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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's TNA in this thread.
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    EGO > You

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  3. They hyped BFG for the entire evening, and that's a helluva improvement over the past few weeks. Crowd was awesome too.

    All in all, very good and dynamic show that featured Austn Aries defeating Jeff Hardy clean.

  4. Ok. That brainbuster was amazing, but didn't really like Hardy trying to be an X Division wrestler (he has the potential, but isn't fast and smart enough + he isn't a really high flyer wrestler. He has some impressing high risky moves, but that's it).
    Tampa interfering once again was just boring in my opinion.
    Brooke's victory over Velvet was nice, but I kinda needed to see more action.
    EGO's hall of fame, awesome. Angle returning, not so awesome.
    Dixie Carter opening her mouth... Well, just wanted to turn the TV off.

    So... Well, it was a really nice you. Solid 7/10
  5. This finally got me really hyped for the PPV.

    All night long, all they ever mention is BFG this, BFG that.... And that's damn awesome, as it should be.
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  6. 4/10

    Nothing interesting happened on Impact this week, the only thing that was entertaining at all was Bobby Roode's EGO Hall of Fame induction.
  7. Handicap match, Aries' brainbuster, Mr Pectacular losing to ODB,... Some good things happened + the show was all about BFG.
  8. Aries went over clean, that was awesome. EGO segment was pure gold, and BI on the door on the backstage interview before the HoF thing was pretty funny. :dawg:
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  9. It was a 0 out of 10, as I said before. Is that the go home show for BFG? What happened to the salad days of JJ vs Sting? Aries is a punk ass midget with a shitty cape. I can't stand that guy.
  10. The go-home show is next thursday.

    7/10, really didnt have a lot going down in-ring but a ton of build for the ppv, and :pity: on the Aries part. His cape is amazing.
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