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  1. This is the thread to post all your Impact ratings for the 25-10-2012 show.
  2. A rating thread. How original. :haha:

  3. It's a tradition.
  4. hmmmm, tough to decide for sure. I'll go with...... 6.5. Not their best effort tonight. Plus, ODB vs. Jesse? Ugh. So, yeah, 6.5 for me tonight.
  5. I'm going to rate the show 6.5/10. It was pretty good I enjoyed watching it. A lot more than I usually do Raw. I just feel that Hogan was used a little too much tonight. I know he had to make the decision about who he picked to Vs. Hardy. But seriously we must have seen him in at least 6-7 backstage clips.

    Pretty disappointed that we didn't get to see a few things. One of them is Bobby Roode, and the other one being WTTCOTW not been in action. I know they had a promo in the ring. But I believe if they didn't constantly shove Hogan down our throats they could of had a decent match against Chavo and Hernandez.

    Also fail of the night goes to a director or Camera man who clearly shouts "CUT" on Live TV before they head to a commercial. :facepalm:
  6. Also fail of the night goes to a director or Camera man who clearly shouts "CUT" on Live TV before they head to a commercial.


    suspending my disbelief and affermed its fakefullness for me.. a soiled 2 /10
  7. Things learned from Impact:

    -Make sure the camera's off before yelling "Cut", or feel the wrath of Anderson. "Medusa" is his nickname now, that glare of his probably turned that noob director to stone.

    -My motto on here should change from "gtfo old guys" to "gtfo old guys not named Dudley"

    -Hardy and Angle should NOT be main eventing in 2012. With all the amazing talent in this company, these two feel like mid-carders at best.

    -Joey Ryan's T-Shirt has more charisma than BVD

    -No matter what the Aces and Eights does, they'll always be "those guys that Garrett Bischoff ran off"

    -The IWC is behind a peeping tom and a racist drunk.

    -Man, a Hogan drinking game is a really bad idea. If you want to drink every time the word "Hogan" is said, you'd waste enough money on booze to cover your hospital bill.

    Anyway, an optimist is always disappointed, but a pessimist is pleasantly surprised. 7/10. Maybe 7.5 because Aces and Eights were kept to such a minimum.
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  8. 6/10 for me. Was a great show up until the main event which I found really boring to be honest. On the plus side Aries was absolutely awesome in every segment tonight, the ending with Anderson was great I thought.

    Daniels absolutely assraped Chavo and Hernandez by the way, genius :lol1:
  9. Lmao great post.
  10. Good stuff:

    - ex WTTCOTW burial of Chavo & Shawn
    - Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan
    - Hardy/Angle
    - better, faster pace of the show
    - new announcing team
    - Ray/Devon exchange
    - Hogan deliberations with contenders as always
    - Aries/Anderson
    - Joe looks badass again after squashing Rob Terry
    - Storm not being choosen as the opponent for Hardy obviously
    - Christian York being next week's Gut Check competitor

    Questionable and/or bad stuff:
    - production issues and cuts
    - Zema Ion will probably dissappear from TV now for a while
    - Crimson still is NOT back on TV
    - ODB/Tara/Jesse Godderz
    - Chavo & Shawn are just obnoxious
    - No european flavors Magnus & Doug Williams

    So,. I'm giving it a very good rating of 7.5/10
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