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  1. Hey noobs, lets talk some IMPACT!
  2. 6/10

    Classic Thanksgiving edition. 7 matches is too much for an 83 mins show, but it was still good.

    Silva and York were bot impressive, and Hendrix and Shaw were decent, as far as Gutcheck winners go.

    Wes Brisco pulled a decent match out of Garett Bischoff, enough said. Give him a contract (even though he's already signed, lol)!

    Good edition, nothing fancy about it. It was just another Thanksgiving funny night.

    Btw, Joey Ryan's comments were a fucking win. :ryan:
  3. Aries to Brooke: If you were so hungry for some love, you didn't have to settle for the turkey, A Double would've given you all the stuffing you can handle. :lol1:
  4. Aries really proved in that segment why he's one of the best on the mic (if not the best) in the whole world. Such a good talker.

    This angle might actually work tbh.
  5. First reaction. Brisco needs some other ring gear
  6. Apparently, he has some very ugly tattoo on his leg(s), so I'm glad he's wearing tights. Reminds of Benoit too.
  7. I'd go with some more pants like tights, like Garrett or Daniels for him. His booteh is not complimented by normal tights. Also Angle walks like a 2x4
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