN was stupid. If you can't have the full gang, don't have it at all. The end of the match was anti-climatic. Reigns got decimated but still had the power to crawl back in. No struggle for the title, no race to the top. Just Reigns' crawls in, and Sheamus grabs the title. Reigns snapping afterwards was pretty cool. imo. He destroyed Sheamus and Triple H. More so Triple H. He was killing them all, and the crowd was digging it. I would've wanted a handshake from Reigns to HHH, have the match start over again and have a double turn as Reigns being the top dog. Have him be the heel of the company until Rollins comes back and have Reigns turn face after HHH turns on him, in favor of his main nig. Would seem more interesting, but meh. Anyways, Reigns not winning was not a good move. They might give him a 2nd RR win a row, and have him do it all over again which will just ruin his momentum and have the RR revolt happen again. Hoping for the best. 7/10
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  14. 7/10 my expectations weren't very high but it was overall a good show. Kalisto definitely had the best spot of the night with his finisher off the ladder. It just looks so incredible. I really liked seeing KO as IC champ but I'm glad Dean is finally getting a piece of the pie because he definitely deserves it. All the other matches were ok, they did what they needed to do.
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  15. It's so awkward to write this, but... This show is getting a perfect 10 from me. Not because "OMG this is da best show EVAAAAR" because - no, it's not - but because we couldn't ask for anything better.
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  16. Prince Bálor's WWE Journey
    Destination: TLC - Boston, MA
    Date: 12/13/15

    - The New Day vs The Lucha Dragons vs The Usos was a very good show opener and MOTN. ***¾
    What a demolition derby! We couldn't have asked for a better opener, seriously. All the guys worked hard and the match was the most entertaining human wreck we've see in the WWE all year. Spot of the night goes to Kalisto (who was also MVP here) performing Salida del Sol on one of the Usos from the top of the ladder onto a bridged ladder. That was bonkers, I marked! Ultimately, the right team won and everything's alright in the world.

    - Rusev vs Ryback was incredibly dull. *¼
    Technically, there was nothing wrong with the match/action, except, you know, it was boring and heatless. Rusev won. Yay, nobody cares.
    Highlight of the match: Lana. Because she's gorgeous.

    - Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger was rock solid. **¾
    Color me surprised. This was much better than expected! Instead of starting the match with a typical lockup formula, they started out with a real chair war. All in all, Berto was able to secure the win after hitting a Double Foot Stomp off the top rope onto a pile of chairs.

    - The Wyatt Family vs ECW Originals was decent, but nothing to write home about. **

    - Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens was turning out to be a solid match, but then that anti-climatic finish happened. **½
    I appreciate the clean finish, but still. I expected KO to walk away from the match and have this feud continue till Mania, but I guess they won't be taking that route. I also feel like this IC title win is a consolation prize for Ambrose. He's the most over guy on the roster and instead of being one of the top candidates to win the Rumble next year, he's the IC champ. And we all know the sad fate of IC champions. KO, on the other hand, is about to be a top heel, him dropping the IC title is good news for him, as he's about to enter the WWE World Heavyweight title scene.

    - Charlotte vs Paige was just bleh and worst match of the night. *
    The Nature Girl retained the Butterfly title. I don't care. I'm done with the divas division.

    - Sheamus vs Roman Reigns was a good ME. ***¼
    It's a shame nobody cared, though. Both guys worked hard and brutalized each other to get everyone invested, but people just didn't care. I would've loved this match if it wasn't for the tepid crowd... Oh, well.

    Reigns going berserk and killing everyone (especially HHH) post-match was fun. Now, that had people invested. It's something that needed to be done with Reigns by now. Even though some people may look at Roman's actions as dickish, because his attack on HHH wasn't provoked, I doubt he'll be turning heel anytime soon. This was obviously a set up for Reigns vs HHH at WM 32 and this is AWESOME news for Reigns. People should feel like he isn't being pushed down their throats, so he SHOULD get cheered against Hunter, right? I mean, there is one downside and it's that if this match happens at WM 32 and not at the Rumble, people might still cheer HHH over Roman, because all the hardcore fans love HHH because of NXT. But, I guess we'll see.

    OVERALL THOUGHTS: TLC was a decent PPV, but infinitely better than Survivor Series! So, at least I'm thankful for that. 6/10
    The in-ring talent is there. All we need are compelling storylines to get us fully invested and happy with the product. I'm not giving up on you yet, WWE.
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  17. Total mark

    Anyway, the show was fun. Totally worth staying up when I was already going to and watching for free. I felt really sorry for HHH in the end and marked out when he kinda no sold 80% of the attack by just standing up afterwards, but yeah, it was a fine angle.
  18. Triple H sold those chair shots really well. Dude was basically breakdancing, lmao.
  19. That is true, I just found it amusing how he was standing up shortly after the whole deal. But in the end he was stretchered out apparently, so whatever.
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  20. still beating you, son
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