Rate TNA Impact 14/3/13

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  1. Give me your ratings guys.

    8/10 for me. Solid show.
  2. 3/14/13* UK People. :pity2:


    - AJ Returns
    - Bully backstage promos
    - Aries Vs. Sting
    - Awesome Crowd
    - Pretty nice Knockouts match
    - Bad Influence as The Legion of Doom
    - Morgan/Park
  3. 9, loved it.
    Impact going on the road was such a good decision, the crowd was awesome.
    Obvious highlights were Aries vs Sting, Matt Morgan, and Bully throughout.
    After a poor month or two, my love for TNA is back. Excited for next week.
  4. 7.75....because I was thinking close to 8 but maybe not quite. Still wish we could have actually heard something from Styles, but at the same time understand them doing it the way they did.
  5. Stopped watching about midway through, so this is just based on what I watched. 7/10
  6. Really really good show throughout. Bully's heel work throughout the night was outstanding, some of the heat he gets is genuinely vicious. He's single-handedly made Aces and Eights feel relevant again. AJ's return was really well booked IMO, had no idea he was gonna turn on Storm like that. Both matches I saw were great, Sting/Aries was a really good TV match until the finish, Storm/Daniels was fine. This as well as Park/Morgan's promo and an awesome crowd.


    P.S #DirtyHeels
  7. A bigass 9/10

    Fucking loved everything. Opening, Park, Morgan, Daniels, Styles were all awesome + Aces & 8s were booked PERFECT after a long time, Sting vs. Aries was fucking brilliant, and the ending was awesome too.
    The crowd was good too. Best IMPACT in months.
  8. 8.5/10 -2 for commentary = 6.5
  9. Solid 7. Best TNA has been in a while. Now they just need to get me hooked.
  10. Now taz-tify to that.[​IMG]
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  11. :testify: taztify :dawg:
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  12. Taz and Devon... you're a smart guy, you know the connection [​IMG]
  13. An 8 sounds about right. Definitely a show that sounds "meh" on paper, but so much better watching. Everyone's performances were crazy good.
    Can't remember a show with this much phenomenal promo work, everything felt so emotional and real...
    Bully Ray actually got me to not only give a shit about his jobber faction, but cheer for Hogan. Holy shit.
  14. Sorry, but I gotta jump on An8 bandwagon yet again and correct you. Even though they were losing every other week before Lockdown, they aren't jobbers. Because jobbers are guys (using WWE TV for example) who mean nothing and are not on show every week, but once or twice in 10 weeks. I just hate the term "jobber" is so badly misused and easily given to wrestlers.

    Devon is longest TV champ in history, 23 time tag champion.
    Anderson is 2 time WHC and a former main eventer.
    Bischoff almost never lost a match.
    Brisco has 2 wins and 0 loses in TNA.
    DOC... Well, he has 2 DQ loses and a Sting burial at Genesis, but he pinned him in the UK.
    Knox.... Well, we could say he's some kind of a jobber, but not quite.

    People are confusing "not being dominate" with "being jobbers". Just a thing that bothered me.
  15. It's just a phrase Testify. In the IWC it's clearly used for stars who always lose. Dolph was called a jobber for the majority of his recent career, and most can agree he has a huge future in WWE.