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  1. :pity:

    Thought there was a Daniels smiley?
  2. Nope. I created one though, hasn't been accepted yet. [​IMG]
  3. Better than last week from what I saw.
    Haven't watched the whole show yet though.
  4. We need that.

    No actual ratings yet? What's with you guys? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P

    hmmmm....I'm torn..... guess I'll go with a 7. That may be a bit high, but eh.

    All in all a good show. Wish some matches had ended differently, but that's par for the course. Pretty good segments, good matches, good action. Park is still great. Taz is still a commentary douche. Brooke had a string attached at her cleavage to keep her boobs from escaping. I at least got to see Joe, Kaz, Daniels, Aries and York, as well as Bully. All in all a good show, in my opinion.
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  5. I was thinking the same, both on the lack of actual ratings, the reasons, the lack of Hogan boobage, all the actual stars that somehow aren't holding titles right now, and the rating. 7/10.

    Oh: No Hogan, and Aces and Eights were kept to where they belonged.

    Since an asshole on FB sent me the spoilers in an attempt to get me to come over and not watch wrestling (when wrestling was merely an excuse to not come over), expectations weren't high. "They're sticking the X-Division in a WWE-style tag match? HOW DARE THEM"... no, that match was phenomenal in every way, and it built tension between King and Ion, so it had a point. "Roode and Hernandez? Probably a 2-minute squash lol" Nah, Hernandez got booked monsterously, so Nacho Bell Grande at least looks like they have a chance, Roode didn't have to job, no complaints. See, if this was WWE, this show would have sucked to high heavens.
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  6. :true:

    Didn't think to include the lack of Hogan and Aces and Eights in my initial rating, but very true. That just made the show even better.

    Douchy friend, by the way. (Douchey....douchy....whatever. Your friend sucks. lol) I agree. That's why I have to say that although I may not like the outcomes, the matches themselves were great and certainly worth watching. TNA knew what they were doing as far as that went.
  7. 7/10

    Really good show, all in all. More detailed review will be in the discussion thread.
  8. :yay: Two of my favorite people echo my 7 rating.
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  9. A 7 seems right.
    Nothing was majorly exciting, but the show was entertaining overall.
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  10. 7 out of 10. Last 2 shows were better to me.
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  11. Weird, I really enjoyed last week's which everybody seemed to hate, and didn't really enjoy this one that much. I swear to god Taz is actually going to ruin episodes of Impact if he keeps going the way he is, I get that he's meant to be the irritating heel commentator, but alls he is doing is putting himself over rather than the heel wrestlers most the time.

    Main positive for me is Aries and Roode looking likely to take the belts off of Los Stereotypicos, that's going to be ridiculously entertaining.

    But yeah, slightly incoherent review there, I'm tired lol. I'm giving it a 5/10 overall.
  12. Watching tomorrow, so far behind. Was planning on just skimming or watching a portion of the matches on youtube clips, but this sold me.

    Same with you, GN, nice.
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