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  1. Gogogo.
  2. Hard one to judge, TNA expectations are so high and they just aren't delivering to them right now. The show was boring last night.

    The opening segment was good, the Roode/Aries segment was good, AJ/Angle was, well, AJ/Angle, and loved seeing Bully get a win.

    Aces and Eights were as counterproductive as they can be, Claire is still making us all rage, no X-Division outside of a King video package, and the Knockouts put on a textbook WWE match(It'll be Gail's time again, Dolph's), and this may be the best PPV card with the worst build I've ever seen.

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  3. I have a hard time rating TNA below a 5, just because I do enjoy the product so much and they have talented wrestlers who know how to do a good job. I'll go with 5.5/10. This week's show left a lot to be desired and was overall pretty disappointing. With it being the last show prior to Hardcore Justice, I was expecting a really good show. Turned out to not be as good as plain weekly shows have been in the past.

    Absolutely loved the opening segment and would have been happy for it to keep going. They did such a great job with that. I always love Aries/Roode, and Bully Ray winning was a nice addition for ending the show.

    Still not a fan of the Aces & Eights storyline, and I think by now everyone knows how much I can't stand the dramatic BS known as the Claire storyline. If that heifer would just stay off my TV I'd be much happier.

    .....on second thought, fuck it. They gave Claire too much camera time, including recaps and focusing on her so much during the Styles / Angle match. My rating goes to a 3.

    Fuck you, Claire. :finger:
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  4. Pretty much agree with both. Everything outside Roode/Aries and the actual match of Angle/AJ was just frustrating, even that match was as they kept cutting to that slag Claire and building it all around her instead of talking about how good the match was. Bully was awesome yet again and him going over Storm was cool and his facial expressions are priceless, but I can not list any other positives. Aries leaving the X-Division has left that division with nothing, it used to be incredible and now it reminds me of the WWE midcard.
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  5. I agree with everything you said except for this. Kenny King's more than good enough to be the new face of the division, and Ion's talented enough despite the booking. There's plenty of other good talents in there too (Dutt, Williams, Sorenson)... they don't need better talent, they need more talent.

    They seem to be high on the last Gut Check guy, guess we'll see on him. Rashad Cameron's gone (good) and Dakota Darsow seems to be as well (very good) so there aren't any idiots in there (unless they throw Robbie E or Eric Young back in there... ugh).

    To your point, WWE's mid-card has talent, but it's been booked to the point of irrelevance. TNA needs to avoid this by not doing things like leaving them completely off the show... idiots

    Oh, and :finger: RVD
  6. I agree with both you guys. In a way Aries leaving the X division has left it irrelevant. But like Rain pointed out this is not the fault of the talent, rather it is the fault of the booking. Whilst they pushed and booked Aries near perfectly they forgot to push or build the guys to take his place. Something they will have to do now.
  7. This, exactly.

    Also, you gave a brief review but no rating. So your rating is.....?


    Admittedly, I am curious to see how the new Gut Check guy works out. I'll be interested in seeing what he can do and how they utilize him.
  8. My point Rain was since he left, it means nothing. The division has sunk so low, despite the talent they have.

    Edit: Oh Grammar, my rating is a 4.
  9. The only thing that really bothered me was no Ion/King segment. This is a feud I've enjoyed, and while the King video package was nice, it wasn't enough IMO.

    Obviously Claire is a dumb bitch. That's negative points, although it's gotten so ridiculous that instead of hating it I've come to terms with it and have started to get a laugh out of it.

    The opener was 10/10. Bully is gold, and Storm was great. Aces and Eights didn't really add or take anything away from the Bully/Storm segment or match. They were just sort of there. And as I've said I love the portion of the feud that is Storm being blamed for Aces and Eights by everyone.. but besides that I can do without, and I'm not crazy about where I think they will take this story either.

    Didn't like RVD over Magnus, but Magnus is young.. he will get pushed eventually.

    I thought Roode was on point all night, but that goes without saying at this point. He can take a quick 30 second backstage promo and make it a highlight of the night, that's how great he is.

    The tag team title match just sort of felt like something TNA threw together so Kaz and Daniels could actually get a title defense under their belt, but it was okay. Anything Daniels does entertains me, and seeing Devon/Garrett job was fine with me. Filler, but nothing bad.

    I loved the Robbie E/Hardy segment, fuck the haters

    I also loved Samoa Joe being pissed off before the Angle/AJ match, but again, it wasn't enough Joe. TNA is obviously interested in reestablishing Joe, but they just don't have a storyline for him right now besides the obvious BFG series. AJ/ANgle was a good match btw obviously, just hope you weren't eating because you might have yacked with all the cuts to Claire

    Gail/Tess- bleh. Tired of Gail jobbing

    Park's backstage segment = gold

    Contract signing = 10/10

    and the ME.. as I sort of half expected the Aces and Eights once again didn't show up like everyone expected and instead we got a great main event match, with the IWC darling Bully getting a clean win. No problems here

    I think people are starting to expect too much from TNA if that's possible. The shows IMO haven't been any worse the last few weeks than they have been all summer, but i'm seeing people start to critique them more and more.

    7.5/10 show for me. Besides Claire I was into the show throughout
  10. How can you even begin to compare this show to the TNA that got everyone buzzing recently? I'm sorry but that's why I'm sure you're bias for the sake of it. Robbie E type segment in WWE = Makes you rage, Robbie E segment in TNA = Makes you mark for lols. Just makes no sense.

    Magnus jobs to RVD of all people - It's ok guys Magnus will get pushed eventually

    Tag title segment on WWE = "Tag division means nothing, more filler. Fucking sucks"
    Tag title segment on TNA = "Ah it's cool, filler, not too bad"

    I agree, Joe was awesome. Forgot to put him in my above post, he rocks. Needed more of him though.


    Bryan vs Punk in WWE = "Not interested because of AJ, don't care if the match is good it's revolved around her"
    Angle vs Styles = "Claire sucks but what an awesome match"

    You are what you THINK I am with WWE, that's my honest opinion. Hate me for it.
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  11. I stopped reading the second you brought WWe into it. cba to have this debate again
  12. Nice try dude :haha: but failed to prove anything.

    Anyway, there was some good stuff last night with Angle/Styles, Ray/Storm and Aries/Roode and Aces'n8's angle. Knockouts were decent as was Magnus and BVD, despite Magnus losing. Overall, hype was there, wrestling was there, can't ask for more.

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