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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Roadster, Dec 14, 2014.

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  2. #2 Jacob Fox, Dec 14, 2014
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2014
    Wholly, I was sort of disappointed.

    I tried to give WWE the benefit of the doubt to try something different with Cena. By having him lose the match, the Authority might have had some leverage to get reinstated. Or we could have seen Brock Lesnar face someone other than Cena at the Rumble. Instead, it was the same old tired John Cena show.

    Ryback versus Kane, Nikki versus AJ and Rusev versus Swagger were all forgettable, however, I really didn't expect them to be anything else. I guess the same could be said for Rowan versus Show.

    Ziggler versus Harper was pretty good in my opinion. I'm not sure how I feel about Ziggler holding the IC title as I think it could have benefited Harper's career more and it doesn't advance Ziggler in any way. But the match itself was pretty good.

    Bray Wyatt versus Ambrose was a good match with a crap ending. I don't mind some sort of interference or foreign object, just please make it believable. A flat panel monitor would number 1 not have that long of a chord on it. Number two, the power cord would have been easily removed and even if it wasn't, the monitor wouldn't explode the way it did.

    Cena and Rollins was a decent match, but other than setting up a crowd response for Reigns's return, it did not make sense for Reigns to interfere in the match the way he did. He has no allegiance to Cena at all. Seth Rollins was not going to get Cena's title shot if Cena lost, and by losing Rollins would not have lost his MITB briefcase at all. It doesn't make sense that Reigns simply helped Cena because they are both faces. In order for that argument to work, Reigns would have to come in and interfere every time that a face is being double teamed and we know he has not done that in the past and is unlikely to in the present.

    Now, if Rollins had something to gain by winning the match, then it would have made sense for Reigns to interfere because he was actually costing Rollins something. But the only thing Reigns did was insure that Cena gets yet another title shot. It was bad and inconsistent story telling.

    I gave it a 6/10 based on the strength of the good matches, regardless of their bad outcomes.
  3. I didn't watch, however, WWE is cyclical enough to come to some very solid conclusions about may happen moving forward.

    - Swagger was a plot device moving forward for Rusev who looks primed and ready for his Wrestlemania opponent: John Cena
    - Cena defeats Rollins. He runs in to Rusev at Tribute to the Troops (@Lockard23 plug in), before losing unconvincingly to Lesnar at the Rumble.
    - Ziggler is Mr. Consolation prize. It appears they are appeasing him into signing another deal. Once he does, he can watch each Shield member win gold before he does.
    - "Wow, Ryback beat Kane!!!", as does each brand new face to prove what a tough guy he is. No more bloody I quit matches. You wrestle Kane to prove yourself

    Finally, Roman Reigns. What a guy, saving Mr. President and ensuring Lesnar get his comeuppance next month. It won't actually go down that way, but his heart was in the right place.
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  4. Was not a great show, I'd give it like a mid 5 out of 10.. Roman Reigns return was good to see, Mizdow retained, Ziggler being teased an IC run, hopefully this one sticks and they don't just keep swapping Harper & Ziggler out for champions over and over.

    Curious to see if Rollins will take a run at Ziggler like what should've happened after Survivor Series IMO.
  5. Watching this right now! Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. Will rate/review it later.
  6. I watched I liked it
  7. @Paige is Hot

    Tell u the truth I don't think Cena will win the belt back he is losing his touch but I can see roman facing Brock for the belt

    U can believe that lol :emoji_slight_smile:
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  8. The ending to the Ambrose/Wyatt match was like :dafuq: to me. I mean - really?
  9. Just done watching this! Well, it was kinda good for what it was, but kind of a lackluster just like the build-up to the PPV, at the same time. Giving it a real generous 5/10.

    - Dolph Ziggler vs Luke Harper for the IC title was a damn good Ladder match! Now, that's a quality match right there. There were some really cool spots they did... May I also mention that I nearly shit myself when Harper dived through ropes, hitting Ziggler with that ladder and almost broke his own arm. Damn!
    Alright, cool, so DZ got the IC title back. I've said it not too while ago, that the only way the IC title could be relevant again is that if they turned it into something like MITB 2.0, basically do what TNA's done with the X-Division title.

    - Mizdow stealing the show again with his goofiness. Wasn't really much into the match itself, though.

    - Cena vs Rollins was a good match. The obvious winner was SuperCena. I mean, come on, of course he's gonna win when there's nothing at stake for Rollins here. It was a stupid decision and it was stupid to book Rollins/Cena in the first place! But, oh well... Also, this is like the first time I'm kinda glad Cena won, because not only did I win a bet I placed on him, but finally, at the Royal Rumble, Lesnar/Cena feud will come to a close, hopefully! Don't fuck it up, WWE!

    - The ME, Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt was MOTN, easily. I've been loving this feud from the start! However, the ending of the match was kinda cheesy. So much about my hopes of The Ascension appearing and screwing Ambrose out of the victory. But I guess they'd be better off on their own, though. Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing more of this feud, Ambrose/Wyatt heading into the Rumble should be awesome!

    - The Miz/Mizdow retained via DQ, I knew it was gonna happen. Not a single match can go without the DQ Fest.
    - Big Show vs Erick Rowan was so freakin' meh. Also, Big Show won, so... LOL
    - Why the hell would you bring Reigns instead of Orton to screw Rollins? Rollins facing little Cena 2.0 (if they book it, considering what Reigns said in that interview backstage) at the Rumble means another automatic loss for Rollins.
    I wish I could give a single fuck about Reigns being back, but I don't. :pity:

    The neutral:
    - The New Day vs Gold & Stardust on the pre-show was an okay match, at best. But all that really matters is that... The New Day won, alright! LOL, Kofi totally missed that tag on Big E and then he totally missed that double team finisher, Midnight Hour or whatever it's called.

    The 'Why God, why is this crap on TV?' segment:
    - AJ Lee vs Nikki Bella. No. Just... No.
    - Ryback vs Kane was garbage.
    - Rusev vs Swagger was just garbage. What a vapid match.
  10. That was my main problem with the match, although, I guess for different reasons. For me, it just didn't make sense that Reigns would involve himself in the Cena/Rollins match

    1. He has no allegiance to Cena
    2. Why would he care to preserve Cena's title match?
    3. Yes, he has a personal grudge against Rollins, but that doesn't explain why he would interject to hurt Rollins because (a) Rollins was not going to get the number one contendership automatically if Cena lost (b) even if Rollins WERE to get that contendership and Reigns cost him it, it wouldn't matter since Rollins still has the MITB contract so he wouldn't have really lost anything over it

    So basically Reigns' only accomplish was insuring a title match for a man who has probably had more title matches than anyone in wrestling history

    Orton would have made more sense, I agree, simply because he was burned by Rollins more recently and he might have been closer in line to the title match if Cena lost. Though, technically, I guess Orton really didn't have those motivations either.

    Either way, it was just a nonsensical ending to that match.
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  11. Of course it didn't make sense. It didn't even make sense to book Rollins/Cena in the first place.

    First off, the obvious winner was SuperCena. Fine, you go and do that. But if you, stupid WWE, want to roll with your stupid decisions, then you might as well put something on the line for Rollins here or just say 'Should Cena lose to Rollins, his #1 contendership spot goes to Rollins'. This way, with only one stipulation, you just get CENAWINSLOL.

    I agree with everything you said about Reigns here. He had no business getting involved in that match.
    And yeah, Orton coming back to help Cena would make a bit more sense. Here's to hoping Cena loses to Bork at the Rumble, so we can finally put that chapter behind.

    I'm afraid we won't get Rollins vs Reigns at the Rumble, though, considering what Reigns said in that interview backstage, which is kinda good... I'd much rather see a quality match that's gonna be Orton/Rollins. But on the other hand, Reigns will most likely win the Rumble match, so you don't really know what's the lesser evil here.
  12. What a boss, LOL!
  13. I actually watched a few matches and enjoyed it lol. Opening match sort of made the IC title feel like Ziggler could actually bring the belt some relevance.

    Reigns showing up made me mark.

    Main event was awesome even if the finish was lacking
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  14. To continue this WK27 vs Jacob Fox flamewar, the real question to me is "why did Big Show run out", lol. Pardon me for not knowing the story of what's going on with the Giant, but... didn't he turn heel because he thought Team Cena wasn't going to win, so he did what he could to save his own ass? So why is he suddenly running out to help Rollins now besides "bad guys help bad guys"?

    As for the show...


    out of 10
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  15. The Big Slow did it out of the good ole 'LOL, I'm a heel' :dawg:
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  16. Haha, we were debating during the thread how big of a problem that was, although that was more of a "LOL, I'm a face :dawg:" for Roman.

    Speaking of Roman. congrats on your promo being the worst part of 2 shows in one week! :yay:
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  17. Reigns getting involved in that match is as silly as booking Rollins vs Cena in the first place.

    That promo was such a cringe-worthy crap. So freakin' vapid. But I guess that's their definition of a 'golden boy'.
  18. Cesaro don't have "it" tho

    (seriously I thought he came across as so cool at first back when he was the silent guy around the other annoying main event babyfaces who wouldn't shut the fuck up, and now that part of him is gone. Come on, Vince, just let him be him.)
  19. Cesaro has all the wrestling skills, though. They speak for him instead. That's something Reigns doesn't really have, he's just not good enough in the ring and he ain't much better than Cesaro on the mic either. If Reigns could talk like Ambrose and wrestle like Rollins or Cesaro, then I wouldn't have anything against this undeserved ME push.

    Vince just doesn't have a clue anymore. The only thing he cares about is Cena and Cena only. Yeah, fuck the entire roster. Cena'll be around for the next 30 years and continue to bury talent. That's Vince's goal, or so it seems.
  20. Well, Show came out for no reason, so Reigns came out for no reason too. Despite the astronomical lack of logic surrounding that crap tables match I'll count this tidbit as a double negative and say that at least that makes sense
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