Rate TNA 9/19/13

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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts on this edition of TNA in this thread.
  2. Not sure how they managed to cram 4 hours worth of pure ass in between Q2 and Q7. It's like TNA was trying to drive me away, but they ultimately failed.

    Can't give this lower than a 6/10 though. The 6-Man Tag, Styles and Ditsy, and Magnus promo were all good to great, and the Aces and Eights seem officially done. Thank you, TNA.
  3. Solid 7/10. All the weekly shows have been lacking a bit this week, ROH, TNA and WWE :hmm:
  4. 6/10, would have been higher but A double was missing from the lineup. Maniks short match with Hardy was bunk, some of the promos dragged on way too long, and the tag match was trash.

    AJ Styles really said some shit though, that was worth a few points alone.
  5. 6/10

    It wasn't a great show, but not really bad at all.
  6. 6/10, It wasn`t a great show, but it was pretty decent
  7. 7/10
    What aj said at the end was brilliant and tbh i actually think he meant it. Jeff hardy vs manik was one of the worst matches i have ever seen on TNA though it just looked really akward.
  8. Loved the ending (lol IWC hatred).

    The rest was just OK, with 6 Men Tag being very good.

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