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    Post your thoughts and ratings about tonight's TNA in this thread.

    I'm gonna give the show a 6/10, it was really good overall but Hardy winning, and Aries not being on the show for third straight week brought it down for me.
  2. Not seen it yet but know the results, Hardy winning ewwwwww.
  3. 6/10, some of the random stuff was just special. Sting, AJ Styles last part being after it looked over (well done, but I would have turned it off had I been on the LD) and Roode Angle not being the main event :emoji_grin:afuq:

    Hardy Magnus easily has to be the names I would answer if someone asked "who are the LAST two top tier TNA members you would want to see main event, before one take's AJ's title from him? Oh, and Dixie is a Honey Boo Boo quality actress.
  4. 6/10

    Best part of the show: EC3 bullying and beating Hebner(s). Great segment and excellent job putting a heat on my man EC3.
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