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Prince Bálor

I'm kind of a big deal
You know the drill.

Full results here:

Things get moving with a recap of last week's 20-man battle royal for the #1 contendership and then Kurt Angle hits the ramp. He briefly laments his loss and then Lashley comes out. They jaw-jack a little and then Angle says he hopes that Lashley still has the strap after his match with MVP so they can meet for the title next. Lashley gets set to depart but the BDC emerges with Joe on the mic. Joe is pretty sure his pal MVP will get the big win tonight. MVP punctuates the encounter with his own tirade and teases that he's heading out to the ring but then the group retreats to the back.

TNA re-racks footage from Anderson's budding feud with EC3 and then Carter and Tyrusemerge from backstage. Commercial sign.

After the break, Mr. Anderson comes out flanked by Rockstar Spud looks like a tag contest.

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus vs. Mr. Anderson and Rockstar Spud

Anderson and Tyrus start things off. Tyrus thinks twice about exposing his newly-shaven cranium before they get into it. Anderson taunts the big dude and then avoids some of Tyrus's offense. He works Tyrus into the corner and then tags Spud in as the Manchester crowd voices its approval. Spud gets some decent shots in but Tyrus catches him off the ropes and then slams the little guy down a few times before bringing in Carter. EC3 brandishes some clippers and grabs Spud by the hair but the Brit escapes with a Pele kick. After simultaneous tags, Anderson and Tyrus are back in. Anderson fares well against Tyrus initially but Tyrus gets things in hand and works Anderson over, knocking Spud off the apron for good measure. EC# comes in and tries to lock in a clutch on Anderson. Anderson powers out but Carter keeps fighting, tagging in Tyrus for a double-team. Tyrus stays in control but Anderson makes it across the ring for a tag. Spud takes Tyrus down with The Underdog and EC3 flies in to prevent a win. The ref corners Carter, giving Anderson the chance to take Tyrus out with a low blow and a Mic Check. Spud covers for the win. Huzzah.

Result: Mr. Anderson and Rockstar Spud defeat Ethan Carter III and Tyrus via pinfall.

Commercials roll and when we return, EC3 rants backstage about his match and then we go back to the ring to hear from KO champ Taryn Terrell. Taryn tells us that she respectsAwesome Kong and that she's ready to defend the strap right… freaking… now. Instead of Kong, Gail Kim comes out. Gail asks Taryn if she's really ready to go down the same path that she's traveled in her battles with Kong. Terrell assures everyone that she's ready and goes back to waiting for Kong. The lights go down and Kong is in the ring when they come back on. Terrell tears at Kong but the behemoth makes short work of the champ and lumbers away after checking out Taryn's championship title.

Backstage, the BDC strategizes for MVP's forthcoming title match against Lashley.

After some previews for this season of Destination America's Mountain Monsters show, we return to the big program for more action. We check out a package highlighting the trials and tribulations of Bobby Roode and then Aries talks backstage about getting down to business in the ring.

DJ Z is on the ramp next and he heralds the coming of Robbie E and Angelina Love. Oh, andJessie Godderz. Looks like it's time for some intergender tag action.

Brooke Tessmacher and Chris Hernandez vs. Angelina Love and Robbie E

Robbie E attacks Sarge from behind to get things underway. Melendez returns fire by tossing Robbie E on to the mat and covering for a near fall shortly thereafter. Brooke tags in and Robbie suggests he may stay in to fight he former squeeze but he brings Angelina in after all. Then Love tags Robbie in and he lures Brooke into the corner where Angelina brings her down from the apron and then comes back in to take charge. Love roughs up Brooke a bit but misses a move in the corner and then Tessmacher turns it around. Robbie gets the blind tag when Angelina hits the ropes but Brooke doesn't see it. Melendez gets distracted by some of the BroMans outside and Robbie dumps Brooke from off the top rope and covers her for the pin. Weird.

Result: Angelina Love and Robbie E defeat Brooke Tessmacher and Chris Hernandez via pinfall

Before a commercial, we go discover that EC3 has cornered Spud with the clippers backstage. When we rejoin the show, Anderson breaks things up and chases off Carter and Tyrus. More backstage vignette-styled action follows as Gunner gets Angle motivated. Let's head back to ringside…

Austin Aries takes to the mic and says he just might cash in his Feast or Fired briefcase tonight if things go his way. Then the BDC's music hits. Joe comes out on his own and says with the snap of his fingers, he can bring "trained assassins" down to deal with Aries. They get ready to fight and Aries meets Joe head on with a dive outside. It's on, children.

Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe

The conflict moves to the ring and the bell sounds. Aries moves quickly to keep a step ahead of Joe and the crowd supports him. Joe turns the table and gets all over Aries but A-Double offers enough resistance to stay in the hunt. Once Aries returns to a vertical base, the two trade shots but Joe gets back in the dominant position with a Samoan Drop. Aries fires up, though, landing some decent airborne maneuvers before crapping out on an attempt to hit a brainbuster. He does put Joe down for a near fall and locks in the submission hold. Kenny King comes out and tries to get involved but he clocks Joe with the case on accident. Aries delivers a 450 splash off the top and covers for the three-count.

Result: Austin Aries defeats Samoa Joe via pinfall.

Post-match, A-Double gets put through a table by some of the BDC bros. Backstage, MVP is trying to talk Eric Young into helping him out with the title match. Commercial time.

Rampage Brown and Noam Dar start working a match but Bram comes out and cleans house. He grabs a mic and calls Magnus out but Grado comes out instead. The live crowd is stoked but this seems like it'll end badly. Grado gets face to face with Bram and talks some trash before landing a few shots. Bram gets on top and it's a drubbing from there. As Hulk Hogan might say, "It's not a match, brother…"

The BDC escorts MVP to the ring as the main event is within sight.

TNA Heavyweight Title Match: MVP vs. Lashley

MVP gets some offense in off the bell but Lashley seizes control in short order. When the BDC cronies threaten to tip the scales from the outside, the ref threatens to eject them. Back in the ring, MVP works Lashley over with a kick and a shot off the ropes. Lashley springs up and peppers MVP but the BDC boss puts him down for another near fall. Lashley ends up outside as King and Joe double-team him while the ref is distracted. MVP gets his mitts on Lashley again and puts him in a submission hold but Lashley fights out of it. He roars back and they take each other out as the ref begins a count. Both guys end up on their feet and trade shots until Lashley gets the momentum. He takes apart MVP, ultimately hitting a spinebuster but MVP kicks out at two. Lashley delivers a spear but the ref is knocked out, giving Eric Young an opportunity to sneak in with a chair and take out the champ. Roode storms the ring and battles Young up the ramp as Lashley and MVP get back to their battle. Lashley puts MVP down for a pin once and the ref is still out. He gets MVP on the mat again and the BDC pulls the ref out of the ring. Joe flies in and whoops up on Lashley, softening him up for the pinfall. Gunner charges in and takes on Joe as another ref is on the scene to officiate. Lashley kicks out and MVP goes outside for a chair. Drew Galloway thwarts that plan and Lashley lands another spear for the pinfall victory.

Result: Lashley defeats MVP via pinfall, retaining the title.

Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0227/589876/tna-impact-wrestling/index.shtml

Leo C

Backlund Mark
Post match of Aries/Joe was the best part. Not only was Earl Hebner nearly killed with the briefcase, but Ki failing to break Aries through the table due to weighting 100 pounds followed by Joe's fatass destroying A Double with such ease was a sight to behold.

Prince Bálor

I'm kind of a big deal
Skimmed through most of the show. 4/10

- Mr. Anderson & Spud vs EC3 & Tyrus was okay.
- Aries vs Joe was good. The post-match attack on A-Double was a sight to see, though.
- Lashley vs MVP was good.

- The openning segment was meh.
- Couldn't give a shit about Bram destroying those 3 jabronis.

The 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
- Brooke/Melendez vs Angelina/Robbie E


The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
The lack of any X-Division and the inclusion of this Robbie E vs Brooke feud is mindboggling. I mean, I have Taryn for a good match (learn Vince, learn) and dem tits. Robbie gets good heat from me, at least, but Bro-Mans could be in the tag team division with the current lack of credible teams. It's only Wolves, Revolution and Hardys right now. Add in Magnus' tag team in the near future and that's it.

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