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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Shadow, Jan 2, 2014.

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    Post your thoughts and ratings about tonight's TNA episode in this thread.

    I give the show a 7/10, it was a pretty decent show to start off the year. It sucks that Aries lost the X-Division title already, but I guess it makes sense. Also, I don't recall seeing Bad Influence being on TV which kinda blows. On the bright side, seeing Beer Money reunite for one night was sweet, I was surprised that they worked well as a unit throughout the whole match. Bully Ray's new mysterious character has been quite enjoyable thus far, it'll be cool to see where it goes. And, I also marked pretty hard when AJ returned to confront Magnus, it's a shame he's only back for one show though. The match between him and Magnus next week is sure to be a good watch, and I cannot wait to see it.
  2. 7/10

    The Bully Ray segment was too damn good. Entertaining event.
  3. Strange combination of bad stuff combined with insanely good stuff. 8/10. Working on the review.
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  4. Saw Dolph's review, started reading and thought "What the heyul, this isn't Dolph's, fuck this professionalism noise" before rewatching the show with a friend and quickly running back over to see your opinion on Samuel Shaw. The dude oozed "2009 Randy Orton" to me.

    Read the whole thing. Well done bro, but gotta pick issue with this line:
    "That being said, his character being converted into a Dixie Carter ball fluffer does not sit well with me."

    At least they caught that and fixed it at the end. His initial ball-fluffing promo was pretty good but he REALLY stepped up when AJ made the challenge and Ditsy was screaming "NO!". Magnus intensely ignored her wishes and went off to be his own man (marked so hard for that, non-generic heels ftw) and accept AJ's challenge with a promo that was absolute money.

    Thing is, the top heel in this company (Ditsy) is at best an unintentional comedy character/at worst a channel changer. Her and Rockstar Spud walking around backstage feels like watching a cartoon while you can't wait for one of Andersons' mics to fall and bonk them on the had a bucket to fall on them. Truly a testament to the ability of Magnus to come across as the serious performer he is the way they have despite these boobs running around them.

    Interesting site you found, you're doing a lot of good reviews on there. Don't leave us! :please:
  5. BHR is running that WP blog. A few WWEF dudes are writing for him, I know Stop is some.

    if anything I'll just be posting those articles on here
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