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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Shadow, Feb 20, 2014.

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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's show in this thread.
  2. 8/10. Another solid show. I was hoping Roode would actually just stay face or something but I guess he'll be leading Team Dixie which is fine as well. Storm's heel turn shocked the hell outta me, I didn't really see him staying face for too long but I did not expect it then. Wolves were good as usual, was saddened when there was no EY/Abyss, but overall more solid stuff.
  3. I'm pretty sure Roode is staying a face, after he accepted he said that if he wins he's gonna make her life a living hell.
  4. Trueee but I thought he said "If we win and you screw me over, I'll make your life a living hell." So it could end in Team Dixie winning and her not giving Bobby a shot then him going full face, or them losing and him going face regardless and going against her. Either way it's Bobby Roode so it's good.
  5. She's obviously going to screw him over. I can't see Team MVP winning for some reason now that Roode is leading it. I see MVP trying to speak some sense into Roode, warning him about Dixie. He gets in MVP's face and says that he knows Dixie better than he does. Dixie screws him over about the 10% owning of Impact. Roode will side with team MVP and he'll be like The Hulk of The Avengers
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  6. I missed it :emoji_slight_frown:
    Any ideas on where to watch it? PM me with the deets.
  7. Solid stuff. My second week watching an I'm getting hooked. Amazing how they pack so much into just over an hour without ads. Enjoyed the Samoa Joe squash builds him nicely for his title shot. Really enjoyed the ME good match and the build with Gunners background helped fill me in on lots I wouldn't know not being a regular viewer.
  8. 7/10 - I preferred last week's show in all honesty.
    - I thought the opening segment with Magnus, Dixie and MVP was average but I did enjoy MVP attacking Magnus first! I am enjoying MVP in TNA thus far.

    - The Samoa Joe vs. Bro-mans and Zema Ion handicap match I have mixed feelings about. I understand that the idea of this was to build momentum for Joe going in to TNA lockdown in a few weeks and to continue the feud he is having with the three men, but did he have to squash the TNA tag champs? I am not a fan of The Bro-mans work or their theme music (drives me insane which I guess is the desired heel effect) but it damages the tag-team titles credibility further by allowing them to get squashed 3-on-1.

    - Segments note: This episode of Impact had so many segments that I was starting to become mentally fatigued after 45 minutes, they seriously need to cut down. The Christy Hemme shit is boring as hell. The segment/promo I did enjoy was the build-up to the title match one involving Gunner, a pretty inspiring story and it connected with me.

    - The Wolves vs. Bad Influence: It was nice to see the Wolves in action again, very impressed with their in-ring work and the way TNA is currently promoting them. I just hope that they do not throw the tag title straps on them straight away and build them up by defeating the current teams in TNA one-by-one until they have earned the tag title shot (which it seems they are attempting).

    - Main-Event - Gunner vs. Magnus for the Heavyweight Title: The only part of this contest that I enjoyed was James Storm's heel turn, he has been face for a while now and I miss the old, vicious, beer-bottle smashing Storm. The contest itself was fairly average at best, IMO 14 minutes for a World Title contest is a shambles especially when there was maybe 8 minutes of wrestling within those 14 minutes allocated. Gives more heat to Magnus heading in to Lockdown (not that he needed it) by picking up his 23,198th consecutive dirty victory.

    I hope next week's Impact improves on this one, MVP vs. Bobby Roode should be good minus interference.
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    Awesome to see you giving the show a chance, man! Bet you guys get curious with all we hype up guys like Aries, Roode, Joe all over the site place, glad you're enjoying it too.

    Seems like everyone (except Crayo, it's just not for him) who watches TNA nowadays enjoys it. If only we could get @Lockard on board.

    (8/10, in terms of in-ring wrestling it's the best Impact in a LONG time!)
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  10. 9.5/10 5 points off for No Aries match
  11. Just got done with it, pretty solid show, would give it like an 8/10.
    Saw some great in-ring work.
  12. Can someone clarify one thing for me. Whats the deal with the stalker dude? Is there some backstory behind it?
  13. Appreciate the proposition, but eh, not likely (at least at this point in time.)
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  14. There's not much so far. He debuted and took Christy out on a date, and we saw very early on how creepy he was... a few eps later they showed Shaw having a shrine of Christy in his closet, and Christy saw said shrine on TV and "broke up" with him, saying their relationship needs to be "just business" and that whole talk us guys just love so much.

    So this week he was just pissed off and attacking anyone else Christy talked to, basically. Just wonder why he'll be feuding with Anderson. Such a waste of Ken after Bully put him over so strong.

    I've got a question: So If Roode wins at Lethal Lockdown, Dixie will give him 10% of the company? Wouldn't that mean MVP would have 50%, Dixie 40%, Roode 10%, effectively making MVP the owner of the company? What the hell?
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  15. I think they're fighting over full control. So if Dixie wins, she gets 90% and Roode gets 10%.
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  16. Ohhhhh, okay! That makes sense then, thanks man!
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  17. TNA has been great recently imo, i'd easily give thursday's show an 8/10
  18. 7/10. Love where Roode's character is and is going, Storm turning on Gunner was the perfect ending to that match.. MVP is still money.

    Still wondering why Aries isn't wrestling. Did he not make the trip to the UK or something?

    anyway, my review http://pwtalk.net/dz-reviews-tna-impact-220/
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