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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Shadow, Oct 3, 2013.

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  1. Post your thoughts and ratings on tonight's episode in this thread.
  2. It was alright, at best. 6/10. The Ego match was dope, there was way too much Bully and not enough Assmacher. The divas match was trash, Hogan really did a shit job quitting (i still marked) and Adouble was amazing on commentary. I docked a point for KK getting busted open and then forgotten about as the others made it a 4way xdivision match. People can hate on Aries being back there but it makes sense to me. He was just perfect on the mic, even Taz didnt sound as handicapped as normal.
  3. I'm going by the Senhor ranking system on this. 9/10. I don't care how you do it just get the hell outta here! :yay:

    Honestly really enjoyed this one. And as much as it pains me to say it, Aids is right. Kenny King needs to be in Ultimate X over Sabin at this point.

    Also lol @ the canned heat when Sting came out
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  4. 6/10

    Was alright for the taped show, and you could just see the crowd being exhausted since this was 3rd and 4th hour of the 4hr taping.

    Bobby Roode making Magnus tap out to the ankle lock and sending the message to Kurt Angle (rematch is in works), was the highlight of the show for me. Roode is so good in facial expressions.

    And yeah, Bully Ray once again dominates the microphone, nothing usual. What a great heel.
  5. Especially bully vs Joe. Joe looked gassed from the 2nd minute on.
  6. So great lol

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  7. Trying to save post 15,000 for something special, so in the mean time may as well review this Impact

    Show Spoiler

    -Was thinking about making a thread about how I'm tired of everyone and their mother doing worked shoots nowadays instead of testosterone-driven wrestling angles. AJ Styles left the pseudo-CM Punk crap at home and just hyped a title match, and it was great! Is wrestling writing really that hard?
    -I LOVE BULLY RAY! I don't know if he's as awesome as a talker as Paul Heyman, but it's debatable. Holy crap he's freakin' great right now. Plus I have no idea how he does it, but when you have a back and forth with a great talker you have to be careful who you put him against so the other dude doesn't get exposed... With Bully, you don't have to do that. AJ seemed right at home here.
    -Speaking of worked shoots, I love how Dixie Carter is saying "Screw you, AJ Styles, I don't want you here" before crying to Hulk Hogan later to stay. Heel Dixie is a perfect caricature of what we think of Dixie.
    -I'm more interested in Velvet Sky being ashamed of his boyfriend than Chris Sabin himself. Yeah, you read that right, more interested in Velvet than Sabin. Holy shit. Agreed with Aids earlier when Sabin shouldn't be in Ultimate X. Sabin's not a high flyer anymore so he doesn't fit and this heel character sucks. Plus when Hardy announced entering his first Ultimate X with confidence, Sabin being afraid of his like 20th Ultimate X was just silly.
    -Hardy can make an Ultimate X match. Who needs Hogan anyway? Match oughta be good anyway. Hail Manik!
    -Enjoyed the EGO gauntlet, watching Magnus get this effective push reminds me of Bryan on a much smaller scale. Shame this crowd blew dong.
    -IWC idiots: This didn't bury EGO. EGO cannot be buried. You can job these guys out 10000 times and then throw them in the main events and the crowd will buy it. They're that good.
    -Magnus talking about a losing streak felt incredibly forced after he only lost a handicap gauntlet match by heel tactics and is in the middle of his largest push ever. That was dumb, and I'm not interested in him facing Sting. Sting holding Magnus' hand up should be a great visual though.
    -So Aries convinced Hogan to leave? Yay, thanks buddy! :emoji_slight_smile:
    -Lei'D Tapa still needs a lot of work. And I'm still happier with a green Lei'D than no Lei'D. Happy to have ya!
    -One issue TNA is having is with video packages. Tapa and Gunner are intimidating monsters in the ring but sounded so human and kind on the mic... it's really awkward. Despite that the Storm/Gunner video package was a highlight of the show. These guys seem sooooooooooo much better as a team after seeing that, they're more than just "Not Chavo and Hernandez" now.
    -Joe and Bully sucked. The finish really sucked (although it was cool to see a KO'ed ref actually see something). AJ's run in was effective but then the crowd sucked.
    -Speaking of suck, the final segment was Lil' Wayne level atrocity, but I don't care. Hogan's gone. Now let us never speak of him again.
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  8. Now I don't agree on some things lol, but more than worth reading.
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  9. :robbie: I've earned the approval of the great and almighty Testify? Holy shit.

    Yeah, take that everybody else! You guys can suck on that! :woo1:

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