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  1. You know what to do boys and girls.
  2. Difficult one. Three matches, one of them good... The horror of seeing Los Gothefuckawayos take out Bad Influence, a Hogan/Sting feud, and a bunch of shit we didn't care about... this was horrible... but the show really wasn't as boring as if it would be on Raw, either...

    2/10... wait, 3/10 for Taryn's boobs.

    EDIT: 1/10, because fuck you Chavo that's why
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  3. :facepalm: Oh you traitor.

    Hmmmmm...... 1.5 / 10. Sad thing is I feel generous going that high. Le sigh. Was going to rate it at 0, but there was the decent ending, le wild Pearce appearance, and Anderson going berserk. Probably a couple of other decent things I've forgotten in the myriad of horribleness, but oh well.
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  4. 4/10 cannot give it more
  5. Oh puhlease. Not my fault Daniels kept his trunks on.
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  6. :okay:

    I really wish he'd teach wrestling classes.....and let women participate....and let me get in free.....wait, what? Oh, yeah, rating thread. :haha:
  7. Damn. Was the show really that bad? Glad I didn't tune in.

    Also, lol. Totally saw this cumming.
  8. 3/10. Nothing to talk about.
  9. Please don't use the word "cum" in a post that includes the words "Hogan" and "Sting." Watching Hogan rip his shirt open was bad enough. Kthxbai.
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  10. inb4 Test comes in and rates it a 7+. :testify:
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  11. I'm seriously about to set up a Twitter just to tell Dixie to tell anyone named Hogan to keep their shirts on. What's with that family and taking their clothes off? Geez-laweez or however you spell that...
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  12. only good part was Aces & 8s winning the tag team match, and even though anderson won, it was a shitty ending coz hardy was over again.. :sad:
  13. Hardy entertained me, 6.
  14. Ooohhh, you should. Apparently it's some sort of hereditary disorder. I guess that just left them with the career options of wrestler or stripper, and the rest was history.
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  15. ripping his shirt and has a thing draped on his shoulders before when he's with the nwo and when he came back to the red and yellow during his time in wwe... really looks like a stripper
  16. I want to give it more than a 1, but then I remember Chavo Guerrero. The whole show was really poor and boring to be honest. Anderson going nuts was great but it hardly warrants a +1. Meh, I'll give it a generous 2.
  17. Team Mexibores/10. To be honest, I'm getting tired of Aces and 8s run ins during half the matches. It happens every week at some point and it's getting tedious. Where was this big attack Bully promised as well?

    Still, I read the start of next week's spoilers and I'm already more excited for them. This show seriously lacked Dirty Heels.
  18. So help me God, the moment I knew IMPACT would have "only" 3 matches on the show, I knew exactly who's gonna be negative about it on forum.

    Remember the Wedding Impact in January, 1/17? It only had 3 matches. Who was negative about that? It was you.

    So I gotta ask you, why is that? An 1 hr and 25 min show should not have 5, 6 matches, not even 4 sometimes (even though I'd be booking 4 matches per IMPACT and sometimes 2 or 3). Why? It's too much. It doesn't let the storylines unfold and something that matters to take a breath.

    Explain it President.:yes:
  19. I didn't know people are giving bad grades to a show because the wrestler(s) they hate won the match over the wrestlers who they like.

    Sounds completey logical dudes! :silva:

    I mean, I hate the pricks of Mexican Nacho, but c'mon. It was a very good match, quality work from both teams, and if you read the spoilers, this win over Bad Influence might be for the greater purposes that will (maybe) happen on 4/11 in Corpus Christi.

    And it also seems that the shows that don't feature Park, Roode and Aries; and features guys like Bischoff, Brisco and Young wrestling (even though it was a good match and gave An8s another good win)) also instantly gets a low rating. It sure should be that way, but not this much.

    Just a thought.
  20. Anyway, moving forward from my mini-rant on why people are ratings the show the way they are, I give this show a 6/10.

    - Very good tag action with Hernandez being the MVP of the match (he improved a lot), even though he and Gayvo won.
    - Hogan/Sting confrontation was fucking awesome
    - 6 Men Tag was solid with Street Thugs getting another good win (Bischoff is paying his dues well)
    - Taryn looks super HOT
    - Styles/Storm continues to intrigue
    - Anderson/Hardy was decent, but the aftermath was awesome

    Anyway, the bad sides of the show are Anderson, Hardy and Chavo promos, all in first 15 mins of the show. Can you believe that shit? Horrible.

    Other than that, a fair show. It did lack some Aries, Roode and Park, but ain't gonna bitch about it, as I could bitch about why was Amazing Red, Jay Lethal, Petey Williams and Kid Kash all released and why aren't they on the show these days, but I'm happy with what I got this past Thursday night.