Rate TNA 4/24/14

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  1. Post your ratings about tonight's show in this thread.
  2. 7/10.

    Not the "typical Impact" 7/10, this was an 8.5/10 show that was bumped down for Aries and King jobbing to MVP and Lashley.
  3. 7/10

    Two damn fine matches in Aries/MVP and King/Lashley, and overall a solid "go-home" show for the PPV this Sunday.
  4. Oh, and how did I forget another good match from Impact? Beer Money beating Bully Ray & Gunner in a damn fine match.


    Since when is a countout loss labeled as jobbing?

    Kenny "King of the night" King ain't jobbin to anyone outta there dog

  5. Just annoyed me, that's all. There was no burial here.

    Wrestling-wise this was the best Impact in a LONG time, maybe since No Surrender, 3 good matches + Gail being back on TV.

    But I'm quoting this to ask: One thing that stood out on this Impact is star power, it seemed like there was someone we really liked and could get excited about in every segment (+ no Dixie to be found.) With all the crying about AJ/BI/Sabin, is TNA right that those guys really were disposable?
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