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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by DK James, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. I'm giving that a 7/10. Liked most of it. That ending was sick, and Mickie was smokin' tonight.
  2. Pretty boring except for Roode/Magnus and the Aries/Suicide stuff
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    Heard this was a top-quality Impact, what happened?
    Bully was great as always, Roode and Magnus was good and the swerve was absolute gold. Yay Joe getting points, but come on man. 6/10, mostly uneventful... Wait, 7/10 after Chavo got lumped in with the jobbers hahahaha
  4. It was average at best. The only intriguing things that happened to night was the Roode/Magnus match and the Suicide match/segments..Velvet tapping too wasn't that bad. Everything else was just quite lackluster,I'm going to go ahead and give tonight's TNA a 6.7/10.
  5. Harsh 5/10 or a fanboyish 7/10

    unbiased man's 6/10
  6. I heard from I think Seabs that this Impact was supposed to be insane. :emoji_slight_frown:
  7. Spoilers looked awesome / 10
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  8. Slightly better than last week + Taz was awesomely insane + Aries/Suicide stuff was brilliant

  9. Aries stuff was dope. I loved it.

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  10. I really enjoyed this Impact tbh. I liked Bully Ray chasing the X Division guys around, Roode/Magnus was great and Aries dressed as Suicide was awesome, even if it was fairly predictable by the time the unveiling came about.

  11. I thought it was Jeff Hardy lol
  12. For a second I did too. I knew they were revealing someone, and during the triple threat it just crossed my mind "it could be Hardy lol" then I gave it thought and was like "shit it may be Hardy". Was happily surprised with A Double.

  13. It just made sense because I assumed (and still sort of do) that Hardy will be in the MEM. They were hyping another member being unveiled tonight. Sting/Angle had the motive to take out Perkins, set up Hardy to win the X Division title and the ability to cash in on Bully. I still like that idea, except for Hardy though.

    Much happier it turned out to be A Double.
  14. According to TNA website, more members will be revealed for MEM on tonight's Las Vegas Impact taping.

    Inb4Nash&Hardy :awyeah:
  15. inb40.6
  16. Degrees? Or otherwise, huh? :bury:

  17. Fuck, it makes so much sense. Never even crossed my mind lmao
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