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    Post your ratings and thoughts on this edition of TNA in this thread.

    I give it a solid 7/10. EGO starting off the night was gold,that is until James Storm and Gunner came out to ruin it. Their tag match was lackluster but the ending was quite well done. The street fight was pretty solid,Bradley and Hernandez didn't win so that's a plus. Manik and Sonjay put on a great match which is to be expected from them two,they stole the show tonight. Bully's segment was good,I'm surprised Tito got some heat during it. I wasn't too fond of the whole Brooke Tessmacher thing,but, at least it wasn't Brooke Hogan. Gail Kim and ODB was pretty alright to say the least,in the end I was happy Gail was victorious. The 5 vs 5 was a tad over booked as to be expected when you have that many people in that match. I didn't really know what to make of AJ coming back to his Phenomenal gimmick as I quite liked his loner gimmick. Devon eating the pin was good,now this way he can assume a position in the back without having to pull double duty as a part time wrestler. Overall the episode was pretty decent.
  2. All the matches were good, Bully Ray/Ortiz/Tessmacher segment was fantastic and there was very little un-important parts on the show.

  3. 8/10 Enjoyed it a lot this week and made up for last week.

    Loved Styles.

  4. Could you explain what was wrong with last week's TNA? I just got done watching it for myself and thought it was one of the best shows they've had in recent weeks.
  5. Whoops, The week before. Sorry.
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