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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Shadow, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts on this edition of TNA iMPACT in this thread.
  2. 8/10. Everything was great, wasn't a fan of the Tito thing but we'll see where it goes.
  3. 8/10 like DK said. It was a good show, but some parts where messed up, and the ending was just terrible... I honestly feel like they did it to troll us.
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  4. 9/10. Whoever booked (most of) this show deserves a raise.

    Serious review, although sleep deprived and admittedly angry (and smarter, since for some reason that happens)

    Show Spoiler

    -I've been a TNA fanboy since 2010. You guys know my history there. They've had their share of ups and downs, but usually there was something great keeping me going since we all know the main angle has been a complete shitfest most of the time. Sometimes, I wonder why I keep watching.

    -Was anyone else really happy after the opening segment? Like really, really happy? We didn't have Sting and Bully arguing, we didn't have Hogan complaining about god knows what, we had The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived living up to his nickname and setting up the main event. This was an unbelievable breath of fresh air. Yay, seeing Roode again was awesome too. Also, Taz was locked out of the building. This was possibly my favorite start to Impact ever. Fucking perfect.

    -Love that the side-stories of the BFGS are really coming into focus. Roode going back to doing what Roode does? Hell yeah! Match was so much better than you'd expect, too. Time for Rooo to Scroo his way up the leaderboard. :emoji_wink:

    -I've never been so conflicted about an angle in my life. On one hand, you have one of my favorite characters in years, Joseph Park, who was ruined for me by them pulling the trigger on him being Abyss in such silly fashion. It looks like they want to put and end to that and let us believe he's a lovable underdog again. Yay! But that means bringing Eric Young back to TV. Facepalm smiley. Then again, Eric Young's been there in small doses and has yet to annoy the piss out of me, so I'll give this the benefit of the doubt. Yay, Park's back! Hopefully not a generic comedy character though...

    -Jay Bradley has plenty of potential, but he simply isn't ready for TV. TNA seems to know this. So why is he there? Jay's career already looks over and it just began. Nice job.

    -Sabin's promos always leave me facepalming at the beginning and :obama:-ing by the end... meanwhile TJ as Manik is making more sense to me. It's like we say with Tyson Kidd, he's a much bigger star with the mask than without it. Their match was really good but fell short of spectacular expectations. Hopefully they were holding back for another match later. Hearing "Your World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Sabin!" brings a tear to my eye every time...

    -I wasn't interested in ODB and Gail, don't care about either character (Gail's wrestling ability makes up for it) but this drew me in and downright surprised me... then there was a double count out. This is a feud now? Umm... yay... well, guess it's a way to keep the important feuds fresh, I suppose.

    -Styles is money on the mic with this gimmick, and I marked like crazy when Brooke said that the marriage will be on the line at Hardcore Justice. Please, TNA. I beg of you. As a loyal fan... please. Have Sabin retain, look good doing it, and end this faux marriage so this lame duck faction has one less reason to exist.

    -Austin Aries and AJ Styles had spectacular expectations and they delivered a spectacular match! Holy crap was this good, I won't even try to get into the match itself, but holy shit was that a weak finish. AJ was kinda protected there at least. Already watched this twice.

    -Now I know exactly how DolphZiggler feels when Ryback comes on his TV. Ugggggggghhhhhh... all this beautiful booking, all these superb matches, every one of them meaningful, everything was productive and exciting... This felt like the glory days last year. This was the most I've enjoyed a TNA show in a long, long time, and reminded me why I'm a TNA fan, why I'm a Sabin fan who's loving the emphasis being on people like him...

    Then the Main Event Mafia showed up. As soon as their theme music hit it felt like falling off a building. Really see now just how much this storyline's hurting my enjoyment of the product. I can't remember a storyline I've cared about less, unless you count this same stupid storyline earlier this year before Bully rebooted the Aces. This felt like Chavo coming out during a Aries/Roode/Daniels/Kaz segment. END THIS. So they're going to have a terrible cage match and someone's getting fired. Good. I don't care who, just any step towards ending this crap is a step in the right direction. There's no reason for Knux, Garett, or Wes to be employed, and Devon can take a backstage role. Any way they can just pin all of them at once?

    -Then Tito Ortiz showed up. I don't care, but won't get butthurt about this since we all should have known it would be someone irrelevant. But the way this happened was weird... it's like they had to get him on the show but never wrote why. They just brawl, and then BAM! Here's Tito Ortiz for no reason! Huzzah! To the applause of chirping crickets everywhere Whatever.[/quote]
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  5. 9/10. The show was good and matches were great imo. Can't really add much more things that Rain hasn't said tbh.
  6. 7/10. Rain sums up a lot of how I feel, although I'm a hell of a lot less invested in Sabin that a lot of people seem to be. Styles/Aries was absolutely fantastic though, and adds about 3/4 to my rating overall. MOTYC, although the finish was slightly underwhelming (understandably though).
  7. 7/10 as well for me. I like how they where advertising next weeks impact, the match quality was good and everything else seemed to go smooth. I wasn't surprised that it was Tito Ortiz, but another MMA guy in a wrestling company that isn't going to carry the company in there.

    We'll just have to give him a chance, but so far it looks like it's going to do nothing for TNA.
  8. 8/10 for me. The ending was terrible, but other than that the matches were solid and Styles/Aries definitely had a terrific match.
  9. Think other than Nano and I nobody really cares about Sabin as champ on here haha. You aren't alone.
  10. As long as AJ takes the title from him, i wont be disappointed. Honestly its this horrible continuation of the aces and 8s drama and that lackluster victory he had to use a hammer to get that ruined it for me before things even started.

    I do enjoy his promos, i just wouldnt even consider him in the top 5, and barely in the top 10 for TNA.

    To be fair, i honestly enjoy Eyoung (have only been watching a year/little more now and watched some of his past matches...no builds or anything really) and i know how little he is enjoyed by the TNA crew here also.
  11. There's so many reasons to hate this, especially the hammer shot. That sucked. Waiting to see if he'll be put over the right way at HCJ though so he can drop it to another homegrown guy later on.

    There's so many reasons to hate this. He's not charismatic, he's not a top-10 talker in the company, he wasn't built up at all outside of the one win over Aries... And then bam. Just like that, he's champ. I'm just trying to sit back and be a blind fanboy with this (it's working lol) although a lot of it has to do with the title just being off Bully so we can hasten the demise of this bullshit.

    Think I'm the only one complaining about EY, just do it a whole lot haha. Test loves the guy.
  12. This. I never wonder why I keep watching because I always enjoy TNA more than RAW's but I agree, the main angle is normally shit and I tend to focus on the other things.
  13. Hmmm..... I'll be different (of course) and go with an 8.5 / 10.
    Outstanding show overall. Greatest Impact I've seen in quite some time. Unfortunately for a chunk of the show I was multitasking too much to the point I was having to glance at my screen between refreshing the discussion thread, looking up things online and discussing Comic Con plans with a friend online. Oy, too much at once. Still, a wonderful show, and I loved everything I saw aside from the obvious shit. Fortunately most of that was lumped up at the end. Tito I don't give two shits about. And really, I know next to nothing about the guy. While I wasn't surprised, I was still annoyed having it confirmed that TNA has gotten another MMA guy. Pathetic. They act as if there aren't enough talented wrestlers out there available to sign, so they have to scrape the barrel and recruit MMA guys for their new "talent." Aside from that, whatever. Phenomenal show this week.
  14. Sabin <3

    For the show.... 8/10
  15. Sorry kiddos but the bad far outweighs the good for me. Two really good TV matches but that was about it. Boring matches with ODB/Gail, Roode/Mexifag, and JP/Bradley. the MEM storyline and segments were as cringeworthy as ever. Took Taz away from commentary, so instead of being a constant terror there he got multiple segments dedicated to him being a shithead. A night's worth of build for August 1 and it is Tito Orfucking Tiz.

    Sugar coat it all you want, shit is lame. 4/10
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  16. Shame, I thought Gail vs. ODB was good, as was Roode vs. Hernandez (carry job by Roode obviously). Tbh, the only minuses for me in this episode are Tito Ortiz, fucking terrible JB on commentary with his "no question about it" and "obviously" lame ass shit, and a wierd finish to AJ/Aries. Other than that, I loved this episode.

  17. I'll admit I paid very little attention to ODB/Gail, so I'll take your and Rain's word on it if it delivered. Still though, it doesn't interest me to see ODB do much of anything. Roode/Hernandez was just weird. I'm so tired of the broken beer bottle spot. It's overplayed and just nonsensical. And yea, the finish to AJ & Aries was vintage TNA. They try to be creative with so many different types of finishes and it rarely comes off right.

    edit: test, you enjoy all of the lame ass Sting/MEM segments? Just wondering
  18. I like MEM because I like each of them individually, and hate me for it, but I even love seeing Rampage in it. He kinda fits in, being the tough guy, wanting to KO the stupid Wes Brisco and all. So yeah, I like MEM and Kerrang's sunglasses.

    How they got together though? That's just embarrassing.
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  19. I can respect that. I just find Sting and Angle in their current states to be unbearable character wise, which kills the segments since they do 90% of the talking. Magnus, Joe and to a lesser degree Rampage don't bother me too much.
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  20. [​IMG] /10.
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