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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Shadow, Nov 14, 2013.

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  1. Post your thoughts and ratings about tonight's episode in this thread.
  2. Besides Aries vs Angle, the show overall was a C to me.Hopefully next week the show is way better.
  3. Hoff enjoyed Angle/Aries, though Angle winning was kinda a given. I still think it will be Angle/Roode in the finals. Oh, and, I can't stand EC3..The Hoff is oficially sending out the challenge to you Ethan Carter, I WILL break your little undefeated streak. Ball's in your court :finger::otunga:
  4. Yeah how many times can you beat the same jobbers over and over.
  5. Agreed. Betcha he will be facing them two jobbers next week in some variation..
  6. I love Fernum and Barns. I had never seen two guys whose gimmicks is that they're jobbers and geeks who can't get it done (I'm sure it's been done before but I had never seen it, so). It's not like they're just underdogs, they show up outta nowhere, have these random names and look like they don't belong. It's pretty cool, them vs the Bromans would be gold. Angle/Aries was a good match but I thought the finish was kinda dumb. The story they told in the end was that Aries was able to reverse everything Kurt threw at him but couldn't capitalize due to the ankle being hurt. Your ankle is bad in a match against Angle and he gets the submission win with the Crossface? :dawg: (Btw, I know it's Roode's move and he did it to get to him, I understand this basic feud plot point, but in the context of the match it was stupid, especially since Aries tapped so quick even though Angle hit one move on his shoulder)
  7. What? Angle beats Aries with the Crossface? that's weird.
  8. How is it weird at all?
  9. That was a Submission Match, and I thought that Angle will finish the match with his Ankle Lock, not with another move.
  10. It was used as an insult to Bobby Roode.
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  11. For me what made it weird was that Aries had a bad ankle. It was only logical that Kurt Angle would win a submission match with an Ankle Lock vs someone with a bad ankle, so it was weird. Wasn't stupid or anything, but it was weird.
  12. I am a huge E3 fan, and a lot has to do with his opponents. Aries/Angle needed to have a little more emphasis on the fact it wasn't in Aries favor...I didn't get into the vignette or whatever it was....

    Dixie Carter is so bad at acting, that AJ shit was amazing, the Gail Kim stuff could have been better, but the fans were DOGSHIT. Seriously, dogshit.

    i'll go 5/10, i didn't care about the Bully promo, but he is selling the "downward spiral angle" talking about the belt and the #s not matting, quality over quantity. Again he noshowed to help out Bischoff (same with Knux, which i thought was odd) and the MEM shit between Joe and Magnus was garbage. If the crowd wasnt so fucking bad, Joe really could have sold it better. I love Roode, i'm a fan of the BI, i hate Joe Park, and I'm not sure if i'm missing anything.

    5 is low, but even Smackdown was a much, much > show in my book, and there was nothing I saw that a casual would give a fuck about. Dixie really makes that amazing angle so much harder to sell. They need to shut her the fuck up and get someone with charisma to take over as the bad guy.
  13. Seems like the Aces may come to an end soon. I wouldn't complain.
  14. I knew Aids was a fucking noob. who hates JP?
  15. Angle/Aries, EC3/Jobbers, Gail squashing Hannah Blossom, EGO backstage, opening and closing segments - it was all good/entertaining.

    The rest - blah.

  16. 6/10

    Show Spoiler

    -Even though you saw that 6/10, it's not a rip on TNA. Ever since Bischoff left I've really been enjoying the product, and this show was not really an exception. It's a shame that the taped show always feels so lifeless and gets the leftovers from the first show.
    -Last week, something stuck out to me. I was enjoying what was going on with the heel authority figure, the legend who's past his prime, and the Aces and Eights. TNA writers, you people are miracle workers, and WWE sucking all kinds of cock right now is certainly helping.
    -They're doing a great job of making the shows feel chaotic, something that's really needed in the business right now. That made the opening more fun than it should have been. Anderson is on fire as a character right now, but he's still not good in the ring. That match with Knux was terrible, but the character performance is more important. Thumbs up for this segment.
    -"I'd love to piledrive your wife" LOL
    -I've been seeing people complain that this angle is really rushed... no it's not. There is no such thing as rushing the Aces and Eights off TV.
    -The one feud on this show that isn't working is this Bad Influence vs Park and EY feud, but there's no such thing as a bad reason to get Bad Influence on my TV.
    -Joseph Park outwrestling Christopher Daniels, dominating the match before Daniels wins with a low blow? Bullshit! Park calling out both Daniels and Abyss on the same night, all being serious and confident? Damn, he's improved his wrestling skill dramatically. Think that's what's hurting the Park character now, he's just not the same lovable underdog any more.
    -"I'm calling out my brother... Abyss!!!" Where's the "Chris? Ya know?"
    -Bad Influence vs Suicide and Curryman. Book it.
    -EC3 VS BOTH JOBBERS WAS AWESOME! Comedy gold! Fernum and Barnes have gotta stay on this show, they're too damn entertaining.
    -With their weekly pot-shot at WWE, this time it's Dixie getting really pissed about the "Friends of AJ Styles" feed going through. This should be happening. Plus it gave Dixie a good reason to bitch about a fired employee in the ring and keep that storyline going, as opposed to Steph and Triple H never ever shutting up about fired Big Show for no reason. It's a small detail, but it makes the whole angle make sense. Shame more people don't see it.
    -I am LOVING Dixie right now. She's a natural heat machine (who would have thought we'd say that) without having to rely on being annoying to do it (outside of, again, naturally). Her segments are focused, she gets enough heat to put the other talents over yet never winds up overshadowing everybody else (take a hint, Hogan). This is what an authority figure should be, even though her acting's still a mess (although that's part of what gets her heat). Thank you.
    -Forgot just how good Storm was on the mic. You can bitch about him always yelling and being a one-dimensional "beer drinker" all you want, but he's the best at getting you interested at what he's doing. Wonder why they didn't talk up that he's been pinned by the freaking Bromans twice... oh, right, they're not supposed to be jobbers any more.
    -Was this the most firey, intense Joe promo ever? Was stunned by this, usually his promos are nowhere near this good. On the flipside was Magnus, who is usually awesome on the mic but was totally outshined here. Huh. Why did Roode not talk?
    -Speaking of the Bromans, 2 straight shows without them. You're welcome, Cincinnati.
    -So the "new Knockouts" are the Blossoms? Fail. Why does this division still exist?
    -I'm glad Action Jackson doesn't watch TNA, his rape jokes with Anderson tonight would be unbearable.
    -The crowd sucked this week, after being so good last week.
    -TNA has made Kurt Angle look vulnerable. Not buried, vulnerable. Due to this, Angle feels like he has to prove something to Aries and Roode... KURT ANGLE IS AN UNDERDOG TO AUSTIN ARIES AND BOBBY ROODE. Holy crap, how good does that make Roode and Aries look?
    -Submission matches are almost always boring... then again, if there's one guy who can make them good, it's the Greatest Man that Ever Lived. Great match, possibly even better than Full Metal Mayhem last week, the counters were a lot of fun to watch, lots of actual action, hell even the clever use of submission holds was great. Perfect finish (although wish Aries was more of a part of this show, dammit!), and the staredown was fun with Roode.
    -The main complaint with the show was the same as always. It just wasn't exciting enough and easily lost your attention at times, alot like this review did.
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  17. 6/10

    It wasn't bad at all, but expected a better show tbh.
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