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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's episode in this thread.
  2. 7/10. Great card overall. EY and Park segment was wicked, Sabin and Velvet was interesting. The first match was great, the Wolves and Joe were great, the main event was even better. Not as good as the last couple weeks in my opinion but still very solid and enjoyable to watch.
  3. 8/10, really enjoyed this one.
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  4. 7.5 to 8 / 10
    It was a good show filled with some decent quality promos/segments and matches. I enjoyed MVP handling Spud pretty easily haha.
  5. @Testify

    1.14 rating, 1.3 million viewers for six straight weeks. Remember all those .8's they were drawing last summer? Those days seem long gone.
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  6. 7/10

    Entertaining episode.
  7. 7/10 for me, didn't really enjoy the casket match at all as I think the rivalry between Bully and Ken had dragged too far anyway...the casket match did not really suit these two entertainers.

    Favourite match was the 6 man tag match personally
  8. http://pwtalk.net/dz-reviews-tna-impact-213/

    I thought it was good, but I didn't even bother reviewing EY/JP. I am so incredibly over that story, man. I am all for slow burning story lines, but fuck, that is just too much.

    I really like MVP in his role. Bobby Roode, who I didn't mention in my review, is great and I'm interested in what he is up to character-wise. Bully/Anderson was legit. I liked the Wolves and Joe dominating the BroMans. Solid UK crowd.

    I'll say 7/10
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  9. So you're saying it's not a good idea to take two years telling a story most people figure out in two weeks? Interesting.

    Also: "How she thinks she is helping the product by overshadowing Magnus and his title reign is anyone’s guess, but Dixie, on the off chance that you read my reviews, I can assure you that you are helping only yourself fulfill your own selfish desires."

    That line makes all the sense in the world, but sometimes I wonder if wrestling has just passed us by. Clearly the better option is to make your champion look as shitty as possible during their most important time of the year, be it the first British champ on a tour of the UK or during Wrestlemania season or whatever. Are we wrong? *keeps reading*
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  10. Precisely :letroll:
  11. Always nice to see reviewers actually forming their own opinions and not just spouting stupid IWC groupthink or being negative for no reason... it's actually pretty amazing that people have to find reasons to be negative, but w/e. I've seen quite a few reviews for this show and most of the chatter around the main event was like 'dude they got dat coffin at tha dolla tree loltna"

    You have a future with this stuff, good luck breaking into an industry that has insanely low standards for journalism expertise.
  12. You can't expect people to be positive about Bully Ray/Anderson. HAHAHA 40 YEAR WWE CASTOFFS MAIN EVENTING IMPACT! CASKET MATCH? ONLY TAKER CAN DO CASKET MATCH!

    Whatever. The story their feud told was interesting, and Bully is inherently interesting in whatever he is doing. This dark character he is portraying is money, and the stuff involving Ken's family was simple but IMO effective. So yea, easy for the haters to poke fun at but realistically if you take it for what it was it was enjoyable. I'm telling you: Anderson in tights = back to main event status.
  13. I want him to be his own ring announcer again.
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  14. Haha I can certainly understand hating the match for those reasons, I went in expecting to as well but the match was so good that it was pretty hard to remember those. It's those really stupid reasons that are irritating which makes wrestling commentary seem like an easy field to break into.

    You can't use the WWE castoff argument here really. They're pushing all sorts of TNA guys, so who cares if they main event some random Impact? If you're gonna bitch about these two main-eventing Impact then you lose the ability to bitch about Raw main-events never having any variety. This > That. Plus... probably should just be in a separate thread... but do these two really feel like WWE Castoffs to you anymore?

    Know it doesn't change anyone else's mind, but still
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  15. Bully definitely not. He was never pushed successfully as a singles guy in WWE, and his most entertaining work has come in TNA. He is far removed from being a WWE guy, nearly a decade now.

    As for Anderson, he is most known in WWE for them having dropped the ball with him. TNA picked him and the proverbial ball up when Ken was still in his prime, so he was hardly some washed up has been.

    I'm surprised people don't call AJ Styles a WWE cast off because he wrestled a few matches in WCW, and WWE owns the right to WCW! So he cast off! Or Austin Aries a WWE cast off because he tried out for Tough Enough.
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  16. lmao D'z plugs himself like a mother fucker lately. Watched it, did other shit most of the time. 6/10.
  17. I haven't watched much TNA in the past year or two, is the MVP/Dixie Carter storyline anygood so far? I might have to hop on and follow it while it's fresh u know?
  18. Yeah, give TNA a chance! See if you like the new direction.

    The MVP/Dixie thing, it's really your call. That's one you'll have to see for yourself to see how much you enjoy it. It has it's pros and cons, maybe the pros will outweigh the cons for ya. :otunga:
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  19. WWE doesnt got this son - [​IMG]
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  20. I give the people what they want.
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