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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. Post your thoughts and comments on Impact in this thread (if anyone watched it)
  2. lol Vanilla midgets winning all over the place this week, naw but EY is the man he deserves it! I enjoy him way more than DB.


    The 10 man gauntlet to kick it off was legit.
  3. Lol no one watches TNA anymore
  4. Just finished the show and have no idea what to say. So here's a smiley. :facepalm1:
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  5. well that certainly took me off the fence in my decision whether or not to watch it. Man where is Testify with his shit, you and I/deth are going to remove his TNA fanclub crown, and Deth and I only occasionally come in to :pity: and lol.
  6. Go ahead and watch this one, you'll love it.

    Man, Testicles is busy with work, GN is protesting all the hot guys being gone from wrestling, and I don't wanna deal with streams and shit :pity: So that just leaves HoHo, Sharpy, and Shadow to not discuss TNA with one another + other dudes who watch it on their own time.
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  7. :hmm: She did mention Roode, but didn't you read what we said in the thread? I called out you and her to be in the thread this week before seeing the video for Dicksie come back and said we should postpone it to next week. As far as I know we're (meaning you, too :tough: ) are still on for that.
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  8. Yeah i was gonna go it solo but i saw the LD and bailed for some X-files. I heard EY won (im assuming over Magnus?) and honestly i have only been coming in for a testify reply on how it makes sense.

    Think back to Jan when this was still semi-active right after AJ left (maybe it was late december, idk) we had this thread about who was going to be the one who took the belt off Magnus, and literally i cannot stop going back to that and thinking of how much we would have shit on anyone who said EY seriously. I am still interested in how TNA ripped off WWE, i saw JOERULEZ or the other guy just like him post something on it, but didnt bother - assuming you would review it. So feed me the spoilers i refuse to google, please and thank you.
  9. Another week, another freakin' gold Anderson segment.

    I'll have to link you to a review since I fast forwarded through what felt like most of the show, think I just watched this, the knockouts, the gauntlet match, and the World Title match.
  10. Hemme talking to him like a dog, Anderson rocking the bleached hair again, and the next Shaw Hemme segment is going to be absolutely terrible.

    But so is a lot of what TNA has going on lately.
  11. Christy's on the Creative team now, so if she has grand ideas like this who knows what we're in for? :lol1: Just enjoyed the return of Jackass Anderson with his over the top goofyness, and Shaw's never-ending Mic Check sell. Comically bad.

    Spoilers in the spoiler
    Show Spoiler

    Show opens with Dixie bitching.

    10-man Royal Rumble match, winner becomes #1 contender at Sacrifice. Gunner and Storm is still a thing, so is Willow and Ethan/Spud. EY won and said he couldn't wait for the title shot and wanted it tonight. MVP said okay, and then had the match under "MVP Rules". Abyss was banned from ringside, anyone who ran in would be fired, and Magnus would lose the belt on a countout/DQ.

    (Great way to push MVP as GM! He finally did something competent! :yay: )

    Rockstar Spud was buried in balloons and streamers in Dixie's office. I need to see this. Dixie bitched more.

    Robbie E missed his flight, but Jesse had both belts, so MVP made DJ Zema defend in Robbie's place to keep the Wolves happy.

    KO's #1 contender's match was chaotic. Angelina wins over ODB, Brittany, and Gail Kim who she pinned with the classic BP hairspray spot

    Dixie called out Bully Ray and they bitched at each other for 10 minutes.

    Backstage, Dixie bitched at Magnus. This sounds like a lot of Dixie but it's only been a few short clips for the most part, just bringing them up since maybe this is part of a bigger storyline. I really hope not.

    Wolves beat the Bromans by DQ when Robbie E pulled the ref from the ring

    Pretty good match between EY and Magnus, Eric Young wins the title clean

    Yeah, what happened to this section? We've gotta do something. I'll put my "Replacement Testify" hat on, but I'm still Snow so expect a lot of procrastination on that, because the hat is on the top shelf of my closet and I don't wanna reach that far :cry:
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  12. Christy's on creative? :lol1: Well, it makes sense, isn't she one of the highest paid employees? Might as well be doing something other than ring announcing. Spud is still the best thing ever, love this guy. MVP making a logical ruling was good. This show had a few moments where they just cut the segment out of nowhere, there was one with Magnus when he said something like "well EY has decided he wants a shot tonight which is fine" and it immediately cut away. I legit laughed. Then Bully and Dixie, in the end Bully was stalking Dixie as the crowd begged for him to put her through a table and then they just cut to commercial and everyone was gone iirc. EY winning the belt was a very nice moment though, besides everything. I think he's going to feud with a heel Joe, who'll complain about how MVP made some retarded decisions for his matches but gave EY a fair shot and so he won.
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  13. :bodallas:

    Show Spoiler

    Yeah the Dixie thing was weird, it wasn't just that as when they came back from commercial, Dixie was backstage with Magnus and you couldn't help but wonder how she got free of Bully.
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  14. 8/10 for me.

    10-man Gauntlet - I thought this was a really good way to kick off Impact. I did not read the results beforehand so EY winning was a pleasant change for me, for some reason I expected Bully Ray or Abyss to win. I am happy that James Storm and EC3 managed to last as long as they did. I'm glad Lashley didn't win, fuck that shit.

    Four Way Knockouts Match - No craps given about this match so I skipped until the last minute of the match. Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne? Yeah because we haven't seen that before...perks of having like 6 active knockouts on your roster. If it was up to me I would probably just scrap the division because right now the KO's contests are just wasting TV time.

    Dixie Segment - For a TNA segment I didn't mind this one until Dixie miraculously appeared backstage with Magnus when before the break she was trapped in the ring with Bully Ray. The ending did not make sense to me, there needed to be some kind of conclusions coming out of the segment but there were none.

    The Wolves vs. The BroMans - This was your typical storyline-building tag title contest. The only real aim of the contest is to further antagonise The Wolves which will almost certainly culminate at the Sacrifice PPV where I think they will win the titles from The BroMans. I think The Wolves are likely to have a long title reign the second time around due to the fact there is no other tag competition in TNA.

    TNA World Title Match - I think the match should have lasted longer than 10-11 minutes especially if the title is booked to change hands. All in all I am pleased with the result of the match as I was never a massive fan of Magnus' title reign although I was starting to warm to it by the end. Eric Young is a well-deserved one time TNA Heavyweight Champion and I am happy for him.

    PS: Does anybody else share the view that EY will only hold the title until Sacrifice? I think Magnus will be given a re-match and walk away from the PPV with the belt.
  15. The UK is behind on Impact and the last one that aired on Challenge was the one where Magnus retains against Joe, EY and Abyss and then we get that badass #WrathofDixie ending, so I haven't seen the show but it sounds good. I'm just so surprised no matches for the Sacrifice PPV have been made, although I can see them putting up EY vs Joe vs Magnus next week, as we've seen some build towards the three fighting. MVP's finally making good decisions which is great. Classic BroMans tactics, and The Wolves will win the titles at Sacrifice which is good - but they need to get new teams in. Bad Influence have to return, along with a new team in the next month or two; that'd be a great start. X Division is looking lively, and I'd think we should see MVP vs Kenny King (who gets a title shot if he wins, which I think he would) and Sanada vs Tigre Uno for the final round of their Best of 3 series. To help fill up the card, I'd also like to see a match with maybe Manik and Sabin, possibly Aries as well if he's still with TNA.
  16. Solid 8/10

    Wolves on tv is always good.

    10 man gauntlet was awesome Magnus was top on commentary.

    Knockouts was decent.

    Samuel Shaw was an amusing segment but really well done imo.

    ME was a decent match the piledriver looked brutal and of course new champ. Warmed to EY recently will see how it runs.
  17. Yeah cheers to Cloud for bringing up Magnus on commentary, he was awesome. Great facial expressions too, and ofc a jab to dumb fuck like Mike Tenay is always appreciated. Thanks for that, Magnuz.
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  18. Scratch my previous lack of rating. Just noticed Rockstar Spud in a rainbow coat.


    10/10 for that alone. :yay:
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