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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by DK James, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. Giving it a 7/10. Kept me entertained for the most part, the highlight was Daniels vs Joe like expected. The Ultimate-X was great too.
  2. I'm going to go with a 7/10, as well. :obama: Overall a good show. Loved Daniels / Joe, Ultimate X match was entertaining, and you guys had Velvet, Mickie, Gail and ODB to get hot and bothered over. :hogan:
  3. 6/10 Daniels/JOe was awesome. Stupid ass lawyer shit with Bully and Sabin. MEM was boring ofc. Ultimate X was awesome but too god damn short.
  4. This show was an average show to me ,7/10
    Best match of the night Hardy Vs. Styles.
  5. 8/10. It was a good show overall. Good matches and as they said before, the MEM stuff wasn't good enough for me tbh
  6. 6/10, it was alright. Great card, decent matches.
  7. Had to rewatch this to make sure it was graded fairly, missed the opening segment and spent alot of time bouncing through tabs...
    I'll go 6/10. Another quality Impact with no buzz.

    All the wrestling was "better than it has any right to be" to "downright great". The match booking was really good as well, with Joe needing 2 BME's and interference to lose + Manik's injury angle. Oh, and Styles making a mad dash towards the top of the leaderboard is fun to watch, too.

    The whole thing between Bully and the lawyer was terrible. Lawyer angles always come across as lame to begin with, then there was all this debating... then they just set up the rematch which makes no sense... and Bully won the title the same way so the lawyer's case made no sense... and Bully was enraged that the rematch was in a cage which made no sense... This felt like a sloppily thrown-together angle we've become so used to from WWE. Sorry, just wanted to rant about that, but at least it was kept to the segments where I'm zoning out anyway. But the problem was Sabin, the new champ they're trying to spotlight, was part of those segments too. Either get Sabin out of this or put the belt back on Bully.
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  8. I don't know, they could use the fact that Bully/Hardy was a no DQ match and Bully/Sabin had DQ but the ref didn't see it (if that was the case, I may be wrong here) but I get your point.
  9. 7/10

    Styles-Hardy was very cool.
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