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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. Out of ten.
  2. I can't go less than a 5 because there was too much great BFG Series wrestling.. it made for a really average show though with no build for anything and just 'X Calls out Y' styles of set ups. Not feeling A&8s at all and not feeling Claire's bitch ass obviously. Joseph Park talking to Baby Bischoff in the back was a good segment, but there wasn't enough of that type of segment on this show.

    Still though, just within the BFG Series a lot of good stuff happened. Awesome match between Ray and Magnus that actually saw Ray get a win; Joe chokes out my man Pope and re-claims the lead.. and on top of that we got a 15 minute match between Aries & Roode (and even though I would have much rather have no seen it on TV, it was awesome)

    So yea, I'll go 5. Awesome wrestling, but nothing to interest me storyline wise.
  3. I'll give a 6, Wrestling was great! Storylines not to much. Josheph Parks and Faggot segment was good though, Wish there were more things like that, Aces and 8's were alright, I don't get a big feel for them though like I did with Nexus but hopefully in coming weeks the storyline progresss and we get some good stuff from it. Claire the dumb slut takes 2 marks off this just because she is the worst actor in the fucking world. My penis could do a better job in the lead role of Die Hard then that slut could.
  4. 6 for me. I enjoyed most of the actual wrestling, but the AJ/Claire and Aces & Eights storylines are already under my skin. Having the mysterious Aces and Eights come out on -- what, 3 different occasions? -- really killed the episode for me. Add on top of that the soap opera style dramatic Claire, "You're the father of my baby!!" bit and it was just blah. Enjoyed the wrestling when I could get into it, but the overall episode with those two storylines was hard for me to really enjoy or get into.
  5. When will TNA kill that story? They know the fans aren't happy with it too since AJ has addressed the situation already, but saying "It's only going to get better". Having aces and 8's come out three times imo ruins the aura.
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