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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Shadow, Nov 28, 2013.

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    Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's TNA in this thread.

    I give it a 7-ish/10,it was pretty much an all around good episode.
    A few parts like Zema Ion returning,a Curry Man appearance,the Aces and Eights funeral,and, the final match(even though I wasn't too keen on the way it ended) were especially awesome.

  2. Segment of the year candidate for TNA for sure.
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  3. The Bromans segment, Zema being teamed up with them, and the funeral. Based on those alone, 8/10
  4. I laughed hard when Joe was giving the beers to everyone but just looked at Kurt and went "nah", that was great.
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  5. Normally, this would get around 6/10 from me maybe, but this was truly a holiday episode, and a really harmless fun one. Aces & 8s funeral details were off the charts, wonderful work.

  6. Generous 4/10. Several funny moments (loved the ribs on the wrestlers in that segment, like Joe can't stop eating and the aforementioned Kurt thing), enjoyed the Tapa squash and the tag... but I guess there are just some parts of this show that just aren't for me. Oy.
  7. Curry Man coming back was pretty cool, besides basically getting squashed by EC3. I can't stand the guy for some reason.
  8. Figure EC3 is just suffering from overexposure, don't need him squashing randoms on every show now. The angle's still fun, but it's more about which awesome jobbers will pop up next week instead of how great EC3 is. Wasn't Daniels in the Curryman costume again? Sounded like him :dawg:

    (Overexposure in TNA? Say it ain't so!)
  9. EC3 just needs to be put into a real feud. I understand making him squash people to make him look good, and all, but really. It's getting old. Just go away EC3. He seems bland to me. He's Dixie's nephew and he's ripped. Oh boy
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  10. Haha, I'd still be fine with the jobbers if it wasn't on every show, but it's just same old shit right now.

    Amazing how he and Kaitlyn have had such similar career trajectories. They are together and make an amazing pairing on NXT back when me and four other nerds were the only ones watching, now both of them are showing no personality whatsoever on the main shows. Want to see more from EC3, he has the talent to do it. Give him more than one line to say, please!
  11. We're the Carters, and the world needs us.
  12. The good old days when Matt Striker was kidnapped but still showed up on Superstars, Johnny Curtis ran around as a weird dude and Tyson Kidd fought a Great Muta version of Yoshi Tatsu over an action figure. :awyeah:
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  13. On a TNA level, not a great one but was super entertaining for me. The funeral had me cracking up. 6/10.
  14. Sting vs. EC3 feud is coming. I'm not joking.
  15. That Angle joke was awesome... Freaking loved it.

    Well, nevermind, my rating 8/10
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  16. Fuck, EC3 will lose to Sting...
  17. Won't, brother. Sting will put EC3 over, and I'm hoping without that stupid t-shirt on while WRESTLING. It's ok to wear it sometimes, but Sting jumped the shark (sorry Sharkie) a long time ago with his t-shirts.
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  18. Would love to see Stings attire as well. NO ONE CARES BOUT THAT SHITTY TEE! Nevermind, Sting will probably put EC3 over once and then beat him ending his winning streak..
  19. Nah, don't see that happening either. I see EC3 going after the legends though. First, he destroyed a couple of no-name jobbers. Now, he on to destroying the name jobbers (Sharkie, Curryman, maybe someone else soon?). I think the next step for him will be to defeat some legends. Two of them will include Dreamer (on 12/29) and Sting.
  20. Spoiler alert! :upset:
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