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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's show in this thread.
  2. Didn't watch. 4/10
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  3. 5/10 - For me simply not enough in-ring action to score any higher on a two-hour show.

    Opening Segments - No shits really given about the opening segment. I will mention that the crowd seemed hotter than they usually are for a TNA crowd, MVP chants were pretty loud.

    Joe vs. Abyss - The ending to this match upset me. There I am actually enjoying the match (kinda love Joe) and then EY rolls in and attacks Abyss for the DQ finish. If we are all honest though it was hard to see either man losing judging by the current storylines, both men need to appear strong.

    Bully Ray Attacked - Solidified Bully as a face moving forward and also confirmed Bobby as a heel for those who were questioning his status. My initial response was negative because they buried him during the attack but throughout the night he got his revenge so all is well.

    Sanada and Tigre Uno vs. BroMan's - Best match of the night by a mile. Sanada and Tigre Uno hugely impressed in their Impact debut's, they are certainly going to spice the X-Division up. I usually care when a title holder gets buried but here I did not care at all, partially because Sanada and Tigre were so good and partially because I plainly dislike The BroMan's.

    Dixie Send-off - As soon as I heard about the segment I knew what stage of the show I would be taking my TNA weekly poo.

    Shaw vs. Anderson - Supposedly a street fight but was more like an average contest. Pretty standard revenge match, very glad Anderson won. What next for Mr Anderson?

    Spud vs. Willow + End Segment - Skipped past Willow and Spud but enjoyed the end segment. I am pleased that Bobby Roode plays the heel that does not back down, extremely glad when his music hit. Bully Ray has the crowd on his side almost instantly after powerbombing Roode through the table.

    PS: There are zero mentions of the Knockout division because I have zero cares for the division at present, regardless of whom may return.

    Maybe a 5/10 is generous considering the sheer amount of promo's we have to sit through.
  4. Didn't catch it, was able to watch Sanada & Tigre Uno's match which was a great showcase to debut them on Impact (non-PPV) - 8.5/10
    also was able to see first Bully Ray / Roode segment and caught what's her face's return but that wasn't too impressive in my book.
    I'll give what I saw like a 7/10.
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    6/10. To blatantly rip off Wilby's style in my own long-winded fashion...

    Show Spoiler

    This was the most schizophrenic Impact ever. Feels like I was either marking over something or fast-forwarding through it. Like the opening segment, with MVP who has been incredibly good since he joined TNA and is infinitely more entertaining than he was in WWE... not just that, but after half a year of Dixie, boy is this a breath of fresh air. Lets hope this breath of fresh air goes better than Heel Dixie herself did, who was a nice change from the Aces and Eights. Anyway, Magnus did well here and is a nice change of pace from authority figure drama.

    But one thing I noticed here was that Abyss is the ADR of TNA. As soon as he's involved in something, I just find it impossible to care. So Abyss did it for the money? That doesn't make that much sense, and the Corporate Kane comparisons aren't going away. At least this isn't THAT bad. MVP is SUCH an asshole for making Joe wrestle with a stomach wound. Really, what was he thinking? After he said he was doing Joe a favor and giving him a match with Abyss, I expected Samoa Joe to turn around and clobber that motherfucker. "DUDE! I GOT HIT WITH A 2X4 COVERED IN NAILS, HOW ABOUT YOU VALIDATE MY FOOT BEING IN YOUR FACE."

    Also: "Samoa Joe was beating you up and down the arena until you pulled a monster literally out of your ass" WHAT? Please. Someone just save that one line as a video. If you can do it with "TAZ! MY BALLS!" you can with this.

    Anyway, I barely remember what happened with the two fat dudes grappling.... oh, right. Eric Young ran out for the DQ. Those who know me for a while never thought I'd ever say this... but I was happy Eric Young came out here to end this boring ass match. Eric Young's just a guy now, but at least he's pretty inoffensive as opposed to being a clown... but more on that later.

    AHHHHHHHH! SANTANA... errr... BRITTANY DEBUTED! :yes: :yes: :yes: NEW KNOCKOUTS! ONES THAT ARE ACTUALLY RELEVANT! :yay: :yay: :yay: And then Gail Kim beat her up for a while before Lei'D interfered. This kinda brought back some memories of Sami's debut night on NXT, while that was presented better, it still showed that Brittany is a scrappy newcomer that you won't steamroll all over. You can't just job Gail Kim out to Brittany so this was really good booking. Most people complained about the Tapa face turn overshadowing it... Look. The KO's division has been "Gail Kim and a bunch of useless women" for a really, really long time now. This week, we have Lei'D actually joining the division, Brittany debuting, and Angelina coming back! That's 4 chicks that should give us something watchable and are infinitely better than the likes of Velvet Sky and ODB.

    As for the Beautiful People segment later: Please don't. Angelina's a fine talent, please don't waste her with Velvet Sky again. And the segment just felt random, too.

    Speaking of clowns and things that aren't watchable, Zema started yelling and blasting his fucking airhorn and then the Bromans annoyed me and I fast forwarded through whatever they did as usual. I assume this was where Sanada and Uno debuted, but I'm not sure. I'm too scurred to go back and watch. However, I did appreciate Bully Ray beating the shit out of them backstage. More on that later.

    Maybe it's because the "uniqueness" of the gimmick has worn off, maybe it's because he's exposed as being shitty in the ring and on the mic, or maybe it's just a personal thing, but I also found myself running to the fast-forward button whenever Samuel Shaw was out there. I didn't see this thing backstage with a Christy Hemme mannequin or whatever. This is just hard to watch.

    Speaking of hard to watch: WILLOW. SHUT THE HELL UP.

    You know what isn't hard to watch? Anything involving Rockstar Spud. He's my favorite character in wrestling right now, this dude can eat a potato and glue you to the TV. This "Dixie Carter Appreciation Or Whatever" segment RULED! With Spud... and Ethan... and being so over the top about Dixie being gone... :lol1: Awesome! And the video... and Spud's little bowtie... just the whole thing made me die laughing. Then MVP had to ruin the fun. I'm okay with Lashley being back, lets see where this goes, but I'm not okay with them feeding Ethan to him who can't afford the loss of momentum that comes from losing to or possibly even feuding with Lashley. Ethan's been too great. It's amazing how great Dixie's entourage is without Dixie being with them.

    Kenny King can't come back soon enough. Actually, Kenny King never should have left. Where did Kenny King go?

    Okay, okay, okay, what the hell was this between Spud and Willow? Spud got beat both with a photo of Dixie and an umbrella tonight. Willow's entrance is cool, but.... This came across as a double-turn for the sadistic WIllow and was just awkward. Not sure what they were going for here but they didn't accomplish it. And poor Spud. :why:

    One of the most overused words among wrestling fans is "stale". It's a word that is virtually never used correctly. Cena isn't stale, he sucks. Sheamus isn't stale, he's shit. But Bully Ray.... he's stale at the moment. Not because of poor character development or anything like that, but after seeing this Magnus push and Gunner's ascent to the top and Anderson's destruction of the Aces... seeing Bully Ray pushed again just kinda makes me groan. You guys know how much I love Bully, but it's time to pull back on him just a bit.

    Aaand that's all I have to say. Not much positive, but just seeing the Knockouts' division revitalized means I can't give this show a negative grade.
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  6. Personally, I enjoyed the hell out of it, as the post-PPV SHOULD be promo heavy.

    Highly entertaining episode, best one in a while IMO.

    Sanada & Tigre Uno stole the entire fuckin show :O

  7. 7-8 out of 10 purely for that Sanada and Uno match.
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  8. Ive never disagreed with anything you posted more than this review. Cena rules bro.
  9. man I was half-asleep when I wrote that shit and didn't think anyone would notice
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  10. Seriously though, I donjt get what i have missed. Abyss sold out - for money? WTF? Sam Shaw is a rapist? Bully is TNA's Foley? Hardy laughs like a child molester in his new spot? There are a lot of positives, but wow, some of what TNA has done or appears to be in progress doing is beyond me.
  11. Weird shit, isn't it?

    Since Magnus lost his safety net in Dixie, he paid off Abyss to come crawling through the ring at Lockdown in what was the most random thing ever seen, now Magnus says an "I love you" and with it being the first time Abyss found love he's attached to Magnus or some shit. It sucks. Sam Shaw isn't a child molester, he's a grown woman molester. Yeah Bully's a face now, and don't ask about Hardy, nobody effing knows.

    Russo's back, so if you miss a week you miss 3 months. Nice to have you back in TNA-land after a year.
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  12. TBH it's not so good to be back haha but Bully vs Roode is just too great to miss at this point.
  13. And your boy Kenny King came back this week. In other news, the Impact Zone Fans can go die in a fire. :obama:

    Yeah here soon (haven't read spoilers, just assuming/hoping) Anderson should be out of this dead-end feud and into a real one. Look forward to that.
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  15. Anderson for permanent Impact ring announcer.
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  16. Sam Shaw is playing that character right out the door. His character interests me but damn is it a terrible idea by whoever chose it.
  17. Yeah I feel pretty bad for Anderson being the stepping stone for Samuel Shaw, my maths tells me that Anderson is losing 2-1 in this feud right? Lost at Lockdown and this past Thursday. I'm hoping they wrap this shit up pretty quick.

    On that note; Anderson's next feud???
  18. Yeah pretty sure you're right. 2-1.

    I'm hoping he gets put in the title picture. After all the huge moments he's had lately and the great, star-making way he went over Bully they really should have capitalized on his momentum.
  19. I definitely agree that they could have used the momentum from his feud with Bully a lot better than they have. Feuding with Sam Shaw and putting him over twice seems like a dramatic fall from grace. A way of increasing momentum again I guess could be to have Shaw and Anderson have one last encounter which Anderson wins, this way Shaw has improved his reputation by defeating a former world champion but Anderson still comes out as the storyline victor keeping his image intact.

    Magnus vs. Anderson feud? I could dig that :obama:
  20. As Carter is away, its great ^^
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